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Project Roma (romano x reader)

Project Roma (romano x reader)

28.5K Reads 1K Votes 7 Part Story
AKYUMI あきゅみ By chocolatearefrewns Updated Dec 20, 2016

(Name) (last-name) sister of the German brothers, encountered with a stubborn Italian called Romano Vargas. Finding her interesting, he is determined to make her fall in love to her charms. But with other classmates, rivals, even his own brother taken a liking towards her, how is he going to overcome the obstacles? Love or just friends?    But now the 2Ps are taking a role in the drama. But since they're joining too, will the school survive?                       This is PROJECT ROMA.                                                                                                                                                     P.s picture doesn't belong to me, I've found it on google and also excuse me on gramma and spelling.

OpalTheNotOkay OpalTheNotOkay Dec 29, 2016
Guards: * has straight face*
                              Me:*making silly faces at guard* smile already!
                              Guards: *straight face*
                              Me: OK umm I hate all of you emotionless sons of bitches
*A picture of Hinata Shouyou eating steamed pork bun pops into my mind* bRuh
I'm Chinese and this is probably something I've tasted but never noticed lmaooo advantages of being mixed
I'm not diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, but all I can say is that I just have too much mood swings. UwU
Syyvian Syyvian Oct 24, 2016
e3e  One of my bloody friends says I'm bipolar. I'd believe her if she weren't a damp squib, but eh.
Deathly_Shadow Deathly_Shadow Dec 07, 2016
I don't like my outfit but I can deal with it for the entire story