You don't know what obsession is... Until you meet me. (ON HOLD)

You don't know what obsession is... Until you meet me. (ON HOLD)

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yo_666 By yo_666 Updated May 24, 2012

As her mom gets a new job in sunny California, Lily has to leave New York City, where she's lived all her life. Not that she minds...

Cain Evans seems to be the boy that every girl wants to be with - he's a player, but he's sweet and actually cares (well, a little) about his "victims", unlike Jason...

When the two meet for the first time, sparks fly and angels sing. But Cain has a secret, and he doesn't know if Lily could accept him knowing it.

And then there's those lurking in the shadows...

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yo_666 yo_666 Apr 03, 2012
                              Haha, yeah, I know-- I'm just not very good at feet and inches, I'm really sorry if it bothers you! You'll have to pretend it says otherwise until I have it fixed! ;) thanks though! <3
Jinx_Mage Jinx_Mage Apr 01, 2012
a tip the next time you're writing, America is one of the two state's that don't use the metric system. Feet and inches, :)
Nana_here123 Nana_here123 Jan 31, 2011
hahahhaha nice!! upload sooon!!!*bugging, like you said*
                              , äntligen får man läsa den, skit bra ju!xD