The Face Behind The Mask

The Face Behind The Mask

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-Insert name here- By karacan55 Updated Aug 04, 2012

Adeline was just a girl, was just another normal face. Average money, average looks, average grades, she was just average. She didn't mind it much, it had been part of her, the frizzy hair, the one too many pimples, and the big glasses that sat on her tiny nose.

That is, until after freshman year of high school. Adeline's had enough of it, the popular backstabbing friends, and the hot guys who pick on her constantly. Over the summer she changes, she gets the clothes, and the looks, it was her "mask". And with that, she rose to the top easily in sophomore year.

But soon, the "mask" starts to grow on her. Too used to her life as one of the good looking ones, she can't tell her real personality from her "masked" personality any more. As she desperately tries to change the things she shouldn't have done, she watches the true world unfold in her eyes. Like what it truly means to fit in, and what she's been missing the whole time. But the thing is, can you get rid of the "mask" once you got it?

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ughhowaboutno ughhowaboutno Jun 14, 2012
I absolutely love this book it's amazing and I can't stop reading. Well besides the the fact that it hasn't been updated. So plllllleeeeaaassssseeee update asap
xxsmileyrainbowxx xxsmileyrainbowxx Mar 13, 2012
Interesting story. This first chapter caught my attention. Really hare the Tiffany and Geneviene. Heartless girls...
Slytherinwitch13 Slytherinwitch13 Mar 12, 2012
I like this!! Sorry for my delayed comment. This a great story you have going here, it really draws in my attention. It's very relatable and I am enjoying this(: Onto the next!
Cokimonstr Cokimonstr Mar 12, 2012
I like this so far. I can actuall feel the hurt that you express through her. This stiry is defientely going somewhere
karacan55 karacan55 Mar 12, 2012
@PaulinatheViolinist Haha, thanks! Yea, I just posted a new chapter. @RoseOfZharon  and I know, it's happened to me before. Thanks!