Opposite attracts -  Lashton | COMPLETED

Opposite attracts - Lashton | COMPLETED

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Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin were two completely different boys. Not only social wise but in many other ways. Let's start.

Let's start with Luke. Luke lives in Australia with both of his parents. He is an only child and have a pretty easy life. His father is the headmaster of his high school. How cool? But it's not because his father is the headmaster that the lad like school, on the opposite, he hates it more than anything. Luke doesn't care about school and grades, he wants to sing. And to sing, you need a voice, nothing else. Barely a month after the school started, due to an incident at school, the last one is forced to sign up to the school's exchange project.

Let's talk about Ashton now. They younger boy lives in England with his mother and younger siblings. His mother own a flower shop and he loves to help her with both her clients and family wise. Ashton work hard at school and loves to get good grades. He doesn't have a tons of friends but he is graceful to anything he have. Ashton also loves new experiences so he decided to sign up to his school's exchange project to learn about someone else's culture and life style. 

What will happen when both boys - one forcefully did but it doens't matter, right? - sighed up to an exchange project?

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