Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

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Jessie By JessieImpulsive Updated Apr 25, 2014

Enter little Elizabeth Jones, she isn't the popular type of girl and people always judged her by the looks on how she wore her clothes. 

"Cow Ugly Scumbag Slut Pig Fat-ass Teacher's pet Nerd and so on.." That's what the people of Greenwood High,  school for the richest kids calls her and who's the leader? None other than The Mason Wilder.

Enter Mason Wilder, football quarterback and son of one of the richest man and constantly torments Elizabeth.

But little did they know that she isn't what she is.. 
Under those baggy clothes , square thick rimmed glass and an oversize hoodie is a girl that will make boys fall to their knees.

What if this secret revealed?

Throw some drama and other cliché high school happening equals one hell of story.

Join as El and Mason finds their self and aimlessly cupid throws an arrow between the two. Will they resist? Or their love will not exist?

[ ChickLit #103 to ChickLit #78 down to ChickLit #72 to #101]

Status as of 18-4-14 [ ChickLit #68 / Romance #314 ]

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fishbook fishbook Apr 25, 2014
there. just tapped the vote tab. hoping you'd update since (you're a student right?) school is out
SethStyles SethStyles Feb 12, 2014
I put this on my library and I think this one is good. Gunna read this!!! And I love the Title! Reminds me of 1D song