He Who Never Forgets (HWNF) by LoveCasteth
He Who Never Forgets (HWNF)by 💜LC💜
"Jellyface" A deep voice stopped me. A deep sexy voice if I may add. My body straighten up. My mind went blank. I wait for what happen next. "You can't ru...
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  • wattyof2017
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Bad Boy Next Door by imsuelrin
Bad Boy Next Doorby Mary
Cassie Rickards hated everything about Chace Wayne- the school's cocky, arrogant, player and Bad Boy. Added the fact that he dated and broke all her 3 bestfriends heart...
  • jealous
  • frenemies
  • lovestruck
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Heart Beats by notyourtypicalgirlx
Heart Beatsby cute anon
He took my hand in his and laid it flat on his chest. "Do you feel it?" He asks. "Feel what?"I ask back. "How fast my heart is beating."...
  • badboy
  • girlfriend
  • dangerous
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The Bad Boy and The New Girl [COMPLETED] by waleejahaamir
The Bad Boy and The New Girl [ waleejah aamir
UNEDITED. HIGHEST RANK : #118 IN TEEN FICTION [08/07/17] #193 IN COMEDY [11/5/18] Valarie Adams was an average 17 year old girl who was living her life to the...
  • lachowski
  • fanfiction
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Love Struck | ✓ by lovelyness-
Love Struck | ✓by :)
Highest Rank - #412 in teen fiction . [ COMPLETED ] 1. Find the perfect match. 2. Pull a few heart strings. 3. Leave them love struck. Three simple steps is all it took...
  • rewrite
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The Girl With The Wishes [EDITING.] by lovelyness-
The Girl With The Wishes [EDITING.]by :)
[ COMPLETED ] Violet Smith. A girl whose smile could light up the world. A girl whose happiness came after everyone else's. A girl whose time was limited in the world...
  • smiling
  • happiness
  • pain
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The Bodyguard by Konscious
The Bodyguardby Konscious
Ava Johnson is the daughter of the worlds biggest celebrities, Angel and George Johnson. But lately when she's been acting up her parents decide to hire a bodyguard to w...
  • romance
  • forbiddenlove
  • rude
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Afraid by abigaill_
Afraidby abigaill_
When innocent 17 year old Leah meets an unknown bad boy for the first time, are tattoos, piercing and a cursing mouth really what she is looking for or will she be AFRAI...
  • romance
  • teenfic
  • after
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He Who Never Forgets 2 (HWNF2) by LoveCasteth
He Who Never Forgets 2 (HWNF2)by 💜LC💜
Shit, I lost. Where's Venus? I shouldn't went out alone earlier and now look what had happened. I went inside those creepy alleys that I know it's trouble but I ignored...
  • amandaseyfried
  • love
  • arrogant
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I, The Bad Boy...In Love. by michymurphy
I, The Bad Boy...In Unique
Ian Carter was known in school for his amazing looks & popularity. He was what we girls called the biggest player ever! Ian was heartless when it came to bullying the ot...
  • girl
  • fransisco
  • drama
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Bad Meets Worse by ephemerable
Bad Meets Worseby Dezi
How not to get hurt in a relationship? How to get the guy crying over you and not the other way around? All good questions, which I found myself asking last summer when...
  • fanfic
  • bad
  • badmeetsworse
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Sweet Revenge [ EDITING ] by lovelyness-
Sweet Revenge [ EDITING ]by :)
[ EDITING ] Grace Lawson is the school's sweetheart. With her billion dollar smile, she's a true gem. She has it all. . .until she doesn't. The sun doesn't always shine...
  • heartbreak
  • sweet
  • selenagomez
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The Model's Stylist by EscapeYourMisery
The Model's Stylistby MJ
"You wanna know?" She rolled over on the couch to better meet his challenging gaze, "You really wanna know?" A minute passed between them with Hale's...
  • youngadult
  • fun
  • love
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Billionaire's love by kara_1008
Billionaire's loveby kara_1008
He was staring at me while I was staring at him to . He comes to me and put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my cheek, he is staring into my eyes and I was too,I...
  • lachowski
  • family
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Gangs, Bad boys und ich  by USAprincess
Gangs, Bad boys und ich by ❤-A❤
Das 16-jährige Gesangstalent Kira Maddilyn Adams soll zu ihrem Bruder ziehen. Von New York nach Los Angeles, der Stadt der Engel. Tyler Parker, Bad boy, 18 hat es auf be...
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Best of Wattpad (Teen-Fiction, Fan-Fiction, Romance) by internationalboss
Best of Wattpad (Teen-Fiction, claire
Looking for something good to read? Here are some stories that I find pretty great :)
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Imagines by daddymarihoe
Imaginesby :)
Just some imagines... Send me a dm if you want me to make a imagine for you with a celebrity and your name, hair color, gender, etc.
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The royals by King_kina
The royalsby King_kina
Demitri King stood at the top lonely with his best friends Xavier and Luca. Being a business tycoon at the ripe age of 18. Gianna Rien was a hard worker that's dad owns...
  • rich
  • drama
  • lachowski
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Don't Go by freigth101
Don't Goby Charbo
Some loves are mean't to be. When Maddy moves into a new apartment with her best friend Macy, she never thought anything this exciting would happen. Boys, Cars, and Bad...
  • 50shadesofpony
  • malik
  • spectacular
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The Bad Boys Best Friend by _bxtchybella_
The Bad Boys Best Friendby bella ✨
Highest Rank: #77 in Teen Fiction Edited: 12/17/2016 100k: 8/14/2017 When you hear the name Lucy Fernandez, what do you think of? Most people ask, " W...
  • bwwm
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  • lgbt
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