The Girl With The Wishes  by lovelyness-
The Girl With The Wishes by nafisah
[ COMPLETED ] Violet Smith. A girl whose smile could light up the world. A girl whose happiness came after everyone else's. A girl whose time was limited in the world...
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  • wattys2016
  • lachowski
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Heart Beats by notyourtypicalgirlx
Heart Beatsby cute anon
He took my hand in his and laid it flat on his chest. "Do you feel it?" He asks. "Feel what?"I ask back. "How fast my heart is beating."...
  • teen
  • girlfriend
  • virgin
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Emery: A Prince's Adventure by athrhteera
Emery: A Prince's Adventureby Athirah
Destined together before they were even born. Is it possible? Emery France Van Allan, a well-known prince has to marry due to his father's sake. He has been e...
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Bad Boy Next Door by charyzac
Bad Boy Next Doorby Mary
Cassie Rickards hated everything about Chace Wayne- the school's cocky, arrogant, player and Bad Boy. Added the fact that he dated and broke all her 3 bestfriends heart...
  • girl
  • boy
  • hate
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Sweet Revenge [ EDITING ] by lovelyness-
Sweet Revenge [ EDITING ]by nafisah
[ EDITING ] Grace Lawson is the school's sweetheart. With her billion dollar smile, she's a true gem. She has it all. . .until she doesn't. The sun doesn't always shine...
  • selenagomez
  • breakups
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Bad Meets Worse by ephemerable
Bad Meets Worseby Madison Petrino
How not to get hurt in a relationship? How to get the guy crying over you and not the other way around? All good questions, which I found myself asking last summer when...
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Love Struck | ✓ by lovelyness-
Love Struck | ✓by nafisah
Highest Rank - #412 in teen fiction . [ COMPLETED ] 1. Find the perfect match. 2. Pull a few heart strings. 3. Leave them love struck. Three simple steps is all it took...
  • teen
  • cupid
  • heart
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The bad boy's tutor by FlowerCrownShawn
The bad boy's tutorby Sade
With her impeccable grades, and high standards in school, Eliza Edward has always been the typical smart girl with the picture perfect future. Never in her wildest dream...
  • humour
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Afraid by abigaill_
Afraidby abigaill_
When innocent 17 year old Leah meets an unknown bad boy for the first time, are tattoos, piercing and a cursing mouth really what she is looking for or will she be AFRAI...
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Best of Wattpad (Teen-Fiction, Fan-Fiction, Romance) by internationalboss
Best of Wattpad (Teen-Fiction, clairy
Looking for something good to read? Here are some stories that I find pretty great :)
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Saving Him  by countrychick10600
Saving Him by Countrychick10600
When you love someone so much, you'll do anything for them. In that case its normally a parent, sibling, or some kind of relative. But not to Casey. She wanted to help t...
  • fransisco
  • daddario
  • badboy
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The Girl No One Noticed by craxyybookie
The Girl No One Noticedby craxyybookie
"Save me, and I'll save you." I said holding his hand close to my heart, him leaning in. "If you save me, I will no doubt go to any lengths to protect yo...
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Dear Stepbrother by lowkey80s
Dear Stepbrotherby tail wagger
*BEING RE-UPLOADED AND EDITED COMPLETELY* 16 year old Rebecca Valentine has just moved back into her home town, only to find the little boy she hated wasn't so little an...
  • stepbrother
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teen fiction/romance book recommendations by -lachowskis
teen fiction/romance book a
[in my opinion] some of Wattpad's best teen fiction and/or romance novels **DISCLAIMER: When reading this book, you might find that you disagree with some books being re...
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Just A Game by doraznudes
Just A Gameby 🌻
She was always invisible. Never noticed by anyone. Only had three friends. Only three people she could trusts. All this changed when the baddest and most popular boy sho...
  • girl
  • dyanna
  • lemon
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Only In The Dark by dishoex
Only In The Darkby Rai
Ezlianne Brooks is a very lucky teenager. Graduated, wealthy, a perfect fiance and a bright future ahead her until Auden McGregor crushed everything she was dreaming abo...
  • luckyblue
  • forbidden
  • franciscolachowski
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The Bad Boys Little Tomboy by Stilinski90210
The Bad Boys Little Tomboyby Stilinski90210
The Bad boy and the Good girl. Ideal couple, right? Think again. Andrea Parks Your typical seventeen year-old tomboy. Funny, Sarcastic and Awkward. She acts like a guy...
  • badboy
  • teen
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My Mate Is The Werewolf Hunter |Arabic Translation by Lama-Ashoor
My Mate Is The Werewolf Hunter | Lama-Ashoor
أنا كيت سينغليتون. ابنة الألفا من قطيع القمر الفضي. كنت أعيش حياة ً أشبه بالأميرات ، كنت المدللة. حيث كل شيء كان مثاليا، كانت تحل المشاكل بأكثر الطرق إثارة للدهشة من أ...
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Trapped With Him by obsessed-
Trapped With Himby obsessed-
"Would you pick a daisy in a field of roses?" I ask. "What kind of question is that? Ask me something else," he says, dismissing my question. "W...
  • francisco
  • teen
  • lachowski
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Hello Neighbor // Book 1  // UNDER EXTREME EDITING                   by cutiepie1202
Hello Neighbor // Book 1 // Grace Perkiomen
"What about me?" I cocked my head the side curiously. "What about you?" "Would you consider ever dating me?" I took a moment to t...
  • lachowski
  • obsession
  • obrien
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