When Lightning Burns [COMPLETED]

When Lightning Burns [COMPLETED]

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Kathleen Rovner By KathleenRovner Updated Jul 02, 2017

Julie hides a dangerous secret...

Julie Marin is living her dream as a dance student in New York but feels guilty that her family is trapped on Seelie Island, where they're forced to live by a strict, ancient code. Then there's Rory and Luke; she shares a special connection with both boys that she isn't sure she wants to explore. 

But the big problem is that her friend Kara has disappeared, taken by a government agency with dark intentions. When Luke increasingly draws Julie into a dangerous game with the agency, she isn't sure she'll be able to resist his pull. Or just as bad-Rory's attempt to save her from that life could bring her closer to him. 

As Julie puts herself at risk to find Kara, navigates the brutal competition at her dance school, and comes to terms with the touchy relationship with her family-not to mention Luke and Rory-she stumbles into a bigger conspiracy than anyone ever suspected. 

Can Julie balance it all, or will her attempts to save Kara change all their lives forever?

When Lightning Burns is the third book in the Lightning Series-suspenseful young adult fantasy novels with a touch of romance.