Waking the Fae [BOOK ONE]

Waking the Fae [BOOK ONE]

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[#RBLS finalist - top 7]

Rebecca Morley lives a normal life. Well, as normal as a teenage life can be. Boys, friends, makeup . . . They don't matter to her. She's just the freak of her school, the one no one wants around. Growing up as an orphan she was never wanted. She's built up walls to protect herself so she can't be hurt anymore.

That all changes when Mikael Bertoz enters her life. At first he's scary in Rebecca's eyes - he's stronger and bigger than anyone she's ever seen and  has an aura of darkness surrounding him. But as they weeks go by he's charming and kind. Rebecca's walls threaten to break down. She wants to trust him, but can she?

Then her world is turned upside down when the truth of her lineage is revealed. She's not the worthless orphan that no one cares about, she's something more. 

In the midst of the chaos of finding out who she really is and finally being noticed, Mikael is still a constant in her life. He's there for her even if Rebecca isn't sure he's trying to humiliate her. He's under he skin and Rebecca can't deny it. 

The more chaotic her life gets, the more Mikael is involved. But is it a good thing or is it detrimental to her?

  • court
  • deception
  • fae
  • fairy
  • fantasy
  • mystical
  • princess
  • rbls
  • royalty
  • school
- - Jun 18, 2017
This was so sad, but so beautiful... I'm about to cry... *sniffs*
BritnyStewart BritnyStewart Mar 07, 2016
Awwww :'-( that's so sad! But I don't understand,how is it that she has never seen her own daughter,but yet,he can!? I don't get it,why couldn't she have seen her daughter??
Kristiekc Kristiekc Feb 14, 2016
That was very strong. And taking into account the amount of books you write you give them each your all. I felt sorry for her and i never feel sorry for royalty but here I certainly did.
AllyFaralda AllyFaralda Jul 28, 2016
This is a pretty good start. I love the themes and I hope the queen would get to see her daughter in her dreams.
MysteriousRoads MysteriousRoads Jun 30, 2016
Wonderful start! So exited to read more. I like how you I produced death and how it feels to be dying. Five stars my friend!
Gorgeously_Beautiful Gorgeously_Beautiful Jun 11, 2016
Awwwww man that was terrible and just sad...but I know what it is like to lose someone to cancer that you are sooo close to...😞but she's in heaven now 😊😇