Science Experiment   by zZzSleepyzAngelzZz
Science Experiment by zZzSleepyzAngelzZz
An experiment, just a test to see if we make the cut. Weapons within us but we don't know how to use them. Freedom is a hard thing to keep. ♡♥♡ Hope you enjoy ♡♥♡ ( H2OV...
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  • h2ovanoss
  • fourzer0seven
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Vanoss and crew Zodiac signs by 1-800-JiminGotNoJams
Vanoss and crew Zodiac signsby Kookie And Jams
Weekly Rankings (10-18-18): #1 in swag #7 in h2odelirious #3 in terroriser #6 in iamwildcat #8 in miniladd #10 in vanossgaming #1 in brycemcquaid #5 in daithidenogla ...
  • smii7y
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Immune 💙 (H2ODelirious X Reader) [The Walking Dead] 2 by celestial--stars
Immune 💙 (H2ODelirious X Reader) ˗ˏˋ ท¡૮ђѳℓαઽ ˊˎ˗
A broken girl was taken in and loved by a crew. A gluttonous brute stole them from their freedom. Now they have to take back whats rightfully theirs. Sequel to Imprisone...
  • iamwildcat
  • vanossgaming
  • thewalkingdead
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YouTube Gamer One Shots by grrrmondays
YouTube Gamer One Shotsby MaskedWriter
This is about YouTubers x reader. I will take request.
  • jacksepticeye
  • fanfiction
  • iamwildcat
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ZeRoyalChaos Shorts by savingfanfiction
ZeRoyalChaos Shortsby SFF
A mixture of ZeRoyalChaos fan fiction shorts. Some are fluff, some are smut. Some are extensions/bonus' from the Saving/Finding Chilled series. * ""You call...
  • gay
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I'm In Love With Him [Chilled Chaos X Reader] by RylandWrites
I'm In Love With Him [Chilled i love you
This is a Chilled Chaos & Reader Fanfic. It takes place in a High School. It's (Y/N)'s first day in the new High School. At first, he/she doesn't think he/she'll make an...
  • chilledchaosxreader
  • chilledchaos
  • smarticus
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Town Of Chaos || ZeRoyalChaos by PaperPanther
Town Of Chaos || ZeRoyalChaosby Jo
Based on the game Town Of Salem. When Chilled's father is wrongly lynched, all he wants is revenge. But remorse is found in the worst of situations.
  • salem
  • smarty
  • tehsmarty
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New Message || ZeRoyalChaos Fanfic [Boyxboy] by xXAkatsukixLoverXx
New Message || ZeRoyalChaos Ezekiel T. A.
It all started with one new message. The late night chats, the flirting, the interest in one another, and the craving to meet each other in person. That one message crea...
  • steven
  • newmessage
  • chilled
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Town of Sadness (RoyalChaos) by sydneyj23
Town of Sadness (RoyalChaos)by Sydney / S.J.
♔ Updated Whenever Possible ♔ Town of Salem based fanfiction Ships: RoyalChaos, Galty, and Seamexican Ze and Chilled never knew each other. For more than twenty years...
  • chilledchaos
  • royalchaos
  • galmhd
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Two Killers. One Relationship. by BasicallyItsLife
Two Killers. One 死
Chilled Chaos. Also known as Anthony. Of course, no one knows his real name. Chilled's a skilled serial killer. Better than any team of assassins (at least he thinks he...
  • zeroyalchaos
  • killers
  • gay
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YouTube X Readers and OneShots by DayDreaming1000
YouTube X Readers and OneShotsby dAƴdr㉫A๓㉫r
This is basically what the title is, Xreaders and OneShots. The OneShots will mostly be a character I made to be in the relationship or friendship. Youtubers below Joey...
  • youtube
  • jerome
  • adam
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YouTuber One-Shots by Error_666_Detected
YouTuber One-Shotsby Unknown
I'm gonna take requests but only ones ill like. I may also use your idea in one of my other stories.
  • luicalibre
  • iamwildcat
  • inotorious
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[ON HOLD] YouTube One-Shot's (Fluff/Yaoi/Yuri) by xXAkatsukixLoverXx
[ON HOLD] YouTube One-Shot's ( Ezekiel T. A.
Just a random book of One-shot's I wrote and wanted to share with you all. I do yaoi (BoyxBoy), yuri (GirlxGirl), or just fluff (Kisses and hugs). If any of you want a s...
  • ken
  • zeroyalviking
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Jet Pack Blues - {YOUTUBE -BOOK TWO} {COMPLETED} by kelsey-writes-stuff
Jet Pack Blues - {YOUTUBE -BOOK melkbeg
{Second Book for Ode To Sleep} After having a good and shitty year, Raven Matthews and Jace Summers want to try and have a good start of the year.
  • eirebornfenix
  • snedger
  • baiscallyidowrk
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#ZeRoyalChaos (COMPLETED) by Christy19887
#ZeRoyalChaos (COMPLETED)by Christy19887
Chilled just broke up with Jess. Will he find solace in his best friend, Ze, or something more? Highest ranking: #5 in ZeRoyalChaos (I believe)
  • zeroyalviking
  • zeroyalchaos
  • chilledchaos
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The Whole Truth? (ZeRoyalChaos) by Christy19887
The Whole Truth? (ZeRoyalChaos)by Christy19887
Ze and Chilled both know they're best friends, along with the Derp Crew, but once they all get together and play Truth or Dare, who knows what could happen.
  • youtube
  • chilled
  • derpcrew
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Derp Crew Oneshots & AUs by Silversprinklez10
Derp Crew Oneshots & AUsby Silversprinklez10
Basically what the title says. Stories with a Derp Crew name (not a ship) are stories from that PoV that don't have a ship or an AU about the Derp Crew. I don't write...
  • galfawkes
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