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Vanoss and Crew Zodiac Signs by 1-800-IHateSnakeu
Vanoss and Crew Zodiac Signsby J-Hope’s Jagiya
*COMPLETED* (10-22-18) Weekly Rankings (3-10-19) •chilledchaos - #2 out of 507 stories •luicalibre - #5 out of 990 stories •terroriser - #36 out of 718 stories •cartoon...
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Isn't she adorable? ~Zeroyalviking x Reader by Dangan-my-ronpas
Isn't she adorable? Pretty Inactive
-Dead story, maybe one day I'll continue it, but unlikely, sorry- It's always nice to meet up with a childhood friend, especially when in this case, it's ZeRoyalViking!
  • zeroyalviking
  • romance
  • derpcrew
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~Poly!BBS and One-Shots~ ( DISCONTINUED ) by Magican_Bunneh
~Poly!BBS and One-Shots~ ( Mother of Clucks ♥️
Thanks to a good friend who thinks I could have done it!
  • lui
  • zeroyalviking
  • wildcat
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The Creatures + More- Boyfriend Scenarios! by LilaLawl_Hawk_HD
The Creatures + More- Boyfriend I don't update anymore. Sorry.
Boyfriend Scenarios with The Creatures and more!! Leave comments of people you think I should add and suggestions for scenarios! Bye! PEACE PICKLES!
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  • danznewz
  • sp00nerism
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DlivEntoan *On Hold* by SeaChaosLover
DlivEntoan *On Hold*by 🔪Fangs🔫
Entoan is started school. He's not a big fan of school, but at least his friends are here to make it much more fun. While Entoan is starting school again he meets so...
  • tehsmarty
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  • therpgminx
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The Creature Family by Twist3d_Metal
The Creature Familyby Twist3d_Metal
What would happen if The Creatures were a family? This is a Creature family AU with all of their ups and downs. Dan and Kootra have always wanted kids of their own so th...
  • thecreaturehub
  • sp00nerism
  • kootra
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Immune 💙 (H2ODelirious X Reader) [The Walking Dead] 2 by allyox
Immune 💙 (H2ODelirious X Reader) 𝐍𝐈𝐂𝐊
book two in the 'imprisoned' series a tyrant and his followers think they can do what they want - but even in the apocalypse there are restrictions. all rights for the...
  • goodguyfitz
  • vanossgaming
  • thriller
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ZeRoyalChaos Alphabet Challenge by AViewOfTheOcean
ZeRoyalChaos Alphabet Challengeby Robinnnn
This is an Alphabet Challenge for ZeRoyalChaos. I can try to explain it now, but I think you will catch on. Each day I am going to randomly pick a word from the dictiona...
  • zeroyalchaos
  • alphabetchallenge
  • zeroyalviking
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Territory by ZeRoyalChilly
Territoryby ZeRoyalChilly
He was in the bathroom of the shitty bar for a total of five minutes- at most- and yet Anthony had still managed to find some way to get himself into trouble. He was at...
  • chilledchaos
  • youtube
  • boyxboy
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Dance Till You Have No More Love by WitchKnightWalker
Dance Till You Have No More Loveby ItsMeKenzie
"Listen to my story and create your own while you're at it." "Grandpa, what are you saying?" A story filled with dancing and Novahd. :::::::::::::::...
  • zeroyalchaos
  • zeroyalviking
  • ssohpkc
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Twin of Who?!? (A Creature Hub fanfic) by StrayGaming
Twin of Who?!? (A Creature Hub Stray
What happen when a child is stolen away from their home as baby only to be reunited with their brother 17 years later? A story of confusion, happiness, and sorrow will u...
  • slyfoxhound
  • zeroyalviking
  • kootra
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we will save you The creatures au by team_geek
we will save you The creatures auby TEAM GEEK
The Creatures are a small operation that is quickly rising to power in the Denver streets. What with claiming territory and even making a few pot-shots at the larger cor...
  • spoonerism
  • immortalhd
  • zeroyalviking
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dive in → «derp crew and friends» by BasicallyItsLife
dive in → «derp crew and friends»by 死
a mostly chat fic.
  • tomfawkes
  • johnpage
  • derpcrew
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ZeRoyalChaos||He Wouldn't Leave Me by Raakxhyr
ZeRoyalChaos||He Wouldn't Leave Meby Raakxhyr
Chilled becomes panicked as Ze doesn't come home as soon as he says he would and starts to turn back to old ways with hesitation I'm frickin exhausted but I got this ide...
  • mention
  • angst
  • self
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我愛你。。。 我恨你。。。 «zeroyalchaos» (ON HOLD) by BasicallyItsLife
我愛你。。。 我恨你。。。 «zeroyalchaos» (ON 死
three simple words... all it took was three words... for everything to happen as it is... 'i love you' 'i hate you' but it all always ends with either... 'i miss you' 'w...
  • johnpage
  • galm
  • shortstory
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