Vanoss and crew Zodiac signs by 1-800-JiminGotNoJams
Vanoss and crew Zodiac signsby Kookie And Jams
Weekly Rankings (10-18-18): #1 in swag #7 in h2odelirious #3 in terroriser #6 in iamwildcat #8 in miniladd #10 in vanossgaming #1 in brycemcquaid #5 in daithidenogla ...
  • brycemcquaid
  • miniladd
  • deadsquirrel
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Immune 💙 (H2ODelirious X Reader) [The Walking Dead] 2 by celestial--stars
Immune 💙 (H2ODelirious X Reader) ˗ˏˋ st.nicholas ˊˎ˗
somehow, #3 in #h20delirious out of 358 stories book two in the 'imprisoned' series a tyrant and his followers think they can do what they want - but even in the apocaly...
  • basicallyidowrk
  • miniladd
  • ohmwrecker
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I Am Not Superman by mintberrysunrise
I Am Not Supermanby Izzy
All his friends had superpowers. And James thought he was the only normal one. However, one day he found himself able to fly. With devastating and heartbreaking back sto...
  • danznewz
  • creatures
  • ssohpkc
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YouTuber One-Shots by Error_666_Detected
YouTuber One-Shotsby Unknown
I'm gonna take requests but only ones ill like. I may also use your idea in one of my other stories.
  • zeroyalviking
  • inotorious
  • mccreamy
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ZeroyalChaos- Town Floosy (tos) by TrashforAnythingGay
ZeroyalChaos- Town Floosy (tos)by SkyShipsStuff:3
A smut filled story of zeroyalchaos shennanagins
  • derpcrewtos
  • tos
  • derpcrew
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Chilled, I love you by duckies1127
Chilled, I love youby Duckies1127
Ze needs comfort after his girlfriend leaves him in pieces. When he searches for it in chilled, he gets more than he expects
  • zeroyalviking
  • chlledchaos
  • chilledviking
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ZeRoyalChaos Shorts by savingfanfiction
ZeRoyalChaos Shortsby SFF
A mixture of ZeRoyalChaos fan fiction shorts. Some are fluff, some are smut. Some are extensions/bonus' from the Saving/Finding Chilled series. * ""You call...
  • anthony
  • steven
  • derpcrew
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[cityscape] [a derp crew superhero au kinda] by ohmwrecker-pecker
[cityscape] [a derp crew chonky nutbuster
"You know, for someone that spends their days doing such a shitty job.... You're pretty funny!" "You mean cleaning up after your dumb crew's messes? Yeah...
  • tehsmarty
  • tomfawkes
  • zeroyalviking
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Crescent Fang by DerpCrewLover
Crescent Fangby DerpCrewLover
Their lives are just one big sea of misfortune. They aren't very popular. They get bullied. Their family, along with them, was kidnapped by a cult who worshipped a snake...
  • entolive
  • seamexican
  • zeroyalviking
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Magic Tricks by Maewinter29
Magic Tricksby Maewinter29
when Max gets stopped by a man doing magic tricks on the street he thinks that he'll just help the guy and go on his merry way, never to see him again. Adam has seen Ma...
  • seamexican
  • gassymexican
  • chilledchoas
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Start Clapping, Our Act Is Over (Zeroyalchaos FanFic) {Wattys2015} by ChaolypticCrticism
Start Clapping, Our Act Is Over ( ChaolypticCrticism
Chilled and Ze have a secret, they're dating. They have been since the first time they met. Some could call it puppy love, but this love is true. And it comes with an ac...
  • wattys2015
  • therpgminx
  • chilledchaos
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Ze is Away- Zeroyalchaos by Kingggjaay
Ze is Away- Zeroyalchaosby Jaay
A zeroyalchaos story based off Chilled's let's play of Emily is Away
  • tehsmarty
  • galmhd
  • zeroyalviking
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Not Even Close ~ZeRoyalViking Social Media~ by LiveLoveLapis
Not Even Close ~ZeRoyalViking Libby
"I'm having pizza for the fourth night in a row." "uh... cool?" "wait, this isn't Anthony?" "Not even close."
  • zeroyalviking
  • socialmedia
  • galmhd
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The Ship Has Officially Sailed.  by StarPopsy
The Ship Has Officially Sailed. by StarPops
It's an hour before Chilled marries Ze and he's writing this for the fans...
  • derpcrew
  • oneshot
  • zeroyalviking
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#ZeRoyalChaos (COMPLETED) by Christy19887
#ZeRoyalChaos (COMPLETED)by Christy19887
Chilled just broke up with Jess. Will he find solace in his best friend, Ze, or something more? Highest ranking: #5 in ZeRoyalChaos (I believe)
  • chilledchaos
  • zeroyalchaos
  • zeroyalviking
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Youtuber and OC OneShots!!! :) by Christy19887
Youtuber and OC OneShots!!! :)by Christy19887
This will be my Youtuber and OC's ONESHOTS book! I will accept all pairings, no matter what. Just comment what you want to see written about, and I will make sure to wri...
  • zeroyalchaos
  • minx
  • chilledchaos
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Schizophrenia (ZeRoyalChaos) (FINISHED) by AllTimeTrashBin
Schizophrenia (ZeRoyalChaos) ( AllTimeTrashBin
Schizophrenia- chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. "Do it, you'll never leave us." "Oh stop it! He's...
  • chaos
  • gay
  • zeroyalviking
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New Message || ZeRoyalChaos Fanfic [Boyxboy] by xXAkatsukixLoverXx
New Message || ZeRoyalChaos Ezekiel T. A.
It all started with one new message. The late night chats, the flirting, the interest in one another, and the craving to meet each other in person. That one message crea...
  • chilledchaos
  • newmessage
  • fanfic
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dive in → «derp crew and friends» by BasicallyItsLife
dive in → «derp crew and friends»by 死
a mostly chat fic.
  • tomfawkes
  • zeroyalviking
  • derpcrew
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Ze is Away Too- Zeroyalchaos by Kingggjaay
Ze is Away Too- Zeroyalchaosby Jaay
This is part two based off from Chilled's let's play of Emily is away Too.
  • zeroyalviking
  • chilledchaos
  • tehsmarty
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