Derp Crew Oneshots & AUs by Silversprinklez10
Derp Crew Oneshots & AUsby Silversprinklez10
Basically what the title says. Stories with a Derp Crew name (not a ship) are stories from that PoV that don't have a ship or an AU about the Derp Crew. I don't write...
  • aphex
  • chilled
  • chilledchaos
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I Am Not Superman by mintberrysunrise
I Am Not Supermanby Izzy
All his friends had superpowers. And James thought he was the only normal one. However, one day he found himself able to fly. With devastating and heartbreaking back sto...
  • super
  • supercreaturesau
  • derpcrew
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ZeroyalChaos- Town Floosy (tos) by TrashforAnythingGay
ZeroyalChaos- Town Floosy (tos)by SkyShipsStuff:3
A smut filled story of zeroyalchaos shennanagins
  • townofsalem
  • derpcrew
  • zeroyalviking
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ZeRoyalChaos Shorts by savingfanfiction
ZeRoyalChaos Shortsby SFF
A mixture of ZeRoyalChaos fan fiction shorts. Some are fluff, some are smut. Some are extensions/bonus' from the Saving/Finding Chilled series. * ""You call...
  • chaos
  • anthony
  • chilled
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YouTuber One shots (Request open) by CheeryPoptartGamer
YouTuber One shots (Request open)by ♡Smile it looks good on you♡
do you like a YouTuber~? well imagine this.... ●chilled chaos ●PEWWWWWWDIEPIE ●VANOSSCREW ●and much more
  • gamegrumps
  • daithidenogla
  • vanosscrew
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New Year | A YouTuber OC Fanfic | Book One by xHUZSx
New Year | A YouTuber OC Fanfic | yeet
January 1st, 2015. Everyone takes their time celebrating on New Year's Day, throwing parties and hanging out with your friends and family, and that special someone. But...
  • youtube
  • gassymexican
  • jacksepticeye
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Why me by i_need_a_life_now
Why meby i_need_a_life_now
Ze started over with life with he best friend Aphex What well happened
  • derpcrew
  • vampire
  • zeroyalviking
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Our Twisted Tale (~Twist In The Tale~) by Mini_Mystical_Cat
Our Twisted Tale (~Twist In The Inactive
Our lives are strange, our tales were told, but what we done was twist them more than we should've. -BBS, Derp Crew, & More- -Also thank you Meko ( @FaceLessSisters )...
  • maychangelater
  • terrorsnuckel
  • ohmilizer
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Not Even Close ~ZeRoyalViking Social Media~ by LiveLoveLapis
Not Even Close ~ZeRoyalViking Libby
"I'm having pizza for the fourth night in a row." "uh... cool?" "wait, this isn't Anthony?" "Not even close."
  • tomfawkes
  • derpcrew
  • zeroyalviking
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The Ship Has Officially Sailed.  by StarPopsy
The Ship Has Officially Sailed. by StarPops
It's an hour before Chilled marries Ze and he's writing this for the fans...
  • fanfiction
  • youtube
  • zeroyalchaos
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Ze is Away- Zeroyalchaos by Kingggjaay
Ze is Away- Zeroyalchaosby Jaay
A zeroyalchaos story based off Chilled's let's play of Emily is Away
  • zeroyalchaos
  • tehsmarty
  • derpcrew
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BBS Photos & Art by Marissa13002
BBS Photos & Artby ѕpιcey ѕιnnaмon
Photos and fanart of the guys in Banana Bus Squad, but I'll most likely add in the Derp Crew and Gay Baby Gang just for the fun of it. Come and bless your eyes with thei...
  • photos
  • gaybabygang
  • fanart
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Big Book of YouTube One-Shots (REQUESTS: CLOSED) by PlaguedAnarchy
Big Book of YouTube One-Shots ( Plagedini
A book of (mostly) requested One Shots. Includes (so far) the following ships: PewDieCry SeaMexican RoyalChaos MaskedMexican Rhink Phan Cry Markimash Chinx TehChaos GaLt...
  • pewdiecry
  • maskedmexican
  • chilledchaos
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loving him is Red (Chilled Chaos X Reader) by Rachellelovesgaming
loving him is Red (Chilled Chaos Rachelle Luna
21 year old (y/n) is a youtuber with over 13k subscribers who knows many other youtubers, and is a very good friend of the derp crew, and the majority of her YouTube fri...
  • derpcrew
  • chilledchaosxreader
  • chilledchaos
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school life ~krii7y by kittymeowmeow271
school life ~krii7yby Tianna Bruyere
Lucas a soon to be Mafia leader finds himself in love with a rich kid that he thinks that all the little rumours about him are true, john a rich kid in love with a mafi...
  • derpcrew
  • mafia
  • bbs
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dive in → «derp crew and friends» by BasicallyItsLife
dive in → «derp crew and friends»by 死
a mostly chat fic.
  • johnpage
  • tomfawkes
  • chilledchaos
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One-Shots of Different People by TheMythicalUmbreon
One-Shots of Different Peopleby Maddie;Trash Lord
Just different one shots of different people (May include Brohm, H2OVanoss, MiniCat, TerrorNuckel, ZeRoyalChoas, septiplier, Phan and other ships, well known or not we...
  • thederpcrew
  • septiplier
  • h2ovanoss
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Youtuber Preferences/Imagines (Requests Welcome) by Sucker4love29
Youtuber Preferences/Imagines ( .
Thecreaturehub(includes old ones), Natewantstobattle, Team Crafted,capndesdes,jacksepticeye,markiplier,chilledchaos, AND MANY MORE all going to appear in this book so do...
  • immortalhd
  • markiplier
  • chilledchaos
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Let me see you smile by DerpCrewLover
Let me see you smileby DerpCrewLover
When Galm's family comes for a visit, Aphex has to deal with problems falling left and right. Mostly them trying to get their ideals into Galm's head. Aphex won't stand...
  • galm
  • derpcrew
  • gaphex
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The Whole Truth? (ZeRoyalChaos) by Christy19887
The Whole Truth? (ZeRoyalChaos)by Christy19887
Ze and Chilled both know they're best friends, along with the Derp Crew, but once they all get together and play Truth or Dare, who knows what could happen.
  • zeroyalchaos
  • chaos
  • galm
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