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──Arte del late ❜ by Cocoa_Things
──Arte del late ❜by C o c o a ✿
Ahora puedo admitir que todo ocurrió gracias a que acepté tomar una decisión por mi misma, mi propio «sorbo de distracción» Ahora, del mismo modo, se que Ella y yo hemo...
  • mystic
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  • jumin
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Sweetheart - Yoosung Mystic Messenger  by SadlyOptimistic
Sweetheart - Yoosung Mystic Messen...by Victoria Jones
Aspen Jun is a beautiful young lady who had always experienced the finer things in life. That is, until a family tragedy set her off on her own in the world where she ha...
  • jumin
  • zen
  • yoosung
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Hacked my Heart (707 x reader)  by bts_bangtan123
Hacked my Heart (707 x reader) by Bts 💜
For anyone who agrees there isn't enough Seven x reader stories, this is for you! Xoxo (⚠️Possible Spoilers⚠️) #3 in 707xreader #5 in elizabeththe3rd #5 in sevenzeroseve...
  • seven
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Mystic messenger X reader and oneshots (Request ALWAYS open) by Eeveelutiongirl01
Mystic messenger X reader and ones...by Sunshine Evolution
THIS IS MY FIRST X READER GUYSSSSSSSS!!!!! Pls, don't mind me if it isn't good as other X readers..... So, guys, please place some requests... Don't forget to vote... An...
  • zen
  • ray
  • saeyoungchoi
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Daily Mystic Messenger  by MusicDevil
Daily Mystic Messenger by Music Demon Dad Mom
This is a book that will be updated once a day until we hit the 200 pages limit. This will have one Mystic Messenger picture per page!
  • zen
  • art
  • jumin
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Feeling Alive ( ZEN ) by _AriaLane
Feeling Alive ( ZEN )by . . .
" What if I don't make it? With you? " " Please don't say that. I love you, okay? We'll get out of here. " -- BEN. The psychotic serial killer with n...
  • yeetcrew
  • ben
  • zen
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X and Zendaya
  • zen
  • ayleks
  • foryou
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The Dorito squad  by Wolfie_Thewolf
The Dorito squad by AAAAAAH-
This is the Dorito squad, a random post book with ships and random funny thought and a slam book for my Dorito's Ships - ZEN TIMBER JACERO ( maybe Soldie... ) And other...
  • doritos
  • tds
  • screwsoldie
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Incorrect Mystic Messenger Quotes by UrLocalVirus
Incorrect Mystic Messenger Quotesby Hyde
Most of these will probably be vines lmao Ok so i was wrong lmao ⬆️
  • seven
  • unknown
  • saeyoung
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[KazuHoku] One More Kiss ✓ [Bahasa Indonesia] by a_pathetic0524
[KazuHoku] One More Kiss ✓ [Bahasa...by Z E N
Commissioned by @Aau_Ao ❝It started with a kiss❞ Dimulai dari sebuah ciuman main-main, Kazuma menyadari bila dirinya menginginkan sebuah ciuman berbeda dari Hokut...
  • ldh
  • kazuhoku
  • yoshinohokuto
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His Queen { Izana Wistaria x OC } by IzanaWistaria0_0
His Queen { Izana Wistaria x OC }by Love Yourself
Snow White with the red hair fan fiction. This story sets after the season 2 of anime. I do not own Akagami no shirayukihime.
  • shirayuki
  • akagaminoshirayukihime
  • princeizana
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Light in the Dark || 707 x Reader  by 606AyaseNaru
Light in the Dark || 707 x Reader by 606AyaseNaru
e·qua·nim·i·ty /ˌekwəˈnimədē/ 1. mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. Warning⚠️ Contains mental illness and abu...
  • 707xyou
  • jumin
  • yoosung
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The Prince and The Red Haired Beauty by 12_Izabella_25
The Prince and The Red Haired Beau...by Precious, Izabella
Shirayuki is a young doctor with her adopted son Ryuu in the city. There she is the most famous and mysterious woman there for her red apple like hair. And then there is...
  • drama
  • fanfiction
  • comedy
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Mystic Messenger Multiverse AU by pixybel
Mystic Messenger Multiverse AUby Annabel
MC owns a small device that allows her to travel between alternate worlds. While she's in another dimension, she has total control over the other MC's body. As soon as...
  • saeyoung
  • elizabeththethird
  • mc
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For Eternal Paradise (Mystic Messenger / Diabolik Lovers) by Mystic_707_Mistake
For Eternal Paradise (Mystic Messe...by Mystic_707_Mistake
(Note: this is my first story soooo sorry if it sucks Lolol) Nora is a 16 year old girl and Rika's younger half sister. Of course they weren't raised together, they met...
  • seven
  • rika
  • laitosakamki
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Book of my random stories by FavaroAmira
Book of my random storiesby Where_are_the_ghouls?
This book just contains random anime oneshots, twoshots or maybe scenarios and random stories on school life or romance. Actually, most of these stories will be romance...
  • yamaken
  • animefanfiction
  • wattys2019
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Mystic Messenger X Reader by M-Maki
Mystic Messenger X Readerby ᴸᴵᴹᴵᵀˢ
(2018-25-7) (._. fuck. i hate mystic messenger now. well then. i hate this book soooo much.) OMG! This game LITERALLY exploded on tumbler. I am obsessed with this game...
  • 707
  • xreader
  • requests
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SALVATION by vanderwoods
[MYSTIC MESSENGER | SHORT STORIES/ONESHOTS] "You try to save everyone, but haven't even saved yourself." "I don't need saving." - The place where the...
  • saeyoungchoi
  • rfa
  • saeranchoi
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