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Emo Zodiacs by BvB_BMTH_TOP_LIFE
Emo Zodiacsby BvB_BMTH_TOP_LIFE
I did not research this it is just for fun. And please do not hate if you didn't get what you wanted.
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Little Bit Of Truth (Fransykes)  by MagicGothNinja
Little Bit Of Truth (Fransykes) by Sam
Josh and Oli have been together a while now and things are going great... until there not. Josh's life is speeding off ahead with success and fame calling him whilst Oli...
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Chasing Rainbows (Fransykes) by MagicGothNinja
Chasing Rainbows (Fransykes)by Sam
Josh and Oli were teen sweethearts who broke apart. Years later they are reunited on warped tour as both boy's bands are booked to play. The past comes back to haunt the...
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''<<•Memes de LOS COMPAS• >>''(≧◡≦) by NadisEV
''<<•Memes de LOS COMPAS• &g...by NadisEV
♡♡compartidos :C y hechos algunos por mi :,D ♡♡(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ _----variedades y mas cosas , vamos a divertirnos un rato con los #compas _-- ' ▽ ' )ノ(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
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medicine ~fransykes~ by ripmcr22
medicine ~fransykes~by ripmcr22
Oliver Sykes lives on the North side of town. People avoid him in the corridors, paranoid that the rumours about him are true. Everyone has heard the horrific stories ab...
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Band Smut (Lots Of It) by lannahtsdawes
Band Smut (Lots Of It)by Lannah Dawes
!!~homosexual intercourse~!! Ships are as followed: PetexMikey FrankxGerard FrankxMikey BrendonxDallon PetexFrank OlixJosh Will take any requests, however, can't promise...
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Good Seeing You Again (You Me At Six Fan Fiction) by Devils_Daught3r
Good Seeing You Again (You Me At S...by Mikala
Lucie gets forced to move to a complete new environment where she meets 5 young guys. Josh instantly takes a liking to her, which is helpful considering they've already...
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Cold Blooded (Fransykes) by mr_syko
Cold Blooded (Fransykes)by buttercup
What would you do if you fell into the arms of a serial killer that was hopelessly in love with you? Oli Sykes, a troubled soul. A boy with serious amnesia. Josh Frances...
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We're Gonna Try Something New Today (Fransykes) by anakin--skywalker
We're Gonna Try Something New Toda...by Maggie |-/
Better, more detailed and heart wrenching version may be posted if enough people wish it so!!! - Josh and Oli have been best friends for a long time. Oli is troubled, it...
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Take Off Your Colours, YMAS FanFic (Josh Franceschi) by awkwardcat
Take Off Your Colours, YMAS FanFic...by awkwardcat
Morgan Marlowe has been through some rough patches in her days, and it is not over yet. Follow Morgan's story as she befriends the growing UK band while struggling with...
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mike y trolli fueron a una mina donde encontraron un cofre con una posion extraña al llegar a trolli se le ocurre la grandiosa idea de probar la posion ,paresia una posi...
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BTS Y TU!! LEMON Y MAS by BelEunGunKangarmy
BTS Y TU!! LEMON Y MASby Micaela**
t/n conoce a su grupo favorito pero pasa algo inesperado pasan años BTS deja su carrera de música ella se muda a corea debido a trabajo y estudios ella trabaja de mesera...
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When I'm sober I feel pain(Perrents) by dragonsskies
When I'm sober I feel pain(Perrent...by Sleepy Otōsan
Mike Fuentes is the common cool guy, and a star school athlete. He has the world's most boxed in mind, and just so happens to be one of the school's 'bad guys'. Tony Per...
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The Gateway to Recovery by alienplanetss
The Gateway to Recoveryby alienplanetss
Josh finds it hard to get his boyfriend, Oli, to remember things, but this never means giving up. Is gaining Oli's trust really as easy as it seems?
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  • olibmth
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trollino x raptor ( Rapllino ) by Danny_Danna
trollino x raptor ( Rapllino )by Danny Danna
este es de raptor x trollino y me gusta el nombre rapllino lo se suena raro pero bueno o les gusta mas que se llame trollirap, trollitor, rapllino o no se pero me gustas...
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From The Razor To The Rosary (Jalex) [Discontinued] by MagicGothNinja
From The Razor To The Rosary (Jale...by Sam
Vampire AU. Alex is a seventeen year old catholic boy who's new to town. Jack is the twenty two year old music store owner who mostly keeps to himself. He's not particul...
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Iridescent (Fransykes) by XenaRaeSykes
Iridescent (Fransykes)by Xena-Rae
After being thrown out of his own home, Oli is struggling to adjust to living on the streets. Then by chance he meets Hannah, who feeds him and looks after him, bringing...
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We All Fall Down. (Jack Barakat of All Time Low) by StoryOfALonelyJane
We All Fall Down. (Jack Barakat of...by jane.
I wrote this a long time ago, when I was 14/15, a time when self harm was something that seemed to just be everywhere in my life. I apologise to anyone who read this bef...
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Daddy Issues  (MagconOld) H.G by TheBoyWithBlueEyes
Daddy Issues (MagconOld) H.Gby ^MemoriesAfterAll^
Hola Soy Laura Alexandra Tengo 14 Años Que Se Sentiria Ser Adoptada Por Famosos Viners Y Youtubers Si Los Cuales Son Mis Papas Si Esos Chicos Son Mis Papas Bueno Creo Se...
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The Boy Who Spoke French by Beautiful_Disaster93
The Boy Who Spoke Frenchby Gemma Marie
Josh Franceschi gets thrown into a whole entire world of messed up, when he is forced to live with famous Bad Boy Oliver Sykes. The Jock who was known for bullying, bein...
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