Weightless (Jalex)

Weightless (Jalex)

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It all began with a kiss, with Alex, my best friend, my band mate, which got me thinking, am I gay? 
The audience was yelling now.  

"Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!" They chanted.  

I blinked, confused.  

"What?" Alex asked a fan.  

"Okay" he murmured and made his way over to me.  

I raised at eyebrow but he didn't say anything. He grabbed my face and softly pecked me on the lips. Dumbfounded I just stood there.  

"Alright!" Alex picked up the mic skillfully. "This ones called weightless. Hit it!" The drums kicked in and I played as alex pranced around on stage.

After that show, fans ordered us to kiss at every venue we performed at. Became a regular thing I guess. I just wished the kisses would last longer... 

So I admit. 

I, Jack Barakat, have a crush on my best friend and fellow bandmate, Alex Gaskarth.

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collxr-full collxr-full Sep 24, 2017
jalex is beautiful
                              i dare one person to tell that it isn’t/wasn’t real
Worships_Gay_Ships Worships_Gay_Ships Oct 05, 2017
                              JALEX IS REAL AND THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS IT
                              tell me otherwise I dare you
Not-Really-Here Not-Really-Here Mar 27, 2017
I never realized how creepy our fandom can be at times 😂😂
Idiots_StoleMyHeart Idiots_StoleMyHeart Jan 02, 2017
I can't even read straight fanfics. It makes me so uncomfortable omg.
                              *is straight*
SandersSidesTrash SandersSidesTrash Mar 22, 2016
I want to own like mini versions of them so that I could like carry them around with me and keep them in my bag and just have them there to cheer me up or make laugh or play me music if I can't sleep and I just asdfghjkl
kindapastelemo kindapastelemo Jan 01, 2017
I want tiny versions of them so I can just carry them around wherever I go, how does one get tiny versions of all time low