waterparks imagines / prefences by wxaterparkstrash
waterparks imagines / prefencesby Emotional Alien👽🖤
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Always. (Chicago)  by Abbieluvz
Always. (Chicago) by Abbie
Nina Denvers is the niece of Hank Voight. She's a doctor at Chicago med. This is her story. Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire. (Mainly, Jay Halstead) (I only own the...
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Million Reasons by DonnaCostello
Million Reasonsby Aphina
Life had given Antonio Dawson a million reasons to walk away from love but Maggie O'Neill gave him a really good one to stay.
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Without You || Oliver Sykes by MaryJanexbmth
Without You || Oliver Sykesby MaryJane P.
MaryJane, is a 17 year old that just moved to a new school. Hoping to forget about the past and start over. But she certainly didn't expect to meet a mysterious tattooed...
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And The Snakes Start To Sing {Oli Sykes} by hannahtaylorburris
And The Snakes Start To Sing {Oli...by Hannah
Audrey, an ice skater with a tragic past, finally steps out onto the ice for the first time since the accident. After a mishap while skating, she meets the man who saved...
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Midnight Snack (Motionless In White/Ricky Horror) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Midnight Snack (Motionless In Whit...by Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Chris is a centuries-old vampire, a myth around town. But Chris isn't as monstrous as people make him out to be, he's lonely and wants some company. Rose has...
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daddy | oliver sykes  by starkskylo
daddy | oliver sykes by sarah ⚡️inactive
In which two enemies since childhood have to raise a baby like their own daughter.
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Penny Royal || Oliver Sykes Fanfiction by tearbear9
Penny Royal || Oliver Sykes Fanfic...by tearbear9
18 year old Carolla has a simple life. The day her world turns upside down is the day she starts from scratch with the frontman of Bring Me the Horizon. Will he let her...
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band texts [frerard, perrentes, cashby, kellic, jalex, & more] by helenasyko
band texts [frerard, perrentes, ca...by helena
these are probably real lmao » will contain boyxboy and in one case, girlxgirl so if you're not okay with that then wtf r u doing on the internet » the ships in this b...
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King For A Day // Kellic by sirenkellin
King For A Day // Kellicby 🍯
[THIS IS SO BAD OH MY GOD DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE OF CRINGE] Vic Fuentes is your average 17 year old. He has his tiny group of friends that he usually always...
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Alleyway of Rockstars (#Wattys2014) by TheGhostReborn
Alleyway of Rockstars (#Wattys2014)by TheGhostReborn
After loosing her mother with a fatal illness, 18 year old Helena falls into deep depression. Despite her hard work, Helena looses her job and is quickly forced to live...
  • oli-sykes
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Shadow Moses [Fransykes]  by Enchanted_Christina
Shadow Moses [Fransykes] by Enchanted.Girl
In a dystopian world where technology has ruined everything a small civilization strictly controlled by it's government managed to break through the land of toxicity and...
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  • gay
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How Much? (Fransykes) by WhateverLife133
How Much? (Fransykes)by WhateverLife133
Josh is left all alone to face all responsibilities in life. Forced to leave his parents home with nowhere to go he ends up on the streets. Josh tries to make a living b...
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Mr. Sykes and I • Oliver Sykes by paranote
Mr. Sykes and I • Oliver Sykesby nicki ♡
I didn't know I was going to end up in the worst situation a high schooler might be in. A totally illegal relationship with Mr. Sykes. Life is simply full of surprises a...
  • student
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Notice Me (Kellic) (boyxboy) by sofxxkingrude
Notice Me (Kellic) (boyxboy)by DOLL
Kellin, a teenage boy, has a power, it's been passed down from generation to generation. Will he use it to get his crushes attention? If he does use it, then will he get...
  • love
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Oliver Sykes x reader (fluff smut ) by greendaysmuttrash
Oliver Sykes x reader (fluff smut )by greendaysmuttrash
I have an unhealthy obsession with Oliver Sykes sooo
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Rags to Riches #Wattys2018 by WriteOrDieGirl
Rags to Riches #Wattys2018by Stephanie Queen
This is a story about how a homless girl living in her car ends up joining a band and making it big. The bands name is The Obscurus, The Obscurus becomes a very popular...
  • original
  • sws
  • bringmethehorizon
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Band Smut. (PTV, OM&M, BMTH) by handmedowntown
Band Smut. (PTV, OM&M, BMTH)by theodore
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Tattoo (Oliver Skyes) *Discontinued* by Xxmusic247xX
Tattoo (Oliver Skyes) *Discontinue...by Horizon
This is it. Today is my 18th birthday. Also known as the day I find out who my soul mate is, unless their younger than me. I sat up from bed and pulled down my sleeve to...
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" Falling In Love With My Best Friend." KELLIC Fanfic COMPLETED  by IImakefanficss
" Falling In Love With My Best Fri...by Mrs. Sykes
Pierce The Veil is going on tour and need Kellin to join for there famous song " King For A Day." Vic and Kellin have been best friends for a while, A few thin...
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