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~The God of Chaos!~    -Noragami x reader- by Ur_Emo
~The God of Chaos!~ -Noragami x...by Ur_Emo2
{COMPLETED} Y/n L/n, the God of Mischief himself er- herself? You see, Y/n has all sorts of weird effects, he/she is able switch genders, a girl or a boy, this allows he...
Who am I?(Book 1) by catmasters
Who am I?(Book 1)by Catmasters
I was shocked as a burst of light clashed around me and I was then in a white room. Did I only just die? It this what it felt like? Living was in a dark room while death...
Yato's Second Regalia (Male X reader ) by AllyR0se
Yato's Second Regalia (Male X read...by AllyR0se
(M/n)(L/n) was a human who was an outcast ,got picked on when he was very small and got bullied his whole life.... The story begins.......
Another Stray God [Noragami x Reader] by CrimsonEyes464
Another Stray God [Noragami x Read...by Rufus Nox
Thousand years ago, when it was still kill or be killed, a Shinigami/God of Death existed rivaling the Gods of Calamity. People came to her when they wished to kill some...
My God Of Calamity (Yato x reader) by _anime_kitty_girl
My God Of Calamity (Yato x reader)by Kitsune
Gods aren't supposed to feel anything that is known to human emotion, it is against their nature and their body simply won't allow it. However when God of calamity Yat...
My Dark Secret (Yato X Reader)  by NatashaTasyaar
My Dark Secret (Yato X Reader) by Natasha Tasyaar
Y/N is Iki Hiyori's best-friend. They are always together. But what Hiyori didn't know is about Y/N's true identity. Hiyori became a half-phantom. Then she introduce Y...
Painting the stars.  by elfinvirgo
Painting the stars. by Nefelibata;
"The stars , " she whispers , her voice barely reaching his ears , "I want to see the stars." ❀ Yato is about to disappear , on the verge of being er...
Jujutsu kaisen & Male reader by luffykingofpirates
Jujutsu kaisen & Male readerby king of pirates
(Y/n) (l/n) AKA Yato the God Of war. (Y/n) always hated himself... He had to kill.. One day he meets a special someone that someone who saved him from darkness that was...
Akame ga kill: Yato the vampire king by spawn999
Akame ga kill: Yato the vampire ki...by Yato
In this story Yato will be a very powerful vampire that has multitude of abilities and Yato is very powerful but is the last of his kind well not for long. Yato is the...
BNHA ONE SHOTS |readerxcharacter| by j_harvester
BNHA ONE SHOTS |readerxcharacter|by Harvey
This is full of crappy stuff my excuse of a brain comes up with enjoy
Seven deadly sins: The alpha and Omega by spawn999
Seven deadly sins: The alpha and O...by Yato
Yato is the eldest son of the demon king and the most powerful and feared in the demon Clan surpassing the lights of the Ten Commandments themselves and his brothers. Ya...
Bhna Characters x Listener by Official_LemonGrab
Bhna Characters x Listenerby ..
Yeah. You read the title correctly. I'm gonna give you something to listen too. Your welcome and enjoy. they are all audio roleplays so you don't have to watch it, or r...
ɢɪɴtama 銀魂 | ɪmaɢɪɴes by statistaecs
ɢɪɴtama 銀魂 | ɪmaɢɪɴesby 太宰治
[ Gintama Characters X Reader ] Imagines, drabbles, one shots. I DONT OWN ANYTHING. All rights belong to their Rightful Owners. Also, i don't own any of the characters...
Yagami Yato Memes we can all Relate to by FanFicOverHere
Yagami Yato Memes we can all Relat...by suckmystrapon
Recent edit: for those who are about to comment on my book about the recent drama please go to the latest chapter of the book It's exactly what the title says lmao. Read...
Noragami x Reader by vagabond_angel
Noragami x Readerby 10do
Noragami Imagines brought to you by Yato's delivery service ❣
OKIKAGU | Fanfiction •Arabic• by kafoo-sama
OKIKAGU | Fanfiction •Arabic•by kafoo_yixing
• قصص قصيرة لكوبل جينتاما اوكيكاجو - أوكيتا + كاجورا - • • كل شابتر مختلف عن الاخر √ • • Gintama Okikagu Arabic Fan-fiction • • Kafoo-sama • • 1 في جينتاما + Gintama + O...
Kami no Hāto by Ashe_Hime
Kami no Hātoby Synclaire Battle
Centuries ago,when the infamous Yato was known as the "God of Calamity". Yato came across a beautiful woman who in Nora's mind began to " poison" Yat...
God of calamity: Yato by Animelover4523
God of calamity: Yatoby BlazingKing
he has the same life as my other books and is like yato in the anime just colder
Danmachi: The slayer (OC OP x Hesita) by spawn999
Danmachi: The slayer (OC OP x Hesi...by Yato
Yato a boy who grew up wants him to be a Great Adventure but after a tragic events Yato decided to have a new goal becoming a slayer. Eventually Yato came across a godde...
You Complete Me (Yato x Reader) by soraio
You Complete Me (Yato x Reader)by Blue☆Night
(Y/n) is an ordinary regalia, but maybe that will all change with the help of a one and only god... "She is like my other half. I will always stay by her side."...