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Norigami | Yukine X Reader (COMPLETED) by Rin-chan_17
Norigami | Yukine X Reader (COMPLE...by ≧﹏≦
One Shots of Norigami Yato's Regalia, Yukine. Most of the One Shots aren't mine, All Credits goes to the Writers and Owners. There are mature contents, Read at your ow...
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Yato's Second Regalia (Male X reader ) by AllyR0se
Yato's Second Regalia (Male X read...by AllyR0se
(M/n)(L/n) was a human who was an outcast ,got picked on when he was very small and got bullied his whole life.... The story begins.......
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More than just a stray god by _yato_gami_
More than just a stray godby Yato & Trash
What if you find out that your whole life was just a lie? If you're more than you thought you were? Would you be confused? Would you feel happy? But what if the truth wo...
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Stay With Me (Yatori One-Shot) by SmartRose14
Stay With Me (Yatori One-Shot)by Rose B
After Yato and Yukine left her for months without proper explanation, she begins to wonder if Yato actually wants her to stay with him at all. Yato must reassure her of...
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Stay with me, Yato. [Noragami Yatori fanfic] [Yato and Hiyori] by halialevi
Stay with me, Yato. [Noragami Yato...by halialevi
Fan fiction from the anime and manga, Noragami.
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Situations (Noragami) by TheWangz
Situations (Noragami)by Wangz
After being seduced by Fujisaki, Hiyori would always think of Yato to try to get that night out her mind and ever so often Yato would check up on her. Yukine got a phone...
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Her Regalia Lover (Yukine X Reader) by krm-akabitchi
Her Regalia Lover (Yukine X Reader)by Sassnakamura
It all started so fast. I've met a regalia when I was 14 years old and he changed my life. His name was Yukine--the boy with pretty eyes. He's cool. He taught me how t...
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Threads of Love by StingRogue10
Threads of Loveby StingRogue10
Yato is unable to care for Yukine. So Hiyori takes care of Yukine. What will happen if Yato gets jealous of Yukine and Hiyori relationship.
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I Will Be There (Yukine x Reader Fan Fiction) by aiexamdria
I Will Be There (Yukine x Reader F...by Ally
Summary: Yukine's only friend, (name), has stuck with him through thick and thin. No matter what, even after his mother's sudden death, she has been there for him...
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Goddess Of Calamity by DarkDerpy
Goddess Of Calamityby :3
She's gone, Yato thinks. She'll never come back, he whispers. She's here, Yato sees. "Akane ..." Yato mutters "I thought you were gone"
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Moon's Child ( Yukine x Reader ) (A Noragami Fanfiction) by xarabellex
Moon's Child ( Yukine x Reader ) (...by Arabelle
You were clueless. Who knew there was an infamous god who didn't have a shrine? But he found you. Gave you a name. A home. A friend. You wanted to know about who you we...
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One unique you (Noragami fanfic Hiyori x Yato) by HeartInTheKeys
One unique you (Noragami fanfic Hi...by Mochida Oishi
Yato, What happened to you? The good and the bad have been separated from you. How can I solve this? For 5 yen? Hehe, but still, a lot of you doesn't suit you, Yato. The...
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Yukine x OC - May our fates Intertwine (a Noragami fanfiction) by InuYasha37
Yukine x OC - May our fates Intert...by Llewyn Arlert
Name:Yana Age:16 Yana is Yato's younger sister,and Yato is overprotective of her (too much). There is no Hiyori,and Yato currently has no weapons,but he will get one in...
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Yukine & Hiyori by pandaparty1331
Yukine & Hiyoriby pandaparty1331
Noragami fanfic
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Noragami Oneshots by StarryEyedTucker
Noragami Oneshotsby Ronjo
I'm taking recommendations!!!!
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Switch by LetsRemainSecretive
Switchby That one otaku
進撃の巨人 Captain Levi and Eren Jäger are doing one of Hanji's experiment when they start to feel dizzy and nauseous. ノラガミ Travel to a different world and a different body...
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The Little Wings: Noragami by universal_shinigami
The Little Wings: Noragamiby universal_shinigami
"What I felt was not pity when I saw you sleeping that night.." I wimpered wiping the blood from the corner of my lip. "..whatever you felt should not ha...
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Noragami by BeingLifesBeauty
Noragamiby Someone You Will Be Fated To...
Ring, ring, ring! "Hello~! Thank you for calling~! Fast, affordable, and reliable! Delivery God Yato, at your service~!" I announced excitedly, the visio...
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Noragami has kik? by monoshit
Noragami has kik?by Bear
"this is gonna be horrible isn't it?" "You got that right for sure." One day yato decides to make a kik and teach everyone about it :3 watch the dumb...
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Noragami/Seraph of the End || Edits by Audreychaan
Noragami/Seraph of the End || Editsby Mikalexia
This is not a story. These are just edits I create for fun or when I'm bored, and really want to put out there and get your guy's opinion on them. Some of them took 5 mi...
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