A God's Obsessions (Yandere Yato x Reader)

A God's Obsessions (Yandere Yato x Reader)

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Is it possible for a god...a divine entity...to fall so madly in love with a human girl that he finds himself losing himself over her?

Obsessed...Insane...Head over heels...

And it's all because you logged into this game.

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You don't know that. 
                              (Was originally gonna make a death note reference but someone beat me to it)
-Crybaby-Tears- -Crybaby-Tears- Oct 08, 2017
Alright I'm hyped, now, let's goooooo!!! *catapults into story*
Mystic Messenger?? Damn i think im going to cry because of 707
MysticalMess- MysticalMess- Dec 17, 2017
launch initiating in 3...2...1...
                              blast off
                              //goes into story//
                              LINK START!!!
                              *plays SAO opening*
                              Meet a mega bear. 
                              Or cool donut car goat
                              WACK A LLAMA!!!
                              My mummy
Pledis_Booss Pledis_Booss Aug 06, 2017
I thought it was Minene Uryuu from Mirai Nikki/Future Diary and I said but she was a bitch.😂😂 Sry for swearing