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After Divorcing The Scumbag, He Joined The Giants by Kessho_Yuki
After Divorcing The Scumbag, He Jo...by Fuyu no Hana
LOOK FOR PART 2 Alternative Title : 和渣狗离婚后加入豪门 Author : 安曦 The whole world knows that Lin Luo loves Lu Yixuan's love to die and live, and does not hesitate to marry him...
I'm A Stand-In Puppet For His Ex-Lover by Haewaji
I'm A Stand-In Puppet For His Ex-L...by ilovenovels
!!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY !!! author: 咸鱼大西瓜 Xu ChengYan had been together with the eldest young master of the He family for five years, always on call and he yielded...
Protagonist Became Bent and is in love with the Villain by mensaiesh
Protagonist Became Bent and is in...by Mensai Esh
As tragedy befalls on Zhan Yu , he soon finds himself transmigrated into a novel world as a character. To his disappointment, he became the villain who obsessively chase...
{MTL}✅I rely on delicious food to rub the furries in the interstellar by BL-U_U-SEEK
{MTL}✅I rely on delicious food to...by pearlSM........yaoi
Due to a plane crash, Jiang Tang opened his eyes and found that he had come to the interstellar era and became the "true young master" who had just been found...
The disabled big guy's oki silly wife by Kessho_Yuki
The disabled big guy's oki silly w...by Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative title : 残疾大佬的冲喜傻妻 Author : 挫纷 He Yi wore a book after his death and became the male wife who gave the disabled big guy Chong Xi. He used to be an a...
Reborn as the Villain President's Cat & Dog by Kessho_Yuki
Reborn as the Villain President's...by Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative title : 重生成反派总裁的猫狗[娱乐圈] Author : 林盎司 Wēn MíngYì has a next door neighbour childhood gege (elder brother). His gege is wealthy, handsome, and powerf...
Living as an extra in a BL Omegaverse Novel by IAmDarkMatter
Living as an extra in a BL Omegave...by IAmDarkMatter
Who should you stick with to gain the most advantage when you're transmigrated as an extra character in a BL novel? You'll get punched in the face if you stand next to t...
I Rely on Kisses to Clear Survival Games by 啾咪啾咪兔 by remedoezn
I Rely on Kisses to Clear Survival...by remedoezn
⚠︎ 𝙄𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙥𝙡𝙚𝙩𝙚 𝙐𝙥𝙡𝙤𝙖𝙙 ⚠︎ Cheng Zhi Chu was pulled into an infinite stream of horror games. If he didn't clear them, he would 𝘥𝘪𝘦. But can someone tell...
The ex-husband of an old man of the rich by Kessho_Yuki
The ex-husband of an old man of th...by Fuyu no Hana
LOOK FOR PART 2 Alternative title : 穿成豪门老男人的前夫 Author : 泡面香肠君 Qin Yu wore into a book and became a dead man. In "City Night Emperor", the male partner saw that...
I died after the divorce (Bl novel) by mensaiesh
I died after the divorce (Bl novel)by Mensai Esh
Ji Jin is a beta, but fell in love with an alpha. Everyone was amazed that he, who was cold-hearted and indifferent, was willing to be desperate for Lu Zhi, and he worke...
Vampire  Manner 〘ongoing 〙 by LuCANOVER907z
Vampire Manner 〘ongoing 〙by Clas Slbl
ချိုလိုက်မယ့် ဖြစ် ခြင်း....
I'm The Villain, So What by MOON_JAEIN
I'm The Villain, So Whatby Moon
Published on webnovel, if you want to read advanced chapters, please go to webnovel ( same pen name and book ) Thank You! ๛ matt is a famous streamer and his viewers k...
The Omega is a Novelist by Ebonsolaris
The Omega is a Novelistby Ebonsolaris
Book One of My Omegaverse (so sue me for the bad collection name x) Yori is an unwanted child of an Elite Alpha family, because he was born an Omega. Although he came...
Whispers of Immortal Love 🌸 by ZizouBlod
Whispers of Immortal Love 🌸by King Zu
Description: "Whispers of Immortal Love" is a captivating tale that unfolds in two enchanting kingdoms-the Arab kingdom and the Korean kingdom. At the heart of...
His son has the richest billionaire father by Yumeruri
His son has the richest billionair...by Yumeruri
Firstly I do not own this work, I just want to translate some stories that stopped/or still have no English translation. I've been really bored/tired well whatever you...
Substitute Marriage [Chinese BL Translation] by oceanpuff
Substitute Marriage [Chinese BL Tr...by Puff The Cherry
替婚 RAW Source JJWC Author : 新苗 Total Chapter : 60 Translation : Oceanpuff (Based on MTL) ___________ The young master of Dong Jia who is about to get married was sudde...
Rebirth of Poisoned Empress 3 by Kessho_Yuki
Rebirth of Poisoned Empress 3by Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative Title : 权门毒后 Author : 颜若优雅 The reborn poisonous queen Shen Liang looks like a fairy, beautiful like pearls and jade, but he is fierce to the enemy...
Broken love and Broken life by animestar0411
Broken love and Broken lifeby animestar0411
"If you don't love me then don't break me" Those were the last word I told my ex right before he killed me. When I open my eyes I found myself in the past...th...
𝐈𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐅𝐨𝐞𝐬 // OC Completed// by harley__robbie
𝐈𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐅𝐨𝐞𝐬 // OC Co...by May Robbie Bee Lay🐝
ချယ်ရီကြွေတွေပေါ်မှာ ဒူးထောက်ကာ တောင်းပန်ပြီးနောက် ... ဒီအမတလမ်းခရီးမှာ မင်းတစ်ယောက်သာ ကိုယ်ရူးရမိပါကြောင်း ... ချယ်ရီပန်းတွေကို သက်သေထားကာ ချစ်ရေးဆိုပါရစေလား ... ။ ◃──...