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My Pirate Academia by Tsrcih
My Pirate Academiaby Regem
After the decisive battle in Onigashima, Luffy, Robin and Law decided to head to the Poneglyph that Kaido hid, but before Robin could even read the Poneglyph, Law and Lu...
The Sin Of Men:Izuku Midorya by ThatBlackMan
The Sin Of Men:Izuku Midoryaby Squigga Squiduington Negro Th...
In a world where only females have quirks and men are disregarded as weak and useless only meant for breeding two twins are born but one is left the die by there family...
X-over: Madara's new life by RQT38owl
X-over: Madara's new lifeby Re:T42 NashZ.E
After Dying in the 4th shinobi war. madara awakens in a Forest with a young child with a scar meets him. ;-; disclaimer: I do not own Naruto OR one piece. ;-; ;-; And T...
Welcome to Anarchy, MHA fanfic. OnePiece, MHA x-over by randomuser855
Welcome to Anarchy, MHA fanfic. On...by RandomAuthor
'I've already experienced one omnipotent being flinging me from one Universe to another...I didn't need another one to destroy what I had just achieved and fling me off...
Dawn to Dusk by shellyc0
Dawn to Duskby Shelly C
Hermione Granger's life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out she is not Richard Granger's biological daughter. She leaves England, her friends and the magical soc...
Balance of DxD by Zslayerxxxgo
Balance of DxDby Zslayerxxx
What will happens when the creator of the universes cast his glance upon his garden and found out that DXD universes is threatened by countless extraterrestrial alien be...
Ghost in Gotham by LittleNightling
Ghost in Gothamby EyesOfCrows
Welcome to my (a bit pathetic) attempt to make a Danny Phantom Crossover with Batman! I've always wanted to make a a crossover but I always thought I would make it terr...
Greninja In Naruto by LupusRubrum
Greninja In Narutoby CanisRufus
"So... I died. Got reincarnated in a world that I once thought as just some entertainment for the young and old. And i have also been turned into a Pokémon. Sweet...
The forgotten member of the Howling Commandos by _faultywiring_
The forgotten member of the Howlin...by June Pipinpabaloscicopolis
You remember the war with Gaea right? Leo dies, is brought back to life etcetera, etcetera. What if the war ended with more casualties? What if the fates themselves gave...
The WizaGod Tournament by AlyceSeafire
The WizaGod Tournamentby Alyce
The Triwizard Tournament has returned to the Wizarding world. Along with a power stronger than the Witches and Wizards. Demigods have entered Hogwarts, and The Triwizard...
A Queen of Fire and Ice by Kili-Loverxx
A Queen of Fire and Iceby Lauren
Summary: Morgana Laelyn Potter the now crowned Mistress of Death had given up on life. She may have won the Battle of Hogwarts but at a great loss. Yet again why she was...
The Fate of a Fallen Knight by WertyXiD
The Fate of a Fallen Knightby Werty iD
As a young Kamui is forced to work as a squire for the North-East division of the nohrian wyvern knights after losing his memories, a young knight clad in black armor co...
Chrysanthemum Blooming by Evangleline
Chrysanthemum Bloomingby Evangleline
Chrysanthemum Harleen Potter was the Girl-Who-Lived and the-Woman-Who-Conquered. Most of all though, she was sick of the wizarding world and everyone in it trying to con...
Incubus Spider by ahmadnazem
Incubus Spiderby ahmadnazem
Read and find out.
Naruto Gremory by NarutoFan980
Naruto Gremoryby NarutoFan980
Naruto gremory as the twin of Rias, lacked the Power of Destruction. Thankfully everyone except Rias, who didn't like him for that one reason and hated him, like him.
Hogwarts no Gaara-sensei by Byakko_Loki
Hogwarts no Gaara-senseiby Juni
Dumbledore is worried about the safety of keeping the Philosopher's Stone in a school full of children, and so he hires a shinobi to protect both the Stone, and the stud...
Fated by meliaxia
Fatedby meliaxia
"You're my imprint. From the moment your eyes meet mine, your safety and happiness become my priorities. But more than that, I, Jacob Ephraim Black, love you, and I...
The Lost Prince, The Founded Hero (Danny Phantom x My Hero Academia) by Arrowgirl051601
The Lost Prince, The Founded Hero...by Arrowgirl051601
When Daniel Fenton was 4, his quirk, Ghost, manifested, but a year later, when Vlad Masters, billionaire and secret king of a unknown country filled with people with qui...
The Beginning Of The End by Aergia_dlc
The Beginning Of The Endby Aergiadlc
[DISCONTINUED] 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze is released from the reanimation jutsu, and ready to join kushina in the afterworld. But he turns out waking up in a hospital b...
One's Justice: A My Hero Academia and One Punch Man Story by Caped-Sensei-Saitama
One's Justice: A My Hero Academia...by Meme Weeb Dweeb
In a world were super human powers called Quirks exist. Although, this isn't your My Hero Academia or rather a reality where My Hero Academia and One Punch Man have comb...