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Demise: World of Darkness by CharoletteBuurn
Demise: World of Darknessby Charolette Buurn
When something strange happens to the elytra, Xisuma starts to wonder if something is going wrong. Then someone dies, nothing out of the ordinary, but they disappear. Xi...
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Hermitcraft One-shots and Head-cannons! by -y-tho-
Hermitcraft One-shots and Head-can...by whyamitrash
Okay, ships will be platonic, parental, and romantic. Anyway, head-cannons can be suggestions, same with ships and plots. There might be occassional crack/incorrect quot...
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Hermitcraft stuff? by DiamondKiller247
Hermitcraft stuff?by Krystal
I am going to try but I lack motivation. Mainly Headcannons and AUs probably.
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🌺Grumbo Oneshots🌺 by LueyLuna23
🌺Grumbo Oneshots🌺by Cartoon Nerd™
Grumbo = Grian + MumboJumbo = My favorite OTP Read the author's note to see what I have in store :D Requests available, so if you wish to request, go right ahead. I res...
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Hermitcraft Shots by RaeTheStar
Hermitcraft Shotsby RaeTheStar
A compilation of Hermitcraft oneshots! I'll update whenever inspiration hits, or I get a request! All art (if there is any) is mine! -NO SHIPS- Most of the hermits haven...
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They Return - A Grian/Hermitcraft Fanfiction by BarnowlNiza
They Return - A Grian/Hermitcraft...by Niza
read to find out. Feel free to help with this description. I'll draw a proper cover in the future, I just need time
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Hermitcraft oneshots? or something among those lines by hautedlife
Hermitcraft oneshots? or something...by Cally hauted soul
title is self explanatory and probably will have angst why? cause angst is literally the only thing i know how to write mostly grian cause the man is angst material and...
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Hermitcraft Art n Stuff by BurntMelonBread
Hermitcraft Art n Stuffby Toasted
(No ships) Aaaaaaaa usually drawings and rarely stories :)
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Hermitcraft one shots by kowaretoakan
Hermitcraft one shotsby zakas
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Hermitcraft Oneshots and AUs (Season VI) by Cramsalesman
Hermitcraft Oneshots and AUs (Seas...by She/Her
Exactly what the title says. Mostly Grian at the beginning, but we get more varied hermits later on. (COMPLETED)
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A Lot More Hermitcraft Stuff by aiMHana
A Lot More Hermitcraft Stuffby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
oh look, a third book of Hermitcraft stuff :') ships, smut, fluff, angst, all that stuff will all be present here
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Maddest Kind of Love- A Hermitcraft Fanfiction (Book 1) by Acewolf31
Maddest Kind of Love- A Hermitcraf...by Acewolf31
Evil X returns to Hermitcraft, causing chaos to break loose. Couples are popping up all over the place, but one of them more unexpected than the rest. This mad love coul...
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A Old Place by kinminstarlight
A Old Placeby kinminstarlight
Grian xelqua always felt out of place because he was a watcher in hermitcraft. he was rarely seen, so a few people know him. Xisuma was the only person that known his fu...
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Incorrect Hermit Quotes by BOOSTIOOOOO
Incorrect Hermit Quotesby gunyatta
idk my friend told me to do it
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Egg and Soldiers by RaeTheStar
Egg and Soldiersby RaeTheStar
"Please. Please don't tell them." "They already know." Grian can't help but notice that Doc has been very secretive about his project lately, and it'...
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Crazy Hermitcraft 6 Stories ;)  by KeichiAkechi
Crazy Hermitcraft 6 Stories ;) by Keichi Chan
These are just random stories of the hermitcraft season 6, (also it's confirmed that I love writing anything with Mumbo and Joe 😂) But I enjoy making stories for other...
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Hermitcraft; One-Shots § Mishaps by SavannahEclipse
Hermitcraft; One-Shots § Mishapsby YourLocalHousewife
An extremely inconsistent bundle of AUs and one-shots based around out beloved hermits <3
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Hermitcraft S6 and S7 One-Shots by Ariyaquila
Hermitcraft S6 and S7 One-Shotsby Quill
I don't own any characters excpet myself. To he completely honest, they're mostly Xisuma and EX, and Grian and Mumbo. I'll update when inspiration hits or requests! Than...
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Hermitcraft short stories, One-shots, Random stuff & AUs by Ash_InTheFlames
Hermitcraft short stories, One-sho...by Ashy + Ava
This is a bunch of hermitcraft one-shots that I've decided to write lol, I just kinda had a few interesting ideas and wanted to share it with you :) feel free to request!
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Hermitcraft One Shots by faded_instinct
Hermitcraft One Shotsby Fade
This is my book of Hermitcraft one-shots. Angst, fluff, happiness, sadness. You are welcome to do requests but remember: no nsfw. In no way do I mean to offend anyone w...
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