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Never Really Gone:  A Hermitcraft Watcher AU by XandeaTheWatcher
Never Really Gone: A Hermitcraft...by Xan 🌈
Those born on the first day of the first month are said to be cursed. Most are chosen to be powerful Admins, ones who will lead servers and inspire others. Every parent...
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU) by NinjaKitty1928
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU)by Storm
||Story Name Was Previously "Watched"|| Grian was never trusted. Not by the Watchers. They hated him for his thoughts. Though he tried to prove them wrong, and...
Has He Changed? (Hermitcraft 7 fanfic) by EaglewingsRPandBooks
Has He Changed? (Hermitcraft 7 fan...by Ezra
[EvilXisuma has joined the game.] The message rang throughout the server, a slight ding coming from every hermit's communicator. Xisuma didn't really pay any mind to th...
Hermitcraft One-Shots by Phantom_Nightz
Hermitcraft One-Shotsby Phantom_Nightz
One shots that are mostly Grian angst. This is where I will post small stories, there will be warnings on 'chapters' that will require them.
The Protector [Grian | Hermitcraft] {Completed} by WinterCT
The Protector [Grian | Hermitcraft...by ☆꧁ 𝙲𝚃 ꧂☆
Description: "Heh, powerful as one can be having the best of both worlds, having the Admin and Watcher magic, you cannot resist against the code no matter how corru...
Friend or foe by Battlecat223
Friend or foeby Arson god
Ever since grian joined hermitcraft he's felt different. Normally he's a very outgoing person who's friendly to everyone but lately he's been hidden away in his base and...
Hermitcraft Things (S6/S7) by DangerAngel2
Hermitcraft Things (S6/S7)by head empty only bbh
So I got hooked with Hermitcraft and of course my first thought was to spread my obsession through a book :,) Basically a bunch of random stuff, one-shots, AU's, headcan...
Hermitcraft One-Shots by Ariyaquila
Hermitcraft One-Shotsby Quill
This is fanfiction. I do not own the Hermits nor do I write for them. I write about the characters they present to us on screen. (cover made on Desyner, but the pic was...
They Return - A Grian/Hermitcraft Fanfiction by BarnowlNiza
They Return - A Grian/Hermitcraft...by Niza
Grian was a Watcher, having been trained by them to survive the harsh worlds. Trained from the void, he was finally given an assignment, Hermitcraft 6. He concealed his...
The Promise - A Hermitcraft (Origin) Story by Honeyglowz
The Promise - A Hermitcraft (Origi...by Piper
The Promise - A Hermitcraft (Origin) Story "Sometimes the best thing we can do is let go." "But we can't let go of Hermitcraft! Not after everything we've...
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by BlackMors_
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotesby Nero
Just some Hermitcraft incorrect quotes. There may be swearing in some of the quotes and the hermits will probably be ooc. There will be ships in this book. Also, I only...
Meteor Effect by Crazycatmeow413
Meteor Effectby Crazycatmeow
A mysterious meteor with color-changing sparks lands outside of Sahara changing the hermit's lives forever. (Do I get extra points for being dramatic?) A small group of...
Forgotten or Forbidden {A Hermitcraft Story} by JeanBasener
Forgotten or Forbidden {A Hermitcr...by JeanThePipi
Stretched fin as canvas, will Hermitcraft become the portrait of tragedy? Another burning sun rises over season seven, happy Hermits busily build away unaware of the dan...
[✔] The Watcher's Downfall ORIGINAL (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
[✔] The Watcher's Downfall ORIGINA...by Quill
"One day, Grian, I'll make it happen." "If you do, it'll be your downfall." Ariyaquila's first finished book. As the title says, this is fanfiction...
Hermitcraft short stories, One-shots, Random stuff & AUs by Ash_InTheFlames
Hermitcraft short stories, One-sho...by Ashy
This is a bunch of hermitcraft one-shots that I've decided to write lol, I just kinda had a few interesting ideas and wanted to share it with you :) feel free to request!
 > Purple Feathers > Hermitcraft Fanfic by LunaMOOnLightYT
> Purple Feathers > Hermitcraft F...by Lucky
✦ Complete ✦ !DISCLAIMER I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT HERMITCRAFT! me mixing three universes into one. bare with me here. Grian has already had a traumatic childhood. He ran t...
No One gets Left Behind (Adopted from ZecoriTheWeirdOne) by Pit-and-Chase
No One gets Left Behind (Adopted f...by Pit-and-Chase
All credit for the cover goes to @Whimsy_Wackoo . Season 5 of Hermitcraft is ending, and Xisuma is ready to create a new portal to the new Season 6 world for a fresh sta...
When Past Meets the Present by Isabelle291
When Past Meets the Presentby Isabelle291
God, I suck at descriptions, here we go anyway. "Come home to us, Xelqua. Come back to us." "Shut up! Just shut up, I'm not going with you! Give me one...
Hermitcraft Oneshots and AUs (Season VI And VII) ((FIN)) by Cramsalesman
Hermitcraft Oneshots and AUs (Seas...by inactive account
Drabbles (900- words), oneshots (1,000+ words), and short stories (4,000+ words), centered around the ventures and mishaps of the Hermits exploring their new world. (At...