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That Was Unexpected! (Unexpected, #1)

That Was Unexpected! (Unexpected, #1)

446K Reads 7.8K Votes 25 Part Story
stephii By SteffyFox Completed

Nasettia Perstacio had always been one to break under peer pressure, and as a result, her life turned chaotic. Her friends leave her, her brothers and sisters turn on her, and eventually, her mother kicks her out of home; all because of one boy -- Chad McMurray.
When Nasettia moves to live with her father on the other side of Melbourne, Nasettia becomes a different person. She learns how life, family, friendships and love are truly meant to be, all thanks to Courtney and her all too-charming brother, Taylor.
This story is set in the state of Victoria in Australia, mainly set in a small town to the north-west of Geelong.

  • pregnancy
  • school
  • teen
  • writingcontest