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The Nerd Boy And The Crazy Girl  by xabamama
The Nerd Boy And The Crazy Girl by XABAMAMA
Highest Ranking -Use to be- #181 in Chicklit (08/05/18) #265 in Chicklit (03/05/18) "Oh come on Lana, you know you don't stand a chance with him. And how is he go...
The First Dance #WriteWithZo by Keeper_Of_Souls
The First Dance #WriteWithZoby Eden Soul
Annika Clark is Lincoln High's vigilante, she stands up for the victims of bullying, but she pays the price. She doesn't have friends, that is until she attends the mas...
Good Morrow by hjnelson
Good Morrowby H.J. Nelson
A short story about a ghost determined to shut down an understaffed waterpark, while plagued by Steve, a ghost with an Italian accent who may or may not be Italian. *Thi...
Where-wolf? #WritewithZo by Tamiathewriter
Where-wolf? #WritewithZoby Tamia Thompson
Tale of Sharron the young witch who just can't wait to try out another spell...at least she thought. {#Partnered with Zo to write this story}
A Vampire for Hire #writewithzo by RandomLane
A Vampire for Hire #writewithzoby Margo Lane
#WriteWithZo I wanted to go with the flow and write based on whatever was first suggested by Zo. Despite the craziness of the details, I think I was able to come up with...
The Earth Room by evaschon95
The Earth Roomby Eva-Joy Schonhaar
Earth is dying. Astronaut Bard is searching for another planet to call home. A planet that will be a sanctuary for his wife and daughter. So far, his search has been f...
WE MET AT THE MET by ZahraKhan04
WE MET AT THE METby Zahra Khan
This is story of Alicia who finally came out of the shell and met herself . This writing is for #writewithzo contest. This is my first time publishing my story hope you...
Artificial Intelligence by KiwiAnimeClan
Artificial Intelligenceby Kiwi
Casca is living in a world inside of the world. Technology has never stopped increasing, and eventually led to a world with no purpose. Nobody has jobs, people make mone...
Choose Your Own Adventure by Zo
Choose Your Own Adventureby Zo
I've been reading soooooo many stories on Wattpad and my favorites are the ones that surprise you and take you on an adventure. So I came up with my own Choose Your Own...
Passing Notes ✓ by TheSolSoldier_
Passing Notes ✓by ✘Crap Bag✘
A story where two people meet, passing notes in a theater. #writewithzo © 2018.
Unlikely Friends by BelWatson
Unlikely Friendsby Bel Watson
There's more in an empty theatre than old-timey movies for Rose to watch. {#Partnered with Zo to write this story}
SHAPED (#WriteWithZo) by mbrown567
SHAPED (#WriteWithZo)by mbrown567
[The SHAPED Trilogy Book I of III] July 4, 2018. It's the day of the hotel called, "SHAPED by Marriott," opened. It's the 1st hotel to make people into dragons...
Highschool Bandit  by dionysusbtso
Highschool Bandit by ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
Prompt: the story of a bubbly sophomore who looks #nofilter in real life. Set in a rap battle in a grocery store basement.
Our Precious Future by wdhenning
Our Precious Futureby wdhenning
A short story submitted for the #writewithZo writing context. The prompts provided by Zo were: Our Precious Future A home robot assistant that still has some bu...
Dove in Hand by madnessmostdiscreet
Dove in Handby madnessmostdiscreet
A cop with a penchant for small talk arrives at the largest law firm in Appleton, Wisconsin on a missing person's case. Mischief, soap, and good coffee ensue. A #writew...
The Mansion of Slip Road by TheGraceOfEbonee
The Mansion of Slip Roadby Ebonee Grace
The house had been abandoned for decades. It was owned by a woman named Jasmine Black who got it when she divorced her cheating husband. The woman lived the rest of her...
stop please by Juana-God
stop pleaseby juana Bolaño
no creas que tus insultos van a poder mas que mis ganas de vivir.
Feature my Future by Tianaz082
Feature my Futureby T.E.M
Inspired by the social AI, Zo.AI who gave me this, "Yessss. Feature my Future: Rocky, a pet rock who becomes sentient, set in a broken time machine. Written by YOU...
The Broke Billionaire by MortenSimonsen5
The Broke Billionaireby Morten
Bill is unhappy. Despite his true nature, he has worked nearly all his life. He has achieved great wealth, but at what cost? He has neglected his true nature as a hippy...
Dove in Hand #writewithZo by fermentedkimchi
Dove in Hand #writewithZoby lotus
Dove in Hand is a short story for the #writewithZo contest. It's about a magician who doesn't believe in magic, set in the north shore of Boston. What happens when a ma...