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Sweet & Crazy by DevilishDemons_15
Sweet & Crazyby DevilishDemons_15
Lillian Blackheart was what someone at her school would call crazy, mad and rude. She said what was on her mind with a skip in her step and giggle on her lips. Andre Tay...
Punching the Gang leader by uber_triny
Punching the Gang leaderby I_love_food_
My jaw is firmly grabbed and my head is lifted to where I'm forced to look up into McDemons eyes. "Too bad" he says a evil smirk taking place on his plump lip...
Should We or Could've Been by Readerboo4U
Should We or Could've Beenby Readerboo4U
About a girl named Tiara in her last year of highschool who meets this boy named Maleek. Tiara is shy, smart make straight A's, While Maleek is social and does his best...
Good girl gone bad?! by JacelynColaco
Good girl gone bad?!by JacelynColaco
"you're crazy", he looks at me with wide eyes and a hidden amusement​."I know!" I scream on top of my voice and jump off the roof. __________________...
My Crazy Nerd (GirlxGirl) by IWantToRead101
My Crazy Nerd (GirlxGirl)by IWantToRead101
She's not crazy. Just a little eccentric. Penny Rosemary, your typical nerd who caught herself a bit of trouble near the end of the school year when she broke through t...
We Kidnapped A Psycho. (discontinued) by aeralust
We Kidnapped A Psycho. ( Λ Σ Я Λ
The Boys & The Crazy Girl by emilyemilyy_mb
The Boys & The Crazy Girlby e m i l y
Faith Lloyd got kidnapped. Two guys kidnapped her. When crazy girl Faith got kidnapped on her 18th birthday things can get a little too crazy.
Fix Me by akane232
Fix Meby Alaina Harrell
Skye is a depressed teenager in her Sophomore year. When life gets too hard for Skye to handle she decides to end it but is disappointed when she wakes up in the hospita...
King's Lover ✔️ K.TH  by yoona_yona2791418279
King's Lover ✔️ K.TH by Yona_Taehyung
كیم میرا ئەو كچەی كە بە ئامێری كات گەشت ئەكات بەرەو ڕابردوو بۆ ئەم سەردەمەی كە خوێنمژەكان بونیان هەیە ! ئەم سەردەمەی كە خوێنمژەكان دەسەڵاتی تەواویان لەژێر دەست بوو ! گە...
The Quest for the Gem of the Waterfall by AnEmeraldPirate
The Quest for the Gem of the Emerald Pirate
The king of Vulnaria has been cursed by an evil witch and has fallen into an eternal sleep. In the absence of the king, the nation has fallen into political instability...
Bad girl~Kakashi's Daughter~Sasuke Love story~ by garra_uchiha
Bad girl~Kakashi's gaara_uchiha
Kakashi's daughter is sent away to be trained at the age of 5 so her and Kakashi have no relationship until her training is over 10 years later she comes back to join te...
Do you remember? by aeralust
Do you remember?by Λ Σ Я Λ
A senior guy in Harvard is dared to pick a random number on his phone and talk to them every day for two weeks. Not knowing that he would be talking to the super sensit...
The Jerk is Possessive by 1DFandom16
The Jerk is Possessiveby Mrs.Horan
"Why can't you understand that you're not going out with him!??!!" He yelled at me. "Shut the Fuck up, I do whatever the fuck I want!" I shouted back...
my jaan hai... by Achchutha
my jaan ANJUR
Arnav Singh Raizada ASR..... well, who don't know him.....he is deep ocean just like his name..... If he decided something then, no one change that... Rude arrogant and...
I'am Crazy Inlove With My Classmate|COMPLETED STORY ✔ by Franciencesrn
I'am Crazy Inlove With My Franz
The girl was Crazy inlove with his classmate, lagi nya itong sinusundan kung saan 'man ito pumunta. minsan na rin syang sinaktan ng minamahal niya ngunit hindi parin ito...
Proving Her Wrong by CutiesCupcakes
Proving Her Wrongby CutiesCupcakes
He's the bad boy She's the good girl with the mind of a three-year-old He smirks She smiles He chuckles She squeals (a lot) He's unpredictable She's worse He's cool Sh...
Geeky Girl {LeviHan} by Luna_Yakamoto
Geeky Girl {LeviHan}by Luna_Yakamoto
Levi Ackerman didn't know how to react to this new nerdy girl. She was completely extraordinary. Rumors flew around, and he knew how an outsider can easily be more of an...
Unraveled Desires - Yandere Bestfriend x M/Reader by alarmeddeku
Unraveled Desires - Yandere alarmeddeku
After getting a girlfriend, your very best friend doesn't want to be friends anymore, why is that? Does she hate you now, or is it just the very opposite? Turns out it'...
Shoot Me Now by flamingink
Shoot Me Nowby flamingink
Falling for your step dad's brother can never be good. Dotty isn't your average girl, she's quirky, crazy and completely random. Her life is turned upside down when her...
The Nerd Boy And The Crazy Girl  by xabamama
The Nerd Boy And The Crazy Girl by XABAMAMA
Highest Ranking -Use to be- #181 in Chicklit (08/05/18) #265 in Chicklit (03/05/18) "Oh come on Lana, you know you don't stand a chance with him. And how is he go...