My name is  D.

I live in Chicago

I am a writer

My goal is to make someone smile while doing what I love.

I am a very complicated person to understand.

I 'm Homo. Yes, I'm all about the rainbows, and only the rainbows.

I like softball

My fave colors are Neon Green and Sky Blue

I'm about 5,3 with brown eyes and African American with a dash of Chinese *Just a Dash*

I'm addicted to music, I haven't went a full 24hrs. without it.


As you may have guessed I do listen an unhealthy amount of music.

I will listen to anything as long as it sounds good, so that means I can't and never will stay with one genre of music- I listen to mostly Pop, Rock and Electronic/Dance music

I have a slight crush on Lily Collins, Emma Watson along with Megan fox, and Kate Upton(who wouldn't)

I love to read mostly romances and supernatural romance

I don't really talk to anybody, so you can consider me antisocial so
If you just wanna talk or you have any questions just message me.
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    Chi Town
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Description: Sometimes Prophecies don't have clear meanings...or in this case a meaning at all. Karmin, is one of a kind. she is a pure wolf. Her fur is snow white, and her eyes glow silver. Her and her parents have been moving for as long as she can remember...

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If you actively read my stories and is fond of my writing then you know its been a while since I've worked on them. The Dely is because I have collaborated with another author here on wattpad. We have made an account together if you want you can check it out @FeverishAndKinggJayy we have started a new story and it is very time consuming but I will be updating Our Love Right and Beautiful Nightmare the most.