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Stockholm Syndrome  by daddies_baby_kitty
Stockholm Syndrome by
Yes, he kidnapped her. But he is also the dream daddy she has been hoping for. Should she enjoy it, or destroy it? Well little does she know other people that are close...
Crash Into You (A Rough Riders Novel) by Written_Catastrophe
Crash Into You (A Rough Riders Nov...by Krista McLeod
She's a wild child, a girl that has no problems telling it like it is or telling someone where to go and how to get there, but behind her tough exterior is a girl who's...
Set For Me (IwaOi) by misspyknic
Set For Me (IwaOi)by Ria misses Klance
My take on IwaOi. This is the cute, sweet, simple story of Iwaizumi Hajime and Oikawa Tooru, two friends trying to deal with their complicated feelings, and how they tak...
Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me by MusicxXxGuru
Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gott...by Hannah
Piper Smithson and Liam Nelson were best friends. That was when they were seven and eight years old. Since moving away from small town Lewisburg , Tennessee , Piper has...
If you clicked on this page, you must be in need of a good book, but don't be stressed out, everythang's gon be fine. In this book is a collection of all the books that...
The Ships We All Love by Hey1205
The Ships We All Loveby A.J
Caleo... Amazing! Traitie... Perfect! Jiper... so cute! Percabeth... Ship of the century! Four beautiful couples. Four amazing separate adventures! Mortals meet the coup...
Pick Up Lines by sdaymon
Pick Up Linesby Sincerely_cocoã
these are lines that should be guaranteed 100% to work
Bloom and Valtor love forever by Wolves01
Bloom and Valtor love foreverby Wolves01
Its been a month since Bloom and the winx defeated Valtor but he is back but he does not want to take over the magic realm instead he what's Bloom. Will she love him bac...
Something Wonderful by lazyakabookworm
Something Wonderfulby book.worm
Madhu and RK call off their wedding the night before their engagement, only to start falling for each other the very same night. Cover Courtesy : ImOrginal aka Nithya
It Ends Here... (Book III) by thevelvetrose
It Ends Here... (Book III)by M. Currie
*Going to edit* (Part of the New beginning series.. book 3) Samantha has been through more than any human can take. Thankfully she isn't human anymore. When she heard th...
Worthy Romance Reads  by ryelleking
Worthy Romance Reads by ryelleking
Who doesn't love a good romance story? Especially one that keeps you on your toes, making is almost impossible to put down. P.S. all my recommended books are completed b...
Best Wattpad Romance books by Avadakedavra12321
Best Wattpad Romance booksby Avadakedavra12321
Most of wattpad consists of romance stories. All of the AMAZING ones are here. If you know a really good story that I have not included, feel free to private message m...
Anime One-Shots by Tuff-Stuff
Anime One-Shotsby E. I.
[ A N I M E • O N E • S H O T S ] You may find joys in this book if: → You are desperately in love with a fictional anime character → You die-hard ship an anime couple a...
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke Love Story~ by elevateinreverse
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke...by ĸεηdяα
She knew nothing. Not of who he was or that he would ever have an huge importance in her life. She didn't know he would be her best friend...her lover....but also....her...
The Antisocial Freak by littleHermitCrab
The Antisocial Freakby littleHermitCrab
Olivia Paige Rosewood is a soon to be seventeen year old girl and is someone who spends all her time in her room. She is convinced that the world is filled with monsters...
Reality(b×b) by shoey102
Reality(b×b)by shoey102
Jay is a werewolf and Ryan is his mate. Ryan's birthday is soon. Weird things are happening and he isn't sure why. Why is he mated to the alphas son? Will he be able to...
Winx club- Valtor Strikes Again by winxclub3
Winx club- Valtor Strikes Againby A fan of Winx Club
This book is about how the Winx have to face there worst enemy again. This book is mainly for adventure lovers. Sorry to all the readers who are interested in my book as...
Not All Vampires Are Bad (Completed) by Simply_Chloe32
Not All Vampires Are Bad (Complete...by Simply_Chloe32
(Completed) Meet Holly , a teen who is sick of school life sick of her school and even more fed up of life at home , she needs a friend , someone , anyone but when the p...
Somewhere Magical And Wonderful  by strontaap
Somewhere Magical And Wonderful by strontaap
I'm Linnea, I'm a soft and shy person. I don't have many friends, just 3. Elli, Audelia and Diana. I've known them since grade 1. After my mom and dad divorced when I...
The plant of Life (one part) by cucumbersassorted
The plant of Life (one part)by cucumbersassorted
In this story, the author walks you through a beautiful and intimate part of his life.