One day you wake up to the fact that everything has changed. Were you asleep? Living in a bubble? Or just not 'really' paying attention? Perhaps, all of the above. So..., now what? 
~You try to get your bearings by locating familiar landmarks.
~You dust off your trusty compass. By now, however, North and South are wobbling on their axis, causing Earth to shudder and shake. Its shifting mantle picks up speed, as you careen through space.
~How to orient yourself in this New World of flux and change, where North may no longer be 'True'?
~Polar caps are melting, faster and faster, with each passing spin around 'ol SOL'.
~And Sun is - if you stop to think of it - getting unbearably hot these days, causing wildfires and widespread drought most summers.
~In Autumn, Hurricanes and Typhoons batter land and coastal cities with drowning downpours.
~Winter rains haven't yet started - this in 2017.
~Ocean levels are rising.
~Many Humans must move to higher ground to survive.
~Millions upon millions will be displaced.
~Civilization - as we know it - will be changed forever, with 'No Turning Back'. Which may or may not be a good thing.
~Only the future will tell.
~In the meantime, we as a species need to survive. Or do we? Even if it means destruction of every other species on the planet? Even if it means swimming in the toxic soup of our own waste?
~When faced with all of the above, what's a reasonably sane, hardly heroic, and definitely bookish human to do?
~Go on reading, of course...
~And writing too, if Time and Life permit.

*****Love to my fellow earthlings and Wattpadians. May we survive the coming storms.


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