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『Guardian Angel』»〈skephalo〉 by shelbyfanfics
『Guardian Angel』»〈skephalo〉by shelby
[#3 in "skephalo" -11/12/2019] Never did Zak believe that he would have a guardian angel. Never did Darryl expect to fall in love with a mortal.
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Broke and Broken (Skephalo)  by skepytka
Broke and Broken (Skephalo) by skepytka
Darryl, 17, gets a scholarship to one of the most Elite high schools in Chicago, Illinois. Having only one friend outside of the school, and fearing how the students wit...
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Daddy Darryl by FluffzKittenz
Daddy Darrylby Opal Star
Zak, Darryl and Vincent all live together. On Calm Night, Zak Jokes about Darryl being his "Daddy" The next morning, Darryl wakes to Find that Zak and Vincent...
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tabula rasa ✧ skephalo by sourdust
tabula rasa ✧ skephaloby ⁺˳✧༚ sos ⁺˳✧༚
It's been a week since the last time BadBoyHalo has had news from Skeppy. He disappeared into thin air without any warning. It wasn't something he would do and BadBoyH...
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formidable | skephalo AU by spookystella14
formidable | skephalo AUby ESTELLA
a small group with big powers that reconnects under dire circumstances. will old feelings resurface?
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Childcare by CheriCherry
Childcareby Cheri Cherry
A story where a6d turns into a child and Skeppy, Badboyhalo, Technoblade, Zelkam, and Spifey manages to take care of him. In other words, this story is a mistake. And a...
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Claustrophobic | Skephalo by arachnicality
Claustrophobic | Skephaloby rach
The zombie apocalypse has been going on for over a year now, with new and improved monsters showing up at every turn. Zak is a 19 year old survivor who, until meeting D...
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Let's Start Again, A SkepHalo Fanfiction by DrunkBoyHalo
Let's Start Again, A SkepHalo DrunkBoyHalo
After two months of being ignored by Darryl, Zak decides its time to reconnect. This is not OneShots. This is an a actual story. Was #1 for SkepHalo Was #1 for PlotDrive...
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Ya didn't need an idol by ZtU2455
Ya didn't need an idolby ZtU
A skeppyverse? AU When a base pops up out of nowhere, a group of people go to investigate. Why was it there? Who built it? Along with the goal to find a missing friend...
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The Forfeit by J1angCheng
The Forfeitby J1angCheng
Skeppy lost against Badboyhalo and now he has to pay the price #1 in skephalo #28 in gayaf #3 in skeppy #4 in Badboyhalo
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Wings by evaxcheyenne
Wingsby Lemon Citrus
Everyone has wings, regardless of age, gender, race or anything else. People have wings to attract friends pr partners. Some people have gorgeous wings, while a few othe...
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So, we back in the mine- craft? by rha_psody
So, we back in the mine- craft?by f
A group of losers gets transported into the hell that is block game
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Green Card (Dream6d) by Hi_I_Am_Ellie
Green Card (Dream6d)by 𝕸𝖚𝖋𝖋𝖎𝖓
U know... It's a fanfic. Soo.... enjoy I guess. 3 Nov #4 dream6d #6 a6dream
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\ < -Minecraft Monday - > /  [Skeppy x Technoblade] by Sinning_
\ < -Minecraft Monday - > Sins
In a world where a tournament made for fun, is nothing more but torture for its participants. Those who join may give up on their freedom for the people's weekly entera...
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wrong number by softboyhalo
wrong numberby softboyhalo
SKEPHALO HIGH SCHOOL AU || darryl receives an explicit photo via text when trying to confront this man, all he gets in response are.... snarky comments? contains: - lgbt...
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Not Okay ||  [Skephalo FF] by SkepHappyMep
Not Okay || [Skephalo FF]by skepmephep
Zak sighed, brushing his hand through his hair as he looked around him, he wouldn't get cornered again. Not like last time. w
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Seeing Starlight by Uncanni
Seeing Starlightby Uncanni
-Skephalo fanfiction- On the Earth, when someone interacts with their soulmate, the sky would light up. They say that the familiar black and blue would be given beautifu...
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(you should) see me in a crown by triolovebot
(you should) see me in a crownby kieran
A young knight by the name of Darryl finds himself assigned to protect Zak, the prince who's known for his mischievous and troublemaking ways. But when Vincent, the roya...
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~Far From Home~ (The Trio) by XYZEDDD
~Far From Home~ (The Trio)by ♫ XYZEDDD ♪
[COMPLETED] The muffin squad download a cursed texture pack and realise they are stuck in hardcore Minecraft, with killing the Ender Dragon as the only way out. Over tim...
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Not A Nightmare by MarieDaCorgi
Not A Nightmareby Mare ate a frog
Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, a6d, Dream, Technoblade and Spifey decide to take a 4 month break from their Youtuber lives and leave their homes in LA for a trip to escape the dram...
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