Evan Peters Imagines by Jan3doe
Evan Peters Imaginesby Jan3doe
Imagines/one shots of Evan Peters and his characters from AHS. Evan Peters // Tate Langdon // Kit Walker // Kyle Spencer // Jimmy Darling // James Patrick March
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Evan peters imagines and prefrences by ThatGurlThatWritez
Evan peters imagines and prefrencesby ThatGurlThatWritez
*editing* This is a book full of Evan Peters imagines and preferences Note: the latest Evan character included is James March in season 5 because I wrote this a while ba...
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TAINT by zombbite
TAINTby zombbite
After an unfortunate event, 17-year-old Colby Anderson and her parents are forced to flee their home in North Carolina and move all the way across the country to Califor...
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Evan Peters Imagines & Preferences by random_fandom_trash_
Evan Peters Imagines & Preferencesby Beebo's Bae
Storytime, yeah!
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Evan Peters Imagines and Preferences by samandcolbyxplr
Evan Peters Imagines and Preferenc...by Samandcolbyxplr
Evan Peters Imagines and Preferences included characters are stated below *Evan Peters *Tate Langdon *Kit Walker *Kyle Spencer *Jimmy Darling ****I don't own most of th...
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MY RP BOOK by xX570HorrorQueenXx
MY RP BOOKby xX570Xx
Band RP book and my OC forms
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Ahs imagines  by pctcrmaximoff
Ahs imagines by Whiplash
American horror story imagines! One-shots! Head cannons! Or anything you want request are open but for preferences that will be on a different book so request there than...
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Multifandom Gif Imagines by the-slytherin-author
Multifandom Gif Imaginesby kelsey
This is a book for my Gif Imagines. This book is for many fandoms. For anyone who doesn't know, a Gif Imagine is a short imagine based off of a gif or picture. Comment y...
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dark AHS preferences by verucasalty69420
dark AHS preferencesby howyu doin
bad boys do it better, (or worse) this is only the people i consider, unable to have happy long relationships with. tate, james, oliver, jimmy, dandy, kyle. also i shoul...
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Strange love ▷ Kai parker[1] by -voiddany
Strange love ▷ Kai parker[1]by ― daenerys ―
❝No threats, just promises. If you or anyone hurts him I will kill you in the most unimaginable way. ❞ In which kai parker befriends a guy like himself...
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My یㅐiㅜ Art by Lulyvan
My یㅐiㅜ Artby Lulyvan
[Couverture par: well, moi] _et voilà, un livre de dessins en plus_ Dans celui-ci, vous verrez en majorité des dessins en rapport avec des personnalités (Tyler Joseph, J...
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The Book of Imagines by theglitterykitten
The Book of Imaginesby Jess
A collection of imagines. There are many different fandoms included and the stories are mostly x reader. I take requests.
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  • normanreedus
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Evan peters Oneshots ,Imagines And Preferences by Nataliaisafangirl
Evan peters Oneshots ,Imagines And...by Nataliaisafangirl
I do Imagines,oneshots and preferences I do his ahs characters and quicksilver If you want a request DM me or comment.
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You Were a Ghost (Tate Langdon x Reader) by Miss_Sylph
You Were a Ghost (Tate Langdon x R...by Miss_Sylph
You are the daughter of Vivien and Ben Harmon, as well as the twin sister of Violet Harmon, you moved from Boston to Los Angeles into what is nicknamed "Murder hous...
  • americanhorrorstory
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The beauty and the psycho ⇔ Tate Langdon {COMPLETED} by happytaylorx
The beauty and the psycho ⇔ Tate L...by Taylor
Talia Thurston, the girl that never fit in and failed to make many friends at her previous schools. Her father and mother fail to be a happy family with talia and her br...
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Undefined (A Tate and Violet Story) by ahshorrorstory
Undefined (A Tate and Violet Story)by ahshorrorstory
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After What Happened - American Horror Story ~Violate~ by ahs_murderhouse939
After What Happened - American Hor...by Tate and Violet Langdon
I'll wait forever if I have to- Tate Langdon. This takes place after the last episode of American Horror Story Murder House. They are now there for eternity and now th...
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the perfect catastrophe [tom holland] by MuRpHyMaNiAc
the perfect catastrophe [tom holla...by JM's Trash Vibes
"A perfect catastrophic disaster, that's we've become. This relationship towards the both of us, wasn't supposed to happen. None of this would've happened if your c...
  • carlsonyoung
  • americanhorrorstory
  • 2019
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Lowlife//AHS by GamerKenz24
Lowlife//AHSby 🐸👑FrOg QuEEn👑🐸
Kaylee Brown and Tate Langdon have been best friends since they were in the womb. Constance and Kalyee's mother Aubree have been best friends since they went to grade sc...
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True Love(Tate x Reader) by Ahs_Love20
True Love(Tate x Reader)by Ahs_Love20
Involves curse words and smut, you've been warned :)
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