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stuck (tate langdon x y/n) by mazerunnerrrrx
stuck (tate langdon x y/n)by <3
this is a pre-death tate story :) it's set in 1993, just before Tate's death! I hope you enjoy itttt!! this story is sort of on the storyline of murder house at the beg...
Bare Her Soul (James Patrick March x reader ) by Songsofdevotion
Bare Her Soul (James Patrick March...by Paradise
It was a peculiar, sweet torture for James - the tug of war between taking your body right there, the cherished screams you would release until he would eventually squee...
CEMETERY GATES - tate langdon by lovelycorey
CEMETERY GATES - tate langdonby dawn
it's the summer of 1993 and adeline valkit just settled into her new home beside the murder house. she's quick to meet the strange neighbor boy.
Only You by resibella
Only Youby resibella
Tilly is just another ghost trapped in the murder house. What happens when she bonds with the baby born within the evil home and creates a connection neither of them ca...
multifandom smut stories by biskopoulaki
multifandom smut storiesby biskopoulaki
all of the chapters are storys i liked from tumblr and all of them incloud smut THEY ARE NOT MINE 18+
𖤐 American horror story imagines 𖤐 by bunnyygutzz
𖤐 American horror story imagines...by bunnyygutzz
𖤐(ahs imagines)All of these imagines are from other writer's so i will be crediting them and putting their @ on their story:) 𖤐
evan peters smut <3 by ellie6284
evan peters smut <3by ELLIE <3
evan peters and his characters smut.. including: -tate langdon -kit walker -james patrick march -evan peters out of character -kai anderson tw: -blood -knifes -blades ...
The Princess of Darkness by RebelGirlsxx
The Princess of Darknessby ¥YoungGods¥
Tate Langdon / Oc "Hi I'm Anastasia" Ana said giving Nora a quick hug "Nora Montgomery " she replied smiling, Tate watched the two women smile...
Tate Langdon: Moving On by adiilorraine
Tate Langdon: Moving Onby Adii
*American Horror Story fanfic* Tate has been counting the lonely days since Violet pushed him away. Easily becoming jealous over any boy she comes into contact with. His...
1994 (TATE LANGDON FANFIC) by bellaloveshorror
1994 (TATE LANGDON FANFIC)by bella
Phycological, romantic fanfic going back in time before Murder House to 1994. This is fanfic is told through the eyes of Tate Landon and how he fell for a girl before Vi...
Tate Langdon x reader// Tate Langdon x Eva ((my oc)) by GabrielleTavares884
Tate Langdon x reader// Tate Langd...by GabrielleTavares884
This is going to story I guess actually it's probably a oneshots or something lol but anyway ⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️ all of it won't be just smut though and my oc is going to b...
Evans Peters character one shots  by evan-peters-is-hot
Evans Peters character one shots by yer_da_punts_council
I do requests I'm also including Austin sommers and peter maximoff basically most evan characters there will be Fluff,smut, angst and headcons All I write also gets adde...
Evan Peters + Characters one shots (Discontinued Until Further Notice) by Alechateslife
Evan Peters + Characters one shots...by Alechateslife
Evan Peters Imagines and One shots. Characters included •Evan Peters •Tate Langdon •Kit Walker •Kyle Spencer •Austin Sommers •Kai Anderson •Alex {Adult World} •Quick S...
Evan Peters One Shots and Preferences by plantmom109
Evan Peters One Shots and Preferen...by Plant Mom
I'm in love with Evan Peters and every characters that he plays 💕 REQUESTS ARE OPEN see first page for information on how to request. Thank you~ -🍃
Evan Peters Imagines by Jan3doe
Evan Peters Imaginesby Jan3doe
Imagines/one shots of Evan Peters and his characters from AHS. Evan Peters // Tate Langdon // Kit Walker // Kyle Spencer // Jimmy Darling // James Patrick March
twelve hours ✧ ᵉᵛᵃⁿ ᵖᵉᵗᵉʳˢ by kateskane
twelve hours ✧ ᵉᵛᵃⁿ ᵖᵉᵗᵉʳˢby kateskane
where a girl meets a boy in an elevator they are stuck in for twelve hours. EVAN PETERS FF 2014 © kateskane [COMPLETED]
Safe And Sound ~Tate Langdon by thatwitchbitxh
Safe And Sound ~Tate Langdonby Georgia
What if there was never a Violet? {Discontinued Indefinitely}
The Psycho and the Angel by RandomStoryLover226
The Psycho and the Angelby RandomStoryLover226
What if it wasn't Violet who Tate fell for? What if it was her fraternal twin? The one who was her opposite in almost every way? Maya Harmon has a zest for life and can...
unwanted attention (slashers x reader) by dumrat1335
unwanted attention (slashers x rea...by zona
this story will contain rape glory kidnapping murder hot men & girl's Bad grammar
My love for you (Tate Langdon) by OnlyHeartzForThem
My love for you (Tate Langdon)by Bella <3
Lana is a girl that just moved into the murder house, she's 16. (I don't know how to make descriptions)