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The Hidden Secret (Azur Lane X SCP) by StrictHFKRI1
The Hidden Secret (Azur Lane X SCP)by 0_Lite
Basically It's Azur Lane React To SCP Foundation Since The Fanfic About Both Of This Universe Interacting Are Not That Many, So Yeah. Also this is my first time writing...
The Hero Of MEMES (Mha X Powerful M!Reader) by Master_n00b
The Hero Of MEMES (Mha X
Y/n was your typical high schooler. Until a portal opened in his room and now he finds himself in a world where almost every one has a super power. How will he fit in? R...
Silent Suffering by DramaKelly
Silent Sufferingby Kelly
Midoriya is hit with a quirk during his internship, causing him to lose his voice. What they don't know is that in return, he's able to hear the thoughts of those around...
Heroic Master of Chaldea  by Shotabell
Heroic Master of Chaldea by Gaming
Izuku had a rough life as a quirkless kid as everyone shunned him but that all change at the sludge incident. when the sludge villain was about to kill him, a bright lig...
αѕк ѕнυяι  ♡ ⚛️ by BubblyMikey24
αѕк ѕнυяι ♡ ⚛️by ❄️#𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕠𝕝𝕕 𝕟𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣...
тιтℓє ѕαуѕ ιт αℓℓ. αѕк ѕнυяι αωαу! Updates every weekly.Enjoy my fabulous readers❗️Enter the realm of Ultimate Shuri Takeover❗️Wakanda Forever❗️ Requests will be reopen...
Stolitz one-shots by balder614
Stolitz one-shotsby Kira
I recently fell in love with the Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss universe and couldn't help myself. This will be a book of various one-shots for the Stolitz couple (my favori...
[OLD] God or Goddess? (Lady Loki Oneshots) by gofollowroyalr-5
[OLD] God or Goddess? (Lady Loki {INACTIVE}
A set of small stories, fluff and angst, of Loki and their genderfluid shenanigans. Please don't read this it's really old. The only reason I haven't deleted it is for a...
A MINI Adventure by l_LunarEclipse_l
A MINI Adventureby 𝕷𝖚𝖓𝖆𝖗
Whose dream isn't it to end up in one of their favorite games or series? When you know so much about it, how much can go wrong? A lot, apparently. [Aside from my Ocs, I...
Rebirth Of Green & The White Bunny  by Shotabell
Rebirth Of Green & The White Bunny by Gaming
since forever izuku was having dreams that he was in a family with an old man and a boy of his age that has white hair and red eyes. As the years pass, Izuku found it to...
Jade Kitsune Shinobi by Shotabell
Jade Kitsune Shinobiby Gaming
Izuku is an orphan abandoned by his parents for having no tails, only ears Yasaka and Yae Miko took care of him until he left the village at the age of 10 due to no long...
"Harmless" Adventures with the Bad Batch by WriterAngel5555
"Harmless" Adventures with the Angel Ace
Just one mission. Abby Haywood was hired for one "harmless" mission, working with a small Republic clone force. So what could happen? (The famous last words...
SAO: The Legend Of Sosuke The Wind Walker by Shotabell
SAO: The Legend Of Sosuke The Gaming
Izuku Kirigaya was the brother of Suguha and Kira, who constantly fought for his attention. In his life Izuku always was seen as one of the kindest people of them all an...
His opinions (on the league) by Elira_11214
His opinions (on the league)by Elira_san11214
Fear is an emotion Midoriya Izuku is well-acquainted with. It is something feels whenever he's in pain. It is an emotion that always lingered behind his mind, never disa...
BNHA One-shots! by Somnixual
BNHA One-shots!by Exotic (She/Her)
Just message me your requests and I'll do my best. I write slow when it comes to oneshots so, slow updates. I aim for quality over quantity, though!
Summoning Hero: Shōkkan Book 2 by Shotabell
Summoning Hero: Shōkkan Book 2by Gaming
After the events at the USJ, The Hero Society as a whole was shocked by the new villain's arrival, seeing that this was more than just words, it was a declaration to eve...
Protect One Another - US!Papyrus x Reader by robin-rights
Protect One Another - US!Papyrus hufflepuffilicious
Trauma is a powerful thing, and not something to be taken lightly. Especially if your "best friend" is the cause of it. But friendship, understanding, and love...
S4 World  by Cutestpoptart
S4 World by Cutestpoptart
Book 4 🎉👏🎉👏🎉👏🎉
Living The Pirate Way  by loli_bell
Living The Pirate Way by shotaverse's loli
Everyone know the story of Monkey D. Luffy, son of the worst criminal of history and grandson of the navy hero. Infamous captain of the straw hats as he sets out on adve...
Short comics with the pillars! (+others!) by sofie_potate
Short comics with the pillars! ( sofie_potate
As simple as the title says, except it's drawn out instead of written ;) All of the art made is by me unless I wanna show off a really cool piece of art and I will ment...
Among us logic [Shenanigans] by LucyBlood-
Among us logic [Shenanigans]by Lucy Blood
This book is just a load of shinanigans about ' Among us logic' a series on youtube about the game Among us by intersloth. There will be incorrect quotes, random posts...