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scarlet as rose by useruseruserr
scarlet as roseby -
in which, cale henituse was a prettiest person to ever exist. forget dragon, even goddess of beauty will never beat him in terms of beauty. but how cale henituse comrade...
𝕊𝕆𝕃𝕀𝕍𝔸𝔾𝔸ℕ𝕋║[ᴅ. ᴡᴀʏɴᴇ] by BritishScone
𝕊𝕆𝕃𝕀𝕍𝔸𝔾𝔸ℕ𝕋║[ᴅ. ᴡᴀʏɴᴇ]by British Scone
[Damian Wayne x Male OC] Vin and Gotham Academy never mixed. Neither did he and the students. Or the headmaster. Anyone, really. Though that could be attributed to what...
Let's be Friends || Black Butler x Male! Reader by joey_l0ves
Let's be Friends || Black Butler Joey Loves
Angels aren't common among humans, unlike the devils and grim reapers who go about their lives. So imagine a certain undertaker's surprise when he finds a young angel ro...
The Hidden Secret (Azur Lane X SCP) by StrictHFKRI1
The Hidden Secret (Azur Lane X SCP)by 0_Lite
Basically It's Azur Lane React To SCP Foundation Since The Fanfic About Both Of This Universe Interacting Are Not That Many, So Yeah. Also this is my first time writing...
ugly duckling by babyaua
ugly ducklingby super eve
lookism x female! reader: also posted on quotev! you're a background character in every sense of the word, with bulky frames...
"Harmless" Adventures with the Bad Batch by WriterAngel5555
"Harmless" Adventures with the Ace
Just one mission. Abby Haywood was hired for one "harmless" mission, working with a small Republic clone force. So what could happen? (The famous last words...
The Elephant and the Mouse (Takashi Morinozuka x Reader) by ClaraAngel88
The Elephant and the Mouse ( Clara
(Y/N) (L/N), a short third year, works in her parent's world-famous bakery. She is the eldest child and heir to the bakery. So when she is approached by the infamous Hos...
Unknowingly, causing waves in this Story (The King's Avatar Fanfic) by Gilthur
Unknowingly, causing waves in Reinhart
" Glory? " Where did he heard it before? He was certain that it sounds familiar. " Happy birthday Jun Feng!! " On his Birthday, 9 year old Shen Jun F...
Stolitz one-shots by balder614
Stolitz one-shotsby Kira
I recently fell in love with the Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss universe and couldn't help myself. This will be a book of various one-shots for the Stolitz couple (my favori...
Protect One Another - US!Papyrus x Reader by robin-rights
Protect One Another - US!Papyrus hufflepuffilicious
Trauma is a powerful thing, and not something to be taken lightly. Especially if your "best friend" is the cause of it. But friendship, understanding, and love...
To see him for who he is (not by his lack of quirk) by Elira_11214
To see him for who he is (not by Elira_san11214
Each member of the League of Villains have seen all the horrors society has to offer. They've been through it and lived it. They know what to expect and what needs to be...
A MINI Adventure by puddle_of_creativity
A MINI Adventureby iຖk
Whose dream isn't it to end up in one of their favorite games or series? When you know so much about it, how much can go wrong? A lot, apparently. [Aside from my Ocs, I...
[OLD] God or Goddess? (Lady Loki Oneshots) by gofollowroyalr-5
[OLD] God or Goddess? (Lady Loki {INACTIVE}
A set of small stories, fluff and angst, of Loki and their genderfluid shenanigans. Please don't read this it's really old. The only reason I haven't deleted it is for a...
The Summer I Really Didn't Kidnap Lance Hardwood || ONC2024 by BrianMullin0
The Summer I Really Didn't Catfish Waterdancer
What do you do when a teenage movie star makes it seem as if you've kidnapped him? After working two summers at his father's health club as a towel boy, Peter Fisk saved...
Saathi Jab Saajan Ban Jaata Hain- Akshnav YRKKH FF by peckerwood591
Saathi Jab Saajan Ban Jaata peckerwood591
After Akshara's intoxicated confession, Kairav's mind has sparked a master plan. With a little help from the Goenkas and blessing from their parent's watching on them, a...
His Little Dove (Bill Cipher X Reader) by Lord_Dextive
His Little Dove (Bill Cipher X A bored person
Reader is a strange little one. They enjoy the disturbing and the macabre, so much so they don't really have any friends. All of that changes when The Mystery Twins find...
Tensura Shit show (Crossovers) by RandomBearonhere
Tensura Shit show (Crossovers)by Bear, De Fonest Fuckery Creta
The most random fucking idea that came to my mind, a story filled with shenanigans. Basically, a what if, in where the Author takes various main characters from differen...
°» IzuOcha One/Smut shots «° by KKGacha5
°» IzuOcha One/Smut shots «°by K.K Gacha
Hi there! Welcome to my Oneshot collection, featuring one of my favorite ships, Izuocha! Most of these are scenarios or what-if stories I made up in my head, with a das...
PlanetHuman Shenanigans- by _Saturn_PH_
PlanetHuman Shenanigans-by 🪐Saturn🪐
Yep...just some shenanigans with your favorite planets!...And maybe some Moons-
Ranma 1/2 x reader: The Tendo Twin by legendarytaebooty
Ranma 1/2 x reader: The Tendo Twinby 💜💫M Y A💫💜
Meet the gentle and soft hearted Y/n tendo, a girl who is not afraid of giving out hugs and making new friendships. She loves her father Soun Tendo, sisters Nabiki and K...