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Finding Home | Finders Keepers #1✔️ by itsbellaobrien
Finding Home | Finders Keepers #1✔️by Bella O'Brien
Rosalie Murdock finds her biological family a year after her parent's death. She's in a new town where everywhere she goes, she has to act differently or else there will...
When I'm With You by harishmarajan
When I'm With Youby Harishma
◇ She wasn't my girlfriend Neither she was my crush. But in the list of priorities She always remained the first ◇ ◇ He is mature, I'm childish He is responsible, I'm...
New Beginnings [Sample] by kinalhariya
New Beginnings [Sample]by kinalhariya
Book 1 of New beginning series. ||Featured|| ~Wattpad Teen fiction reading list. ~ AmbassadorIN reading list. Trisha's life takes a new turn when she has to move in with...
Walking Together  by nimisha_1227
Walking Together by Nimisha
What is marriage? Marriage,which is also called matrimony or wedlock, is a culturally and often legally recognized union between people called spouses. People says lov...
Blind girl walking by AM0005
Blind girl walkingby AM0005
"The blind girl" that's what I'm known as now, "the blind girl" I used to be called "the popular girl" but now I'm blind. Where are my so c...
Cured by CalebLucas8
Curedby Caleb Lucas
After taking the cure in X-Men: The Last Stand, Mystique transforms back into a human. When the DNA results of her transformation come back as permanent, she will have t...
Be mine..... by sidnaazmyworld
Be sidnaazmyworld
Story about a girl who has lots of responsibilities on her shoulders she take care of her younger siblings as their parents are irresponsible ones mother left them for a...
Yeh Bandhan Anjaana | Pranbir  (Rewritten) by lavenderblossoms1403
Yeh Bandhan Anjaana | Pranbir ( lavenderblossoms1403
|| Late Updates || || Unedited || ------ Prachi x Ranbir AU ---- One accident and a man's brilliance and maturity were subdued, bringing to life a child he had been age...
"... AND THEN A DEEP, DARK SECRET UNFOLDS..."  by the_veiled_whisperer
Coming from Español to being in the USA since the loss of her best friend, her twin sister, Camilla was forced to carve a new path without her other half..she never ima...
Impact of dowry  by anshupriyams
Impact of dowry by Rashmika
It's all about dowry, a social evil.
Love And Complications by reshmareshma123
Love And Complicationsby reshmareshma123
It's a love story where a muslim girl falls in love with a Hindu boy. The story is about their journey of friendship, love, marriage, compromises and complications!
Victory Collection-Book Two by LavonneThompson
Victory Collection-Book Twoby LavonneThompson
It is about love and overcoming obstacles.
NEW NORMAL by TennyRose_15
NEW NORMALby Jaykee Rose Celestian
This is a story of young woman tested by time. Could this be her reason to quit? -Inspired by SUPERMs song BETTER DAYS
Cross Breeds by Sunexie
Cross Breedsby Sunexie Sparkles
Miracle is a sixteen year old girl who has an exceptionally tough time in school. When she befriends two new pupils, she uncovers her entire life has been a lie; she dec...
Metamorphosis by vicvicm
Metamorphosisby Victoria Mataag
I'm Kayla. A girl at the age of 14 with big dreams. When I was young, I always wanted to go to other countries. When I was a little girl, I always thought of it as dream...
Ways Of Life by Akata31_dz
Ways Of Lifeby Akata Sarkar
This world is cruel nd it is true. It will try to suppress us in every possible way. It would break us, shatter us, snatch away everything from us forcing us to take awa...
The Truth by Followel468
The Truthby Mezòa
After moving from his old school, Taylor had been transferred to cinteà high school in Oregon He had always had trouble making friends, But maybe it's for the best.
An Altered Perspective by MattKarpe1986
An Altered Perspectiveby Matt Karpe
The story of one man's coping with the pandemic lockdown of 2021.