Armageddon  by FCraymond
Armageddon by Franky
This is it. The polar caps are melting. The sun is getting closer. The home we know is welting. there'll be no one left to hold her.
  • eruption
  • action-adventure
  • armageddon
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Come Home, Eloise by savethewolves4
Come Home, Eloiseby savethewolves4
Eloise leaves home and Yellowstone falls apart without her ~ A children's story on the importance of wolves in Yellowstone
  • childrensbook
  • readtoyourkids
  • yellowstone
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Dead End by uselace
Dead Endby uselace
After a supervolcanoe in the heart of the US explodes, the country's inhabitants are left for dead and forced to form their own governments, whether that means gangs, ac...
  • disability
  • supervolcanoe
  • gay
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