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Cupid Screwed Up (Von Floyd Vaughn) ni RediousInPaper
Cupid Screwed Up (Von Floyd Vaughn)ni Arlina☕
Vaughn Series 4 VON FLOYD VAUGHN Half Vampire and Half Werewolf, meet Von Vaughn. The twin brother of Van Vaughn. He is waiting for someone to come back when he suddenly...
A Kiss From A Rose  ni weirdladybug
A Kiss From A Rose ni Rhys A. Cat
Thalia Gaveign lost her first family, and fate was cruel to her that she lost another. She was once an ordinary, not a human, but of her kind. Until she was chosen for a...
Zen and the Supernaturals [Book 2] ni LunaChriz
Zen and the Supernaturals [Book 2]ni Chriz
A spell gone wrong which leads to chaos. Hindi inaasahan ng mga good gods at goddess na bigla nalang makikialam at patagong sumanib din si Eris, the goddess of chaos, st...
Bloody Moon (Moon Trilogy 2) {BL} [On-going] 🔞 ni lady_architect12
Bloody Moon (Moon Trilogy 2) {BL}...ni Apaul
Storya ng dalawang lahing pinahirapan ng tadhana. Kakayanin mo bang harapin lahat ng pag-subok na sasalubong sa inyo? Matatanggap mo ba ang magiging parte ng inyong kapa...
I Am His Majesty? ni Ms-Azerla_Lame
I Am His Majesty?ni Azerla Lame
It's an adventure romance fantasy novel about a guy who time travels in another world. In another time and become that world Majesty with his cold wife who is actually t...
Trap(BxB) ni HunterSiann
Trap(BxB)ni HunterSiann
mula sa isang misyon ay naging isang bihag ako ng Isang kalaban na hindi ko inaasahan na aking makakatagpo. hindi ko alam bakit ako napunta sa sitwasyong mismong aking t...
Vamaila's Hunter ni MissGorJuice
Vamaila's Hunterni L I A N N A 🦋
"Who can I rely on in a harsh and unreliable world? if he wants to leave me as well? In the light are eyes that are concealed. They weren't even able to glance or p...
Mafia Queen Reincarnated In A Weak Vampire Princess ni Zixion124
Mafia Queen Reincarnated In A Weak...ni Zixion124
TITLE:Mafia Queen reincarnated in a Weak Vampire Princess AUTHOR:Shiro Wright Manunulat GENRE:Random Mortal World Zanneah Kill Montella Saavedra A m*rciless Hea*tless ...
KNOTTED  BY AN ALPHA ni xynah006
KNOTTED BY AN ALPHAni someone out there
It was her first attempt to lose her virginity, Margaret was already 35 years old and still a virgin, at hindi sya proud doon. He got a long crush on the brother of his...
Daughter Of The Moon (SELENE 2) ni maililaria
Daughter Of The Moon (SELENE 2)ni M A I
She is bound to die to be born again. Stronger.
Hi Please Read my all story compilation 🥰
MY CURSED MATE ni Pribadongmanunulat1_
Everly Sanchez was a she-wolf with an extremely distinctive appearance. Some people thought she was hideous, while others thought she was exceptionally rare. But, none o...
Bloody Moon (Halifax Series III) ni carelessly_rushing
Bloody Moon (Halifax Series III)ni Diya Lagarto
A stolen treasure, a witch and an angry werewolf. Night's life revolved in three things. Protecting his pack, making his father proud and killing witches. So when the s...
Adelaide ni nyariina
Adelaideni reyna
Alpha Malcolm the 2nd #2 "Prick of the thumb, wicked she becomes. The witch that betrayed, the witch that was named...Adelaide." -- In ancient times, witches...
The Vampire's Affection ni AFairy_Bloosom
The Vampire's Affectionni Miss Nostalgia
This story is about a woman who fell in love with a vampire for their first meeting. Alexis is a type of a vampire who had a good character. He hates sipping blood an...
Hunters Of The Guild ni 8tudty
Hunters Of The Guildni icedtea
This year, the highest death rate has been recorded. The number of wolves hiding in the city grows over time. A school is constructed to educate students while the hunt...
Reincarnated as Seventh daughter of Mafia Boss ni invalidthoughtss
Reincarnated as Seventh daughter o...ni Mamita
Terry is a hired killer who kill in exchange of Money. For her Money is everything. Then one day she realized all wrongdoings she done. She's going to change her life t...
Golden-Winged Celestial [Filipino Version] ni WysteriaShin
Golden-Winged Celestial [Filipino...ni Wysteriashin
Bilang anak ng mag-asawang nagmula sa magkaibang angkan, inasahan na nina Lala at Raven ang kanilang mga magiging supling ay makikitaan ng higit sa isang kapangyarihan n...