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last life | puss in boots: the last wish by VENOMEDREBS
last life | puss in boots: the las...by —ZORBY
[Death x She/Her! Goddess! Reader] - "Look, all I wanted was to warn you of my friend. Do you understand?" - "Yes, yes. But, uh... could you perhaps deal...
Not Afraid Of Death by rTaylor__Y9
Not Afraid Of Deathby Taylor
idfk yet ------- This book has/will have different variations of stories! I'll try to update as much as time allows me to :)
As Lonesome as The Moon, As Sharp as A Sword | Death X !S*icidal Reader | by PoataPoatota
As Lonesome as The Moon, As Sharp...by Zeeeses
"You have never really felt fear until you look Death straight in the eye." Y/n, who is currently experiencing quite the downfall due to many issues, is trying...
Viejas canciones de lobos y cazadores by MenmaVermillion
Viejas canciones de lobos y cazado...by MenmaVermillion
La vida en el poblado de Livingden era en resumen, aburrida. Tal vez por esto era que la mayoría de la gente apenas tenia la oportunidad se largaba de ese sitio en el me...
regular show multiverse adventures by IlyasZegrab
regular show multiverse adventuresby Ilyas Zegrab
ilyas finally met his childhood friend Brianna in regular show universe after 5 years of missing but anti pops and the shadow ghosts has kidnapped Margaret Aileen and Br...
Marvel : Man of Tomorrow  by Hyperion499
Marvel : Man of Tomorrow by Marcus Milton
Doomed Planet, Last Hope, Kind Couple, Superman! Come and follow Superman's adventures in the Marvel Universe as he faces challenges and overcomes them, but this Superma...
✓ | LOBO, remus lupin by -lalalie
✓ | LOBO, remus lupinby 【 𝐋 】
「𝗟𝗢𝗕𝗢」❝ Does it look like I care about it?❞ ▪︎ Synopsis ▪︎ Evanie and her twin Ezekiel Scamander are known as the freak of nature twins. The pair of them are always...
The Taste Of Your Fear | Puss in Boots by oGuinho172
The Taste Of Your Fear | Puss in B...by Cookinho2.0
O Gato laranja conhecido como Gato de botas, famoso por suas aventuras, sua coragem, sua bravura, e por ser destemido, se vê sem saída após perder mais uma de suas nove...
Twilight Wolf Pack Preferences by TraduccionesMapache
Twilight Wolf Pack Preferencesby TraduccionesMapache
Esta historia/obra/libro, no me pertenece, solo lo traduzco. Le pertenece a: deep3r @deep3r Preferencias sobre toda la manada de lobos de Crepúsculo.
Super Monsters •One Shots• by cartoonluvs
Super Monsters •One Shots•by Love dat for me
One Shots of the Super Monsters cuz they are SOO fucking adorable bruh like I can't I do take requests so don't be scared to hit me up, be as detailed or as brief as you...
Puss in boots fanart  by Galaxy_petals
Puss in boots fanart by Galaxy_petals
Just fanart of puss in boots I post on my socials. Commissions are open! (My other socials are under the Same name as here ^^)
MEDIANOCHE |BTS y Tu| by Skinny____love
MEDIANOCHE |BTS y Tu|by Skinny____love
PROTAGONISTAS: TN: Una chica mitad vampiro, mitad humano Taehyung: Un caza vampiros experto en lo que hace Jimin: Uno de los vampiros mas antiguos de Medianoche. ...
¡Te encontraré! (2ª Temporada de Ángel Oscuro) by ArcticArashi
¡Te encontraré! (2ª Temporada de Á...by Arashi the Little Fox
Pos... La continuación... obvio, la cosa no podía quedar donde la deje jajajaja así que aquí viene la siguiente parte, la del hijo en busca de su padre. Nuevos personaje...
Rwby: Blake x Male Orange Lantern reader. ( Discontinued ) by Darkstarkid98
Rwby: Blake x Male Orange Lantern...by DarkstarError1010
(F/N) (L/N) an infamous thief and sole member of the Orange Lantern core in the DC universe. He has traveled the universe claiming all the riches and treasu...
Shattered by Galaxy_petals
Shatteredby Galaxy_petals
Heart beating fast and pupils shrinking he gripped his arms, claws extended, and began scratching. Blood oozed out of the thin cuts as they burned from the abuse. His ey...
Super Monsters one shots or anything by K1TA643
Super Monsters one shots or anythi...by K1TA
I'm bad at coming up with ideas :P Ignore the cover
Hijo de lobo by Kisurand
Hijo de loboby KISURAND
Lobos... a simple vista, pueden parecer simples animales, pero pocos recuerdan su verdadera historia. Aquellos grandes seres que antaño fueron sagrados, hoy en día están...