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Worthy heir (Who made me a princess fanfic) by Rosiecookie123
Worthy heir (Who made me a princes...by Rosie Cookie123
It was a mistake to have encountered her father, she was even killed mercilessly by the hands of her own blood related father, to the point where she had found hatred fo...
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Become A Girl At Night (Myanmar Translation) by YinLwin6
Become A Girl At Night (Myanmar Tr...by Mikasa
* He comes across a cute girl on the way home in the late night. Out of kindness, he helps "her" get out of trouble and decided to let "her" stay jus...
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Long Exposure [PL] by j3sper
Long Exposure [PL]by david
Long Exposure to nadal wychodzący webcomic o nerdzie Jonasie Wagnerze i o jego prześladowcy, Mitchu Muellerze. Oboje muszą wspólnie pracować nad projektem do szkoły. W l...
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The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess by bunny_sailor
The Monster Duchess and Contract P...by Bunny_Sailor
I want to share because some people can accses without VPN. Source : Mangadex, Mangago, Mangahere, Mangarock. Author: Rialan Artist: Minjack Leslie's life was always use...
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SMILΞ  ᏢᎬᏒᏟᎽᎪᏁᎬ 【 Mpreg Comic 】 by ZachsAnomaiy
SMILΞ ᏢᎬᏒᏟᎽᎪᏁᎬ 【 Mpreg Comic 】by ZachsAnomaiy
A 50 page mini comic detailing the progression of Percy's pregnancy. This is a cute AU of my literary series Smile Parallax that these characters also feature in. So if...
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『 Bromance ⑱ 』  by Skylight_Exo
『 Bromance ⑱ 』 by アスタD.ゾロ
Name - 『 Bromance ⑱ 』 Genre - Comedy / Boys' Love || ▪18 unlimited - 18 above , mature unlimited ▪ || || ▪ Enjoy your 18 in your style ▪ || || ▪ Friendship based on love...
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heyokyay Comics by islieb
heyokyay Comicsby islieb?
Comics about life, love and all the crap in between. (:
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Falling (Lookism x Reader) by -That1Dude-
Falling (Lookism x Reader)by GloriousMistake
All she wanted was to protect others. Well, her methods of doing so were a bit off but she still had good intentions. Not everyone appreciates or understands why she doe...
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Ice Skating started it all (Komine) by bunbun_boy
Ice Skating started it all (Komine)by Andrew
Kody takes Lumine out ice skating for the first time! Boy x Boy - Lumine x Kody Disclaimer! I do NOT own any of the characters, or pictures! I only own the plot. *EDIT...
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A different outcome (Who made me a princess) by EliakaFleur
A different outcome (Who made me a...by EliakaFleur
What if Jenette was introduced to Claude as his daughter at the Debutante (shortly after Athy danced with him). How would he react? What will happen to Athanasia? (Also...
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masquerade [lookism] by cosmiictea
masquerade [lookism]by ext
[lookism; reader-insert | semi-canon divergent] --- How was it like to be hiding under a mask; a facade - hiding away your true self from being spotted by the naked eye...
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BACKBITERS by hoemosexuals
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Noblesse (Recreated) When opposites meet by glitter_xxxlicious
Noblesse (Recreated) When opposite...by sleepyaliencreep
This story is about a very special girl who encounters with the most powerful Noble to have ever lived, as well as a very powerful human. Together, they face many challe...
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Skeleton Characters x Reader by NUR-SYU
Skeleton Characters x Readerby N.SYU
I've seen many skeletons from multiple fandoms. I love them, but sadly not all of them has their own fan contents. And so here I am, writing this! Request me any skelet...
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.+*🆀🆄🅸🅴🆃*+.  { 𝕦𝕟𝕆𝕣𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕣𝕪 𝕩 ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣} by SpringWaterLily67890
.+*🆀🆄🅸🅴🆃*+. { 𝕦𝕟𝕆𝕣𝕕𝕚𝕟...by SpringWaterLily67890
Meet {𝚈/𝙽} Doe, an Innocent, cheerful, and powerful girl. Her older brother is John Doe, who is currently attending Wellston High School. {𝚈/𝙽} should be in her seco...
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Webtoon spotlight by Donniedrako15
Webtoon spotlightby Donniedrako15
Just a simple person is trying to shine a little light on the beautiful world of webtoon. With a splash of sarcasm, narration, and spitfire along the way. And who knows...
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Windfall by Quollki
Windfallby Alana Zoe
*I'm so sorry for the state this book is coming out in. I really just need to get it out. :/ I'll add a cover and description later, I'm sorry. Updates one page on Sunda...
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You think I'm your Imaginary friend?-"GLITCH -cottonvalent's " FANFIC by artsotaku
You think I'm your Imaginary frien...by funsonerd
A fanfiction of Cottonvalent's webcomic "Glitch" . I really Loved it -enough to write a fanfic .Story is about April's fate and the wish seller Cad. I wanted...
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Loving Too Much ...To Kill! by theashesofthephoenix
Loving Too Much ...To Kill!by Ashes of the Phoenix
Comic strips inspired by true-to-life events in a couple's relationship. Meet Piccolo, Piccola and her lovely kitties (Micio and Micia) that he wants to cook on barbequ...
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Zylith X Verose, 7th grade was a total beech by Salt902
Zylith X Verose, 7th grade was a t...by Salt Marie
There aren't enough of these, I used to just read on Wattpad but I just got so desperate for a Verose X Zylith fanfic that I'm doing this, I'm still in school peeps and...
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