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enigma || lookism x reader by lukehemmigs36
enigma || lookism x readerby Nightmare
It's her. The one who stands there with a wicked look. And she's their Enigma. Started: 13th March, 2023 Ended:
Lookism Scenarios by ShadowTakerZero
Lookism Scenariosby Zero
A boyfriend and girlfriend scenario book for Lookism characters. I thought this might be fun to do as well as quicker than oneshots. Anyway I hope you can find some en...
饾晞饾晼饾晵饾暉饾暁饾晼, 馃吇馃吘馃吘馃吅馃吀馃唫馃吋 by Kanaolefteye
饾晞饾晼饾晵饾暉饾暁饾晼, 馃吇馃吘馃吘馃吅馃吀馃唫馃吋by 饾暥-饾暦-饾暟
"Leave me alone you homeless ratface" "[Name]~~ how'd you know I have a degradation kink ~?" "DIE IN A HOLE-" After losing her beloved, [Na...
Lookism X Reader by ShadowTakerZero
Lookism X Readerby Zero
Having started to really get into web comics I decided to dedicate an xreader book to them, but I've only had the desire to write for Lookism so here's a book-full for y...
Lookism One Shots and Preferences by Supreme_Bun_Overlord
Lookism One Shots and Preferencesby Supreme_Bun_Overlord
-Discontinued- Character List: Gun Goo DG Daniel Zack Samuel Jake Warren Eli Vasco Jace + any character requested (including girls) This is my second time trying to publ...
Fighter (Lookism X Reader) by Ali_Nova
Fighter (Lookism X Reader)by Ali_Nova
Most impressive rankings (so far): #1 WEBTOON #1 Jayhong #1 zacklee #1 dg #1 johan #1 gunxreader (First published on Quotev) Normal? What's that? Never been normal, n...
Lookism One-Shots x Reader by NotSoOrdinary8P
Lookism One-Shots x Readerby NotSoOrdinary8P
This will be a book about the lookism boys x you guys 馃槃 Enjoy 馃挋馃挋 00 Out
The Fuckbuddy by Lookismchoi
The Fuckbuddyby Lookismchoi
Yandere Daniel x Villain M! Reader x Yandere Crystal What happens when our (once) innocent Male and female leads falls for the wrong person.
Lookism Gun x Reader: How The Mighty Fall In Love by Supreme_Bun_Overlord
Lookism Gun x Reader: How The Migh...by Supreme_Bun_Overlord
BOOK TWO IS PUBLISHED (Sargent Death is a character I made up. And yes, I know Sargent is misspelled.) Hypocritical and with a grudge against a very powerful man, you tr...
The Property of Gun & Goo by Lookismchoi
The Property of Gun & Gooby Lookismchoi
Yandere Gun x F! Reader x Yandere Goo (I am currently re-writing this story but have decided to post/leave the old one up until I'm finished re-writing this story) Dark...
A Different Path  by Silence_Junction
A Different Path by Don't remember
A guy reincarnating as Copycat of gen 2, Johan Seong in world of Lookism
饾悎 饾悥饾悁饾悕饾悕饾悁 饾悂饾悇 饾悩饾悗饾悢饾悜饾悞 (ON HOLD) by JakeKim_Thicc
饾悎 饾悥饾悁饾悕饾悕饾悁 饾悂饾悇 饾悩饾悗饾悢饾悜饾悞 (ON...by 饾悕饾悮饾惂饾悮饾惁饾悽饾惂銈凤笌
(Lookism various x male reader) (REWRITING) " ... [Name]... " [Name] looked behind and saw the male, he smiled as he saw the sight of the male he's been wantin...
ENCHANTED YANDERE Lookism x Reader by LilacReki
ENCHANTED YANDERE Lookism x Readerby Vroom Vroom
Living in a world of judgment it was bound to go somewhere wrong. Being different in most areas always gained harassment, but if you were beautiful, none of that was a p...
Lookism (Daniel harem) by Sakura_akira_chann
Lookism (Daniel harem)by Sakura_akira_chann
hello this never happened in the org webtoon this is completely made up by me and my mind :b the pictures and webtoon is not mine I found the pictures in Pinterest the...
Lovely | lookism by ievaopsl1
Lovely | lookismby ievaopsl1
Being awoken in not either your body or your home you found out that the person who originally had this body made a deal with s谈o谈m谈e谈o谈n谈e谈.. huh it seems crossed out m...
Just Like Water, Just Like rain // a Lookism Fanfic by manillacone
Just Like Water, Just Like rain...by ManillaCone
Ever since being saved by the chairman of HNH group as a small child from drowning, Y/N Han has had her life intertwined with water at every turn, whether she liked it o...
"You Were Mine" (Lookism x male!reader) by Lookismchoi2
"You Were Mine" (Lookism x male!re...by Lookismchoi2
after suffering a certain "incident", Y/n changes and becomes the heartless, Ruthless, playboy who doesn't give AF about anything, with Drinking,smoking, sleep...
Reencarne en Lookism (Lookism x Maler reader) by Alexandra_Sov
Reencarne en Lookism (Lookism x Ma...by Alexandra Ivanova Sov
solo por ser diferente lo discriminaron ahora que reencarno su guardian no dejara que nada malo le pase, matara a todo aquel que tenga malas intenciones asia su angel.
-The mysterious redhead from nowhere- by Devthebest
-The mysterious redhead from nowhe...by Calesimp
Cale Henituse was a rich, handsome, and normal person living a normal life until he decided to sleep under a tree, which to his unluckiness, is a tree that teleports peo...
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falling in love with your best friend (Completed) by TTRose16
falling in love with your best fri...by Tia Rose
what if your perfect match lived just across the hall from you.. Tyler and Jody are best friends but what happens when they both face their growing feelings for one ano...