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The Prince (WMMAP FanFic) by Zelenatia
The Prince (WMMAP FanFic)by Tia
Arius De Alger Obelia was the first Prince of Obelia but due to negligence from his father and mistreatment from the staff , he died in the original timeline at the age...
Lovely Princess Dimension  by helloilovemagic
Lovely Princess Dimension by Magical Fairy
What if The Obelian Emperor, Claude, who was still losing his memories, unexpectedly went back to his first life dimension? What if Athanasia from the future dimension...
You Will Live This Time・WMMAP (Hiatus) by cnthus
You Will Live This Time・WMMAP (Hia...by Vil
『There was once a boy who had a father, mother, and younger sister. They were twins, born under the shining moon on the sixteenth of August. Having golden hair resemblin...
The True Princess (Wmmap Fanfic) by m3w31rd0
The True Princess (Wmmap Fanfic)by Yes
Being framed, and executed by the orders of her father in her past life, the gods had pitied her, and so the pathetic princess was given a chance to reborn and read LP...
A Sleepless God and a College Student <XIAOVEN> by Warmpillowxase
A Sleepless God and a College Stud...by Warmpillowxase
Barbatos has gone off to one of his long lasting slumbers for another century or so, but when he opens his eyes, he finds himself in-..what used to be Tevyat? Perhaps he...
Life Of a Runaway Royal by Adivonna
Life Of a Runaway Royalby Villainous Empress
Anthanasia's Plan C of getting unto the emperor's good side was failed. But Plan B of running away was a success! How is her life after running away? What adventures wi...
He's Blossoming, because of Her by Yeonbin_htoi
He's Blossoming, because of Herby Htoi
(WMMAP FF) This is the original 'ff' or story written by me, Yeonbin_htoi on Wattpad. ~ Twists and turns come more earlier than they should in the Novel, Lee Jihye read...
Battle For The Crown  by Adivonna
Battle For The Crown by Villainous Empress
Princess Jennette was introduced on Princess Anthanasia's debut day, just like in the 'Lovely Princess' You would think, that Jennette would be immediately fawned over b...
Summer hope (lucathy Fanfiction)  by agirlindreamworld
Summer hope (lucathy Fanfiction) by pavi
"Lucas I think she spiked your drink with drug.. I don't know should I be happy that her plan failed and you slept with another girl by mistake or scared of who...
My Lovely Princess (Wmmap Fanfic) by m3w31rd0
My Lovely Princess (Wmmap Fanfic)by Yes
Athanasia, who have read the story "My Lovely Princess", reincarnated as Athanasia in the book days before the debutante where Jeannette would soon appear. Wo...
The Brother's princess  by pinkclemonade
The Brother's princess by pinkclemonade
she's small, stealthy and crazy, she's exactly what the mafia needs, unfortunately her brother is the leader of the Italian mafia, so she is stuck, she didn't want to be...
Dust and Ashes ( Fan Fiction of Who Made Me A Princess) by Evaniatha
Dust and Ashes ( Fan Fiction of Wh...by Evaniatha
Bounded by her ancestor's sin, an adored talented Princess, Athanasia De Alger Obelia, has to meet a lone vicious witch called The Wizard of The Black Tower. If it's the...
Reincarnation Of The Second Male Lead by corliss_27
Reincarnation Of The Second Male L...by Corliss_is_writing
"What the fuck" A 19-year-old reincarnated into the body of Ijekiel Alpheus the future second male lead of the famous webtoon "Who made me a princess"...
who made me a princess- drunk love by r0se_street
who made me a princess- drunk loveby rose
Athy, Kiel, Lucas and Jeanette leave to stay in a town to celebrate Athy's 19th...but what will happen when they find there's only two beds in the hotel? The groups deep...
Not Such a Great First Love by Warmpillowxase
Not Such a Great First Loveby Warmpillowxase
Venti hasn't had the best experience in enjoying life, and is constantly in a state of trouble. Trust me, he doesn't like the drama. At all. To add to his miserable life...
𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓰𝓸𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓼 by Ariella_Ryujin
𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓰𝓸𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷...by Aria
(wmmap x reader) [ Description ] Y/N a girl who likes who made me a princess, it is her all time favourite manhwa. she had never really thought of wishing herself on th...
Jennette Margarita: A Fairytale Lie by Briarestine
Jennette Margarita: A Fairytale Lieby ⚜BriarEmber⚜
I woke up to find I'm JENNETTE MARGARITA?!?! I was in the world of who made me a princess. The story of a reincarnated girl doing everything to win her father's affectio...
Coroika Oneshots REQUESTS OPEN :3 by Goggleslololololo
Coroika Oneshots REQUESTS OPEN :3by Disease
No neko Charecters or Readers Art isnt mine unless stated otherwise. I will do in game Charecters Will do Charecter x Charecter Yeah come over and make a request!
lucathy oneshots wmmap by r0se_street
lucathy oneshots wmmapby rose
a bunch of lucathy oneshots/ au's the cover picture belongs to @juanone88 (insta), not me. ------ start: 06.10.21 end: 14.08.22
A Golden Family | WMMAP FANFIC by tokkieroki
A Golden Family | WMMAP FANFICby Roki
= Where the Empress, Athanasia de Alger Obelia marries Duke Ezekiel Alpheus and they have four beautiful children, with four different stories to introduce and develop! ...