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❝𝐋𝐨𝐠𝐚𝐧 𝐱 𝐓𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐫❞ by Liezcx
❝𝐋𝐨𝐠𝐚𝐧 𝐱 𝐓𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐫❞by Aimsey lola
Tyler x Logan oneshots since this ship doesn't get enough attention!!
Tyler x Logan - The Sleepover by sbgn3rd_2278
Tyler x Logan - The Sleepoverby sbgn3rd_2278
Everything starts to go well at a sleepover at Ashlyn's place. But then Logan and Tyler figured out they liked each other. But things take a dark turn when Tyler meets L...
The ADD Baseball Player and The OCD Nerd {TylerxLogan} by SBGRAVEYARDWRITER
The ADD Baseball Player and The OC...by Elizabeth
This story is based on two characters in School Bus Graveyard, Tyler and Logan. If you don't like this ship then I recommend you don't read it but I can't stop you. This...
SBG ONESHOTS by zuzuisbetterthanyou
mostly angst cause there isn't enough of that on this gosh darn app 😕 WARNING⚠️ most of these chapters contain violence, self-harm, self-hatred etc whatever but they'll...
Sbg Logan x Tyler Story/Oneshots by LiterallyAidenBanner
Sbg Logan x Tyler Story/Oneshotsby SBG Lover
I do a lot of Tylenol (Tyler x Logan) bc I like bls but I also do some Benlor (Ben x Taylor) and Aidlyn (Aiden x Ashlyn) keep in mind they are minors but I still like to...
Aren't We Too Young For This? / School Bus Graveyard  by F0x_sh1
Aren't We Too Young For This? / Sc...by F0x_sh1
No phantom/Mental issues AU At my AU(Mental issues AU) the group have different mental illnesses and they met at mental asylum when the building's place changed and they...
School Bus Graveyard |Headcanons And Oneshots.  by F0x_sh1
School Bus Graveyard |Headcanons A...by F0x_sh1
Headcanons that the characters you said and the scenarios you want The original webtoon named 'school bus graveyard' and the characters are belonged/owned to lilredbeany...
Sbg Head cannons by Lovl3yxSt4rs
Sbg Head cannonsby Lov3ly 💋⭐️
Remember these are my head cannons so if you don't like them than that's your opinion 🙏 these have been sitting in my notes app for way to long
School Bus Graveyard Oneshots  by RocoFitzgerald
School Bus Graveyard Oneshots by Rocío Fitzgerald
Ships, group texts, short stories, yk the usual
Tyler x Logan headcannons+STORY. by Kaitlynthegreatest
Tyler x Logan headcannons+STORY.by Kaitlyn/Kaity
I LOVE THE SHIP TYLER X LOGAN THEY R MY FAVE (I'm also writing this at 3am so if it's bad the WTV.)
A Nicaraguan and A Russian {TYLERX...by Elizabeth
New Story New headcannons I hope y'all enjoy this new story
Dehydration by Tylenol2321
Dehydrationby Tylenol
just a light and fluffy romance between tyler and logan from sbg, this acc is ran by 2 people so writing style may vary by chapter. might develop more inense stuff later...
SBG Headcannons by DodoDazai
SBG Headcannonsby Dodo Dazai
Cute/spicy headcannons about our main 6!
Tyler X Logan "will he get better?" by pixl_writes49
Tyler X Logan "will he get better?"by Pixl<3
Very sad fanfic with serious topics like self harm, suicidal thoughts. Suicide attempts. Help to get better. And a bit of romance involved. The story revolves around sch...
School bus graveyard one shots by Lovl3yxSt4rs
School bus graveyard one shotsby Lov3ly 💋⭐️
Posting these because there aren't enough out there😭 Most of these will be fluff, but not all so u less you request an angst shot or I'm feeling a bit emo that's when t...