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The Billionaires Son by kikiceleste_
The Billionaires Sonby Kiana (Kiki)
I smiled again, this time I noticed Nick looking across the table in my direction. His gaze was intense, there was something about it. It was intense, intimidating, sens...
  • money
  • tessa
  • love-hate
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The Scarlet Stinger (LRDA Book 1) by PirateCaptainZero
The Scarlet Stinger (LRDA Book 1)by Lauriann A. Comrie
Ted Lawson. A famous detective who can solve any crime. No one would guess that 'he' is really a teenaged girl with diabetes. Talia was hired to recover a stolen paintin...
  • wattys2018
  • nicolai
  • mystery
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Genesis: The Beginning by Crimson_rose16
Genesis: The Beginningby Carina Westford
Catherina is a normal teenage girl, going through normal teenage stuff. In love with her brother's best friend, hate by the popular girls in school, having fun with her...
  • catherina
  • nicolai
  • genesis
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The Abused Alpha by shasha228
The Abused Alphaby Sharon Belba-Smith
To everyone else-family or not,the alpha of The BloodHound Pack is... Ruthless Heartless Vicious Cold Unfeeling.. The bottom line is...he is devoid of any positive emoti...
  • newadult
  • werewolf
  • fiction
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Misty x reader by ValkyrieThunderGod
Misty x readerby Melissa
  • cod
  • packapunch
  • misty
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A Shadow Story Of St. Vladimir's Academy by Delaneythevampyre
A Shadow Story Of St. Vladimir's Delaney
St. Vladimir's is a school for Dhampirs and Moroi Vampires. A group of five Moroi and four Dhampirs discover that an after school trip to the city can be life endangerin...
  • arguing
  • fights
  • azailia
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Rhomas by Angelina2508
Rhomasby When you try your best but yo...
A Rigby and Thomas Fanfiction. Bringing the two famous characters from Regular Show to life this story will fill your hearts. This is gonna be told in Rigby's P.O.V. unl...
  • gay
  • thomas
  • rigby
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Lady of the night by SadShadows
Lady of the nightby Angelica Bäck
Casandra Black, a 25-year old archeologist, travels to Transylvania to participate in a dig on the grounds to a large mansion inhabited by a mysterious millionaire. Duri...
  • maicha
  • lord
  • nelia
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Dating mr. pshyco killer  by zoeOTAKUiloveANIME
Dating mr. pshyco killer by Zoe Lyn Biu
it's a story about a girl who was sick of her life she wouldn't want to live anymore no one could understand her feelings so she posted on her calendar when she will die...
  • heythere
  • kim
  • nicolai
There's a Castle Outside?! by NiallsLilPrincess23
There's a Castle Outside?!by Ayame
So this is a narrative I had to write for my Compostition 1 class a while back and I have decided to post it on here for some input and criticism. And just a fair warnin...
  • castleinthewoods
  • marcusthebutler
  • riana
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Cute Quotes And Poems by nicolelover69
Cute Quotes And Poemsby nicolelover69
Poems for the person you love and some quotes to make them laugh
  • directed
  • hansdah
  • nicolai
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my bestfriends girlfriends! by BonGerrald
my bestfriends girlfriends!by Bon Gerrald
  • princess
  • nicolai
  • angel
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Grand Coesres Sekret by Hautbaton
Grand Coesres Sekretby Dr. Nikolaus Pfander alias Ni...
The unknown underground history of Paris
  • wittib
  • malte
  • poissons
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Alaala (One Shot Story) by CommonGirl24
Alaala (One Shot Story)by Angela Gloria
Lahat ng tao may kwentong hindi nila kayang sabihin. Lahat ng tao may kwentong gusto na nilang kalimutan. Lahat ng tao may kwentong gugustuhin nilang basahin ng paulit...
  • laurice
  • lovestory
  • romance
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Dating My Vampire by ElvyraVampire
Dating My Vampireby ElvyraVampire
  • fiction
  • nicolai
  • van
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A LOVE for the serenading VAMPIRE by Nicolaidixon06
A LOVE for the serenading VAMPIREby Nicolai Lochart
A LOVE for the serenading VAMPIRE By Nicolai Lochart Dixon Kung ikaw ay mamasukan bilang katulong?? na may malaking bayad galing sa gubyerono. para mag linis ng mg...
  • j-rock
  • royal
  • love
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Living in a Fairy Tale by live_laugh_love96
Living in a Fairy Taleby Rachel
Being blind wouldn't be that bad. At least you wouldn't have to see evil in the world. Being deaf wouldn't be that bad either. The cruel, hurtful words would just zip...
  • magical
  • witches
  • much
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Beyond Us by windows-95
Beyond Usby symphonic
WARNING: Sensitive Material. Our lives are complex things, yet they end at the blink of an eye. (Finished)
  • windows-95
  • beyond
  • hell
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