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Rusty x Pink oneshots! by Jassy_Wazzy0w0
Rusty x Pink oneshots!by Pabllama
Rink oneshots, if you don't know pinkdiamonddiva you should look her up! she's amazing
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Minecraft Roomies Oneshots .w. by xxliv24
Minecraft Roomies Oneshots xxliv24
look there are honestly so little stories about this- and YES I ship ppl of a minecraft series there isnt any stopping me BOIIII >:3
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Roomies by beccatownsend
Roomiesby Becca
"Why'd you stop?" I asked him. He didn't answer, just walked us over to my bed and set me down. "Jace..?" He kissed me hard and walked out, closing t...
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Why Them! - a PinkDiamondDiva Minecraft Roomies fan-fic  by xHoney-Beex
Why Them! - a PinkDiamondDiva 💛🌸xHoney_Beex🌸💛
Hi! I've actually been debating to make this book coz I didn't know if anyone wanted it but here we are.... It's mostly gonna be a PinkxRusty book coz I'm a like a die-h...
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Roomies Drama by Sofcookies
Roomies Dramaby Sofcookies
Well we all know roomies is a funny series with a bit of drama but why don't we have more?
The Alter - Roomies Sequel (COMPLETED) by Rainbow_muffins
The Alter - Roomies Sequel ( Ohsnapzitzari
Liz Mcallister The now "grown-woman" must face her ex once again After 4 years of no communication And worst of all At her older brothers wedding
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Unexpected Love by chameleons4life
Unexpected Loveby chameleons4life
Sophia Brooks is an ordinary girl. She has her friends and life planned out. When she goes to college she is taken back that the college put a boy as her roommate, Carte...
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Inhuman love? Rusty x reader by xXwolfie_reillyXx
Inhuman love? Rusty x readerby xXwolfie_reillyXx
If you haven't seen roomies by thepinkdiamonddiva basically you replace pink! Enjoy!
How I stumbled into your life by Greasysugar
How I stumbled into your lifeby Greasysugar
3 roommates, Allison, Christina, and Samantha, living in their comfy downtown apartment. Allisons "significant other", introduces them to his close friend Mat...
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What the hell are you doing to me....Rusty (Pink x Rusty) by Raining_Starrs
What the hell are you doing to Starr Rose
Pink has noticed that she is starting she feels different around Rusty but everytime she thinks she might like him she tries so hard to deny it... but then Rusty starts...
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Living with the FNAF Guards x Reader by BMTHBagelTrash
Living with the FNAF Guards x MysticBagel
Your house was taken away, and you were given no choice but to live with the FNAF night guards. Living with Scott, Mike, Jeremy, Fritz, and Vincent. Yes, Vincent. Means...
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PinkdiamondDiva Roomies with a fnaf twist by Sunnybunny_137
PinkdiamondDiva Roomies with a SunnyBunny _137
5 years ago a female disapeard without a trace no one knew where she was...
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College life (Marinette and Adrien) by pimars11
College life (Marinette and Adrien)by Marinette Agreste
Marinette and Adrien were both sad because high school would end in two days, both Marinette and Adrien's best friends would leave to go to their college. Marinette and...
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A Little Bit Rusty (Pink x Rusty) by Aliciam99
A Little Bit Rusty (Pink x Rusty)by Moon Flower Squad (Violet Squ...
This was wanted by a few people so I though why not? This is based on pinkdiamonddiva's Roomies minecraft roleplay, specifically for the Pink x Rusty ship. I hope you en...
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Xavier's Love - Possessive Instincts by lolliPopsAngels
Xavier's Love - Possessive lolliPopsAngels
Xavier: With my dad being a very popular congressman being in the public eye is normal for my family. Well, a family of 7 boys who from the age of 7 was in the papers fo...
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bad at love ; caleb finn by princess__belle__
bad at love ; caleb finnby Belle 💖
roommates aren't supposed to hate each other but then again, they aren't supposed to fall for each other either. warnings: strong language (i'll update this list as i u...
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Minecraft Roomies Vines/Incorrect Quotes by xxliv24
Minecraft Roomies Vines/ xxliv24
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The Jock Across The Hall by WildChild64
The Jock Across The Hallby WildChild64
Blaire Reynolds has never been the type to put herself out there. Her perfect night consists of Netflix, jolly ranchers, and Nutella. Her simple life got flipped upside...
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Unexpected Relations by iloveeverything6
Unexpected Relationsby simple-things
Veronica's just excited to be a college student. Well... during the daytime that is. At night, she's Thorn, superhero. She moves into her dorm to find it's co-ed and she...
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Roomies~Adventures of a Void by LS_Minecraft
Roomies~Adventures of a Voidby Lillie Steele
Original on @LillieSteele777 **I did NOT steal this book, as I started writing it on a different account ____________ Hello There, This story is a fanfiction about ThePi...
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