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This a book full of experience and knowledge that ive gained over the course of a year since losing my virginity. Non-virgins are welcomed to give their take and input o...
𝐄𝐳𝐫𝐚 by chill_pill_all_day
𝐄𝐳𝐫𝐚by Daddy Issues
Anophthalmia • a child born without one or two eyes ° I got up and took few steps until I was right front of him. He wanted to back away but I wrapped my arms around his...
Inviting The Virgin (Old Version) by XoDreamsXo
Inviting The Virgin (Old Version)by E. Heartly
New Version: My eye brows had risen. She'd never spoken to me before, although she'd never reall...
T a b o o (oneshots) by menacedstar
T a b o o (oneshots)by menacedstar
All of my main caracters will be virgins, if you have a problem with that...LEAVE.. or forever hold your peace Remember the age gaps can go from the man be somewhere in...
The V Game by miymiy33
The V Gameby miymiy33
A chance to rekindle the love of your life? A chance to make amends? The only catch? Score the most v points ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to New Yor...
The Innocent Red by HappyCrys
The Innocent Redby HappyCrys
When two friends go to collage and plan on having fun, somehow their fun accidentally turned into the wrong type of fun. Caroline and Madyln have a drama filled adventur...
A Little Bit of Lust by Daniella_Love
A Little Bit of Lustby Daniella
Here's for the little naughty night owls, who can't sleep but want some excitement. Background ; Andi and Ray are both 18, they've been friends since middle school but...
Risk taker by 2ssshhhrrr
Risk takerby 2ssshhhrrr
This is a story about a 16 year old girl who was always a very good girl and never did anything wrong cause she was scared of her parents until her boyfriend came around...
first timers ♡ vmin by outrolagrima
first timers ♡ vminby ale 🥰
5 times tae and jimin try but fail + 1 time they succeed. ______ •vmin being chaotic •nsfw but the f stand for flulf bc uwu •v stands for versatile •6 chapters of expli...
Virgins On The Loose by TottallyRad
Virgins On The Looseby Ann
Riley Reed and Willow Winters Both decided that it was time to give up their Virginities. But not just to anyone, but to the ones that are worth giving it to •*•*•*•*• ...
Virgins' kisses - ON HOLD by padmemcavoy
Virgins' kisses - ON HOLDby padmemcavoy
In a terrible war between three kingdoms, two totally different people fall in love. Alexis is born as Virgin, girls whose first willing kiss saves the dying person bu...
The Badboy's Girl.  by NicoleLawrence776
The Badboy's Girl. by Nicole Lawrence
A cheerleader and a bad boy.. stereotype much? Nah Read how Christopher Grey the bad boy of crescent high school gets to win the heart of Nicole Kendrick, the popular c...
The Vestals  by dreamer8lady
The Vestals by Claire
Once in Ancient Rome there lived Priestesses of Fire. They were called the Vestal Virgins, and they were pure. Priestesses of Earth: Book 2
Thé LIFE of a girl by allygurl13
Thé LIFE of a girlby allygurl13
Aya's journey to happiness or so she thinks 🤔🤭😳👀
Braving The Past (Removed Officially) by MeltingLove
Braving The Past (Removed Jane
A short story about how two people braved their past. How their past hurt them. How they moved on. How only time can tell the truth. ~~~❤❤❤ Story line by @MeltingL...
Lustful Kravings|| Luke Hemmings (DARK) by angela7821
Lustful Kravings|| Luke Hemmings ( ❤️ Red Hemmings ❤️
"I must go pray baby girl. You have made me a sinner."