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virgins by glootrip
virginsby a
a tale of two awkward teens
This a book full of experience and knowledge that ive gained over the course of a year since losing my virginity. Non-virgins are welcomed to give their take and input o...
Book of Cringe by justamk_
Book of Cringeby amk
A sample of cringey stories from all fandoms and scenarios, to make you feel better about your own writing. Also, I occasionally rant.
Toilet by rose_murray
Toiletby Rose
Amber is an average human girl. She meets a very sexy vampire named Tim and she becomes instantly attracted to him. Tim is oblivious to her feelings. He only wants to...
Redamancy by yehjawaanihaideewani
Redamancyby yehjawaanihaideewani
Redamancy (n.)The act of loving the one who loves you in return; a love that is fulfilled. Rain Williams was an ordinary girl working in the accounting department of...
Wish I Could See You by yehjawaanihaideewani
Wish I Could See Youby yehjawaanihaideewani
Tanish Agarwal, is what you call a rich, spoilt brat. His favourite pastime is bullying others. He never cared about others' feelings. The rude, arrogant, cocky type you...
Left Infatuated in Toxic by Sophixaana
Left Infatuated in Toxicby Sophiaana Rose
EXPLICIT CONTENT Cara, 17. Ashley, 19. Cara's life wasnt Victoria's secret and iphones nor dresses and ribbons. She was an indie kid back from the hood. She had her guys...
Unicorns by VibinVanna
Unicornsby Vanna🥀
They say, only virgins can tame unicorns.. This is my first official story so take it easy on me please. I'd appreciate it -With love, Vanna
Am I A Sex Doll?(Justin Bieber Fan Fic) by biebs4everlove
Am I A Sex Doll?(Justin Bieber Alesha 101
Three girls went to Canada for a One direction concert . Meet the wrong set of person while at the hotel and in the city . They have been kidnapped by some drugs deale...
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Love at first bite (Danny Gonzales x Drew Gooden) by holamrmans
Love at first bite (Danny Mr. Mans
Danny Gonzales thinks he has a normal life. I mean, what's not normal about having the fastest growing channel on youtube? But everything changes when he finds out his b...
The Four Virgins by Comikish
The Four Virginsby Emmanuella Elvis
There are four new hot guys in East Ville: Caesar Brown, Fred Meyer, Clark Colin, And Jayden Crown Caesar is the quiet, reserved and introvertic one. He is also real...
'Virgin' lamb by virginlamb
'Virgin' lambby Not so virgin mary
Jesus and Mary decide to share the act of pleasure, as God wanted.
The Vestals  by dreamer8lady
The Vestals by Claire
Once in Ancient Rome there lived Priestesses of Fire. They were called the Vestal Virgins, and they were pure. Priestesses of Earth: Book 2
Popee x poo lemon by MartinIsMyBaby
Popee x poo lemonby Martin Cabello III
My first lemon! Don't be mean to me!!! >///<
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The Innocent Red by HappyCrys
The Innocent Redby HappyCrys
When two friends go to collage and plan on having fun, somehow their fun accidentally turned into the wrong type of fun. Caroline and Madyln have a drama filled adventur...
The Virgin Couple. by Sona_katwe
The Virgin Sona
She has acne. He has braces. She is too skiny for her own good. He is the guy who doesn't have six pack abs. She is the wife of sarcasm. He is the statue of shyness. She...
The Last Sacrifice by flights_of_fantasy
The Last Sacrificeby Heather
Why should the girls get all the worst jobs? When the village of Ribblesthwaite runs out of female virgins to sacrifice, it embraces gender equality to appease the wrat...
Lustful Kravings|| Luke Hemmings (DARK) by angela7821
Lustful Kravings|| Luke Hemmings ( ❤️ Red Hemmings ❤️
"I must go pray baby girl. You have made me a sinner."
Oil, Wax, and Matches by Stealthheart
Oil, Wax, and Matchesby stealthheartocarina z
This poem was written for the 2017 edition of Light the World (#LightTheWorld). {Rated G} COMPLETED DEC 8 2017 Cover made with Canva - Free Wattpad Cover Maker [https:...