The Heart of Mr.Billionaire ✔ (#THOMB)  by Harry_Jayrone
The Heart of Mr.Billionaire ✔ ( ❤Harindrah Jayaweera❤
47 CHAPTERS #83 in Romance on 06/15/2018 #117 in Romance on 04/20/2018 #129 in Romance on 04/19/2018 #163 in Romance on 03/24/2018 #180 in Romance on 03/23/2018 #187 in...
  • wattiesretry2018
  • gemawards2017
  • aaron
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Don't Bite by zhy_thewriter
Don't Biteby Zhy
Roxie has always had bad luck. She was probably the most unlucky she wolf in her pack. It shouldn't have come as a surprise that her mate is the one creature that werewo...
  • wattys2014
  • mate
  • romance
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... A story based on Authors imaginations the story about the ordinary rich women who named MAXINE CHOI CLEMENTE AKA THE LEGENDARY DARK BUTTERFLY, the powerful women na...
  • 02
  • lies
  • crimes
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scars• nct ff by MinYoonmin94
scars• nct ffby MarkHyuck is Babe
Dear Diary, I'll try to accept the truth, even if it hurts That... His love for me WON'T EVER EXIST Started: October 28,2017 Finished:...
  • accept
  • still
  • ít
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VIXX Lyrics by taebby_abysschan
VIXX Lyricsby taebby_abysschan
VIXX Lyrics for all Starlights out there!!! Leo's solo debut album, CANVAS, has been added!! Please give lots of love to VIXX!!
  • hero
  • eternity
  • voodoo
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A Forgotten Love A D/S fanfic by Leopardprint11
A Forgotten Love A D/S fanficby Leopardprint11
In a freak accident, Shego loses all her memory! Can Drakken help her remember?
  • lost
  • truth
  • shego
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The Best Motherfucking Books of All Time by ArticMonkayss
The Best Motherfucking Books of rochelle
If you want some books that will certainly make your heart feels things, than you're in the right place. Because these are The Best Motherfucking Books of all time!
  • heart
  • vampire
  • ilovesmut
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I'm always okay (H.S) by letmeseeharry
I'm always okay (H.S)by Cloud-Walker🌙
Whenever anyone asked Maya if she was okay, she was always lying the same lie "I'm always okay." But one day Harry asked her the same question and she replied...
  • harrystyles
  • broken
  • torn
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Stupid Crazy Love by prettierthanblack
Stupid Crazy Loveby KCMB26
I HATE HER! She loves me SHE'S ANNOYING She don't what i feel when she's here SHE'S CRAZY he always following me even cr tsss he even smile when i shout at her or i stru...
  • love
  • padilla
  • kathniel
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Be Mine (Sequel to I Want Your Love) by AnnaSuraya
Be Mine (Sequel to I Want Your Anna
Levi Ackerman , a high school boy. He was popular in his school with knowing himself a bad-ass , clean freak and anymore. Two years after he lost his love , Eren. He's...
  • erenjaeger
  • ereri
  • tears
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Let me Love you  [Amourshipping] by XxPokemon_KingxX
Let me Love you [Amourshipping]by ❤️I'm an Otaku!!!❤️
( Cover made by Tinybrat10 ) Once a upon a time in a beautiful kingdom meet Ash Ketchum the biggest loser of the village he is always bullied by Trip and his gang but on...
  • adventure
  • serenaxash
  • paul
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Caption by Minteeey
Captionby Minteeey
|Credits to the source where I found these quotes| 💋
  • hugot
  • captions
  • completed
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MEIACP 2: Playful Feelings [Slow Update] by Your_ladylee
MEIACP 2: Playful Feelings [Slow Min Lee
My escort is a campus prince 2: Playful feelings
  • love
  • hurts
  • mind
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Prayer Requests by Silverhand19
Prayer Requestsby Silverhand19
In need of some prayer? You've come to the right place. No matter the walk of life you come from, you're welcome here.
  • allwelcome
  • allwalks
  • addiction
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Heartbreak💔 by KeavyCarter
Heartbreak💔by Keavy Edele Carter
Just some sad and helpful quotes to read when you're going through a breakup or any other situation which breaks your heart😔 (None of these are mine)
  • heartbreak
  • broken
  • love
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The Playful Destiny (On-going Slow Update) by roseinx
The Playful Destiny (On-going Roseann Matuz
The Playful Destiny 03/06/18 Kaya mo bang labanan ang MAPAGLARONG TADHANA? Ano kaya ang magiging kapalaran nina Nathalie at Zhacharry? Makakaya nilang labanan ang tadhan...
  • star
  • cxyra
  • teen
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Bisaya Bitter  Quotes [COMPLETED]  by Unknown_Lady26
Bisaya Bitter Quotes [COMPLETED] by Unknown Lady
|| COMPLETED but still UNEDITED || BROKEN HEARTED ka ? Ayg kabalaka waka ga inusara ! Salig lang mag buwag ra lagi na sila ! 💟💗
  • forever
  • jadine
  • bisaya
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Finding The Lost  by TheUniqueGirl18
Finding The Lost by Valerie Molina
It's better to leave and let go than being hurt and trying to hold on
  • sad
  • pain
  • hurts
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We All Suffer (A Nightmare x Dream book) by alicew56
We All Suffer (A Nightmare x alicew56
Dream comes home from visiting ink to see nightmare suddenly snap and he is scared and nightmare does something dream doesn't expect
  • hurts
  • painful
  • sad
internal ; eternal by _ogll_
internal ; eternalby scl
a collection of poems from the heart and from the mind, inspired by rupi kaur, lang leav, and others. [highest rank #54 in poetry.]
  • love
  • heartbreak
  • youth
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