The Heart of Mr.Billionaire ✔ (#THOMB)  by Harry_Jayrone
The Heart of Mr.Billionaire ✔ ( ❤Harindrah Jayaweera❤
47 CHAPTERS #83 in Romance on 06/15/2018 #117 in Romance on 04/20/2018 #129 in Romance on 04/19/2018 #163 in Romance on 03/24/2018 #180 in Romance on 03/23/2018 #187 in...
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Don't Bite by zhy_thewriter
Don't Biteby Zhy
Roxie has always had bad luck. She was probably the most unlucky she wolf in her pack. It shouldn't have come as a surprise that her mate is the one creature that werewo...
  • fighting
  • highschool
  • love
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hurts by amnman
hurtsby baesushi
moga nanti tika kau sembuh, kau akan ingat luka lama yang pernah tersemat di kalbu supaya nanti kau lebih berhati hati menjaga hati yang pernah dilukai.
  • quotes
  • pathetic
  • hurts
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Love Hurts by Senimex
Love Hurtsby DarkPurple
  • couple
  • love
  • death
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scars• nct ff by MinYoonmin94
scars• nct ffby MarkHyuck is Babe
Dear Diary, I'll try to accept the truth, even if it hurts That... His love for me WON'T EVER EXIST Started: October 28,2017 Finished:...
  • hurts
  • truth
  • ít
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internal ; eternal by scmvl_
internal ; eternalby scl
a collection of poems from the heart and from the mind, inspired by rupi kaur, lang leav, and others. [highest rank #9 in poems, and #18 in poetry.]
  • love
  • longing
  • heartbreak
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Beautiful Us (Completed MayWard Fanfic Romantic Story) COMPLETED!!! by impingchrille
Beautiful Us (Completed MayWard impingchrille
Because I love MayWard so much that I made a short story after them. This Fanfic is inspired by so many life events and MayWard were the perfect character to portray thi...
  • kano
  • hugot
  • mayward
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Love, Hurts, Lies, and Death | An AppleDash Story [Re-Write]  by -_I_Am_The_Alpha_-
Love, Hurts, Lies, and Death | Jess Asuncíon
Story Description : After when Rainbow Dash confessed her feelings for Soarin, but the guy that she likes, rejected her and hurt her, lucikly, Applejack was there to ch...
  • love
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Be Mine{Riren} [COMPLETE] by AnnaSuraya
Be Mine{Riren} [COMPLETE]by ♥ukEren♥
(Sequel to I Want Your Love) Levi Ackerman , a high school boy. He was popular in his school with knowing himself as a bad-ass , clean freak and anymore. Two years afte...
  • riren
  • fanfiction
  • erenjaeger
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lesbian school by theunrealshay
lesbian schoolby ShayN
A straight girl moved to a new school Which is the lesbian school With the time the straight shay turn to a lesbian how she started &how it ended how they teach her...
  • happy
  • overthinking
  • girlslovegirls
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my letters (poetry) by dolanbabii
my letters (poetry)by 🌫pablo🌫
I cry because you killed me with your words, Here's my letters to you.
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  • love
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... A story based on Authors imaginations the story about the ordinary rich women who named MAXINE CHOI CLEMENTE AKA THE LEGENDARY DARK BUTTERFLY, the powerful women na...
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  • crimes
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Sleepless Tears by SeekingChange
Sleepless Tearsby A Mess
That numbing feeling; that heart wrenching moment; that heart breaking day. That pain..That unforgettable agony...That experienced... I don't take credit for any of the...
  • agony
  • poem
  • heart
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rapturous by incorrectredbts
rapturousby seulminddaeng
trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair . if they ask you to trust them while you're still coughing up water from the last time they let you...
  • sad
  • seulgi
  • love
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Stupid Crazy Love (COMPLETE✔) by prettierthanblack
Stupid Crazy Love (COMPLETE✔)by kazyzelph♡
I HATE HER! She loves me SHE'S ANNOYING She don't what i feel when she's here SHE'S CRAZY he always following me even cr tsss he even smile when i shout at her or i stru...
  • givingup
  • hurts
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You're Still The One (Sequel) by CheyenneBarnett
You're Still The One (Sequel)by C.S. Barnett
***Sequel to What Hurts The Most*** Logan and Caroline Cook have been married now for almost 2 years. Their marriage has had its ups and downs, but so does every other...
  • cook
  • marriage
  • military
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I'm Always Okay (H.S)✔ by letmeseeharry
I'm Always Okay (H.S)✔by Cloud-Walker🌙
Whenever anyone asked Maya if she was okay, she was always lying the same lie "I'm always okay." But one day Harry asked her the same question and she replied...
  • love
  • funny
  • tragedy
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The Best Motherfucking Books of All Time by ArticMonkayss
The Best Motherfucking Books of rochelle
If you want some books that will certainly make your heart feels things, than you're in the right place. Because these are The Best Motherfucking Books of all time!
  • onedirection
  • teefiction
  • werewolf
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My Professor is my Husband by PurpleJhewerlii
My Professor is my Husbandby °»겹타«°
Jemini Jewel Jimenez-Quinne Ang babaeng kayang gawin ang lahat para lang kay Chase-ang asawa nito na kanyang professor. Wala itong alam gawin kundi intindihin, iyakan...
  • wattys2018
  • heartbreak
  • hurts
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VIXX Lyrics by taebby_abysschan
VIXX Lyricsby taebby_abysschan
VIXX Lyrics for all Starlights out there!!! Leo's solo debut album, CANVAS, has been added!! Please give lots of love to VIXX!!
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