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Overlord: A New Beginning by Yesnth
Overlord: A New Beginningby Minecraft Explorer 2.0
Yggdrasil, the world tree in Norse mythology. A giant tree that supports all of creation, and surpasses it all the same. But most importantly, holds the nine realms. Now...
Emperor of Yggdrasil - Overlord Fanfiction (Volume 1) by Pandora_Orion
Emperor of Yggdrasil - Overlord Pandora orion
Momonga becomes the Emperor of the Yggdrasil how will he affect the new world and the other worlds? will it be destruction and chaos or peace and prosperity? #1 Momon #...
Celestial Fox of Ainz Ooal Gown [Rewriting] by SayakaEternal
Celestial Fox of Ainz Ooal Gown [ Sayaka Eternal
This has yuri, you have been warned. Amakawa Sayaka, known as Christina Shirakami or Tina among her friends in Ainz Ooal Gown, is one of the best healer in YGGDRASIL, wh...
~Princess Of Nazarick~ by Anime0CC0Manga
~Princess Of Nazarick~by Anime0CC0Manga
Charlie, Princess of Lord Momonga, and the Heir to rule over Nazarick~
"What makes you think the world will accept you as rulers?" With a deep laugh, she replied, "Who said we're rulers?" "We are 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘳�...
Overlord: Albedo's Arrival by BieneNine
Overlord: Albedo's Arrivalby BieneNine
Years after Yggdrasil ended Momonga or rather Suzuki Satoru decides to try logging in again. Of course he fails, but instead a black haired beauty lands at him. She is n...
The Kids Aren't Alright - An Overlord OC Story [Being Rewritten] by WhyDidIDoThisToMe
The Kids Aren't Alright - An Wheatley
[Actively Being Rewritten] Zara, one of the 41 Supreme Beings, is online with Momonga when YGGDRASIL ends and the new world begins. Thrust into a new world with her heal...
Overlord: Reborn as an NPC by Delusion10
Overlord: Reborn as an NPCby Delusion10
(A/N: The story was inspired by "Yellowness" on by MidasMan. While the first 6 chapters are pretty much copy/paste and not something I'm not pro...
The Strongest Developer In Yaggrasil  by ZackYo7
The Strongest Developer In Zack Yo
This story take place before Momonga or Ainz ooal Gown come to the new world it is a story about a Developer Or The Dev That love yaggrasil so munch that he have make a...
Overlord: Ghosthood by Month-
Overlord: Ghosthoodby Month-
Imagine being sent to a fictional world where fiction is reality. Where you can take on the fantasy world in your hands and do what you want. However doing what you want...
The Dragon of Nazarick (Overlord x HTTYD) by shinymewtwoboy
The Dragon of Nazarick (Overlord shinymewtwoboy
Kai otherwise known as Fury In the World of yggdrasil, is The Younger brother to Suzuki Satoru otherwise known as The Great Ainz Ooal Gown, Ruller of the Great Tomb Of N...
A Game Of Two (Overlord) by Thienlibra2
A Game Of Two (Overlord)by MoonLibra
Ulbert Alain Odle, Demon King of Chaos and one of the World Disaster Momonga, the Ruler of Death and Leader of Yggdrasil's top guild Ainz Ooal Gown These two individual...
Primordial Dragon (Overlord X Male reader) by Crashbexpert
Primordial Dragon (Overlord X Crashbexpert
F/N L/N was one of the first players of Yggdrasil and one of its top players. He was very skilled that he discovered a Secret Class that as far as he knew he was the onl...
Sovereign of Yggdrasil by Calebupnexxt
Sovereign of Yggdrasilby Calebupnexxt
Jirø Tÿr was a world class mixed martial arts champon. He became the best swordsman in the world at just 12 years old. At 16, he mastered every weapon imaginable. At 18...
Nazarick's Loli by Tari-1228
Nazarick's Loliby Tari
YGGRASIL, a game that the entire world know is coming to its end after a long 12 years of beloved memories but one of the Original Guilds had stayed strong, even after 4...
The Old Hunter Of Nazarick (Dark souls X Overlord) Rewritten by Warrjackk
The Old Hunter Of Nazarick (Dark Warrjackk
You where Touch Me younger brother and the only no-Heteromorphic Race player in the Guild of Ainz Ooal Gown. Well not a true member of the guild but you where treated li...
The Gojira (Fem! Godzilla! Reader x Overlord) by Graf__Spee
The Gojira (Fem! Godzilla! Silica
Y/n was the first person to start playing the game, Yggdrasil. Due to being the first, she was given special permissions to things. She was allowed to make her own race...
The Great Overlord by CrimsonBirb-sama
The Great Overlordby CrimsonBirb-sama
Summary: No Nazarick, just Momonga and Albedo fanfic join their adventure for they have been transported 300years prior to the summoning, a failed summon to say where bo...
The Archbishop of Nazarick by Aleiisekai
The Archbishop of Nazarickby Alei
Y/N Get's Isekai'd into the New World With Nazarick oh and by the way you have the Witches Authorities from Re:Zero. What journey awaits you in the 'New World' will you...
Avatar TLA: The Spirit King [BOOK ONE] by GamingLichdom
Avatar TLA: The Spirit King [ GamingLichdom
The Supreme Overlord Momonga is transported to another world detached from his own, and finds himself in the presence of three children; Sokka, the warrior-in-training...