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BNHA reacts to Dabi by SomeoneWhoMakesStuff
BNHA reacts to Dabiby Fandom_Stories
BNHA has been teleported to a theater and sees pictures, comics and videos about Dabi and Hawks. I love this ship so much and this will also contain manga spoilers. (My...
"Have I seen you somewhere before?" A Dabihawks story. by -PineappleJ00c3_-
"Have I seen you somewhere Heyyyy
"Have I seen you somewhere before?" "Probably." NOTE: I have not seen any of season 5 yet so it takes place before that! Enjoy!
Dabis Instagram - Dabihawks by Dabiskei
Dabis Instagram - Dabihawksby Dabiskei
One day pro hero Eraserhead / Aizawa shota stumbels apon a Instagram post (In reality his students tell him) what's so special about it? it is Dabis, a villain And what...
Todoroki Family Chat by thatpiscesbitch
Todoroki Family Chatby Egg
ANY ART USED IS NOT MINE// Endeavor makes a family group chat in the hopes of connecting with his kids better Endeavor is a stupid bitch and the chat gets out of hand im...
Villain Deku x Bakugou by kirifreehugs
Villain Deku x Bakugouby Ezra
Midoriya has recently learned his father is All For One, and Bakugou is struggling with depression-fueled suicidal attempts. Additionally, Midoriya is growing into a de...
The Book Of HotWings by ISimpForMonsters
The Book Of HotWingsby Cannibalistic Ramen
Uh-it's a DabiHawks porn book that you can reread over and over again- RANKINGS: #1 in LIMITED (February 19, 2021 - August 20, 2021) #1 in ALSO (March 7, 2021 - May 8...
You're mine •Dabihawks • by T35379
You're mine •Dabihawks •by T35379
Keigo and Dabi are in a good relationship until dabi starts to get a little obsessive This story contains Smut A bit of toxicity
Soul Mark ; DABIHAWKS  by dabihawks
After being hit by the quirk of a mysterious opponent, Hawks begins to experience glowing marks appearing on his skin at random, disregarding it as a harmless side affec...
💙🍗HOT WINGS🍗💙- Dabi x Hawks Story by kirifreehugs
💙🍗HOT WINGS🍗💙- Dabi x Hawks Ezra
Touya and Keigo made the world spin, and Touya and Keigo were in love, But Touya and Keigo are dead. To keep the world spinning, We were given Hawks and Dabi. Hawks w...
- 𝙨𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙩 𝙙𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 - a dabihawks ff by a_weird_mutual_30
- 𝙨𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙩 𝙙𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 - a 🌈
From chapter 9: Best Jeanist: "Goodbye Hawks, see you soon!" Oh my god, I can't believe that Endeavor will be this proud!!!! I'm so excited!! I am about to go...
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BNHA Chatfic by Hamilton4Life1013
BNHA Chatficby SleepDeprivedAndAnxiousAf
When Nezu creates a chat with the UA teachers and accidentally adds a villain what could go wrong?
30 days of nsfw (dabihawks/hotwings) - discontinued  by tobias69__
30 days of nsfw (dabihawks/ tobi
hotwingsss smut warning 30 day nfsw enjoy ig discontinued #2 30DayWritingChallenge -04|09|21 #7 hawksxdabi -08|12|21 #17 dabihawks -08|12|21 #1 hawksxdabi -02|24|22
Burns by Cardinal712
Burnsby Food Is Yummy
Hawks is ordered to meet Dabi on a rooftop, but he oversteps his boundaries.
A Fair Chance by aquatigers
A Fair Chanceby aquatigers
Class 1-A is terrified when a certain hot headed blonde disappears during summer camp. The blonde makes it back but isn't so hot headed. What happened while he was gone...
Hotwings by strawberrybobabuns
Hotwingsby strawberrybobabuns
This is my first story so don't expect this to be top tier 😭. If you don't support or like this ship please don't be toxic in the comments saying how you hate this ship...
My hero Academia reacts to things  by Toga_secret_Sis
My hero Academia reacts to things by Toga_secret_Sis
class 1a, class 1b, Erasermic family, Midoriya family, Bakugou family, Todoroki family, some Pro heros, the Leauge of Villains and some dead people are send to a room to...
Hotwings-Dabi x Hawks  by kookie_cat919
Hotwings-Dabi x Hawks by Cyrus They/Them
⚠️DISCOUNTED⚠️ kinda, also kinda finished. Well it's a burnt boi and chicken nugget, this will have fluff, angst and maybe so lite smutt, Idk yet but I will give a warn...
My Older Brothers a Yandere (rewrite) by MushuStumpy
My Older Brothers a Yandere ( Mushu
❗TW❗ Mentions of murder and stalking. Don't read if it makes u uncomfortable No quirk/highschool AU While Enji Todoroki is known in a lot of places for his work, so are...
The Double Agent by lillybnha
The Double Agentby Ei simp 💕💞💗💞💗
Hawks, the # 2 hero, Everyone knows that his idol is Endeavour, right? WRONG! He hates Endeavour with all of his being for something that happened many, many years ago...
baby birdy by kittykat_nom13
baby birdyby kitty Cat-suki Baka-gou
just another dabihawks little space fanfiction that will never get popular :3 also- in case you couldnt tell by the name, cover picture, and hell- even this description...