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Evermore [The Beast/The Prince x Reader] by violaeades
Evermore [The Beast/The Prince x mariah
Before Maurice, before Belle, before the intrusion of villagers, there was another girl. A beautiful maiden with a painted face and a love for beautiful dresses. Untouch...
Evermore (Prince Adam Fanfic) by infinityblueskye
Evermore (Prince Adam Fanfic)by skye
"I love you Adam..." "I love you too Diana... I love you for evermore..."
My Hero Academia:The Gamer Ark(DONE) by Twomuc
My Hero Academia:The Gamer Ark( Just a slav
This is hard to make due to the fact that I have to find a ton of non-lethal abilities. So this is probably gonna take a while to update. As always tell me anything that...
Baseball love  <mairi> by -ASTROWORLDD
Baseball love by ⚡️⚡️⚡️
kairi cosentino is new to the state and had no friends. he meets this group of guys who play baseball at a sandlot. they don't really like him, except one from the group...
Beauty and the Beast Imagines by violaeades
Beauty and the Beast Imaginesby mariah
x readers ft. live action (maybe animated ?) characters. gaston, beast/the prince, and lumiere. maybe some lumiere x plumette and belle x beast in there, too. please no...
The Girl That Made Baseball by jamieeeee345432
The Girl That Made Baseballby jamie
"How do I catch it?" Smalls asked "Just stand there, and stick your glove, out in the air" Jess said, pointing to the sky "I'll take care of it...
The Deceiver  • The Magicians by VRPond
The Deceiver • The Magiciansby Viola
Lilly Cole never thought she'd end up going to grad school for magic. Yet, when her Yale interview turns deadly, she's swept off to Brakebills University for Magical Ped...
Over The Gravity Wall by Mslack22clscubsorg
Over The Gravity Wallby StarCloud
Dipper suffers from Bill's constant attacks and ends up in the Unknown wit hWirt, who never recovered from the river. Greg and Mabel stand alongside each other to help e...
THE SANDLOT preferences by lover-gurl16
THE SANDLOT preferencesby Lil_lover-Ono
Some small stories about you (the reader) with the sandlot members. What I will write: Preferences One shots Send me any suggestions that you would like to see🤗 THE MO...
X-Men Stories and Preferences by nevermindmakenna
X-Men Stories and Preferencesby ✞Kenna✞
A collection of preferences and stories based on the young X-Men in First Class, Days of Future Past and Apocalypse. Requests are welcome:) Characters include: •(Young...
The sandlot x reader by avery_florence_16
The sandlot x readerby avery_florence_16
Y/n is new to town. What happens when she meets the boys?
𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁'𝘀 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴? ~𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙖𝙢 by thiamsstar
𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁'𝘀 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴? ~𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙖𝙢by millie❤︎
started: sunday 21st june~11:20pm ended: i will try to post daily. this story is based of season 5b off teen wolf, everything might not be correct from season 5b though...
The Girl Who Made Baseball pt: 2 by jamieeeee345432
The Girl Who Made Baseball pt: 2by jamie
This is the second book to 'The Girl Who Made Baseball'! It takes place 2 years after Jess leaves, so be careful of that!
The Home Run by whats3rrnam3
The Home Runby .
COMPLETED 2-2-19! Trigger Waring! •Some mention of abuse I took the ball from Benny. We all talked happily, as Benny tried to catch his breath. "You...
The Sandlot(BxB) {Complete} by bennys_pxince
The Sandlot(BxB) {Complete}by Pxince
I just REALLY LOVE THE 90'S! so enjoy being shipped with Benny "the jet" Rodriguez. My loving husband! Mwah☺ I just saw that there aren't many books where the...
The Summer of Love ♡ Benny Rodriguez  by MistySartoriusRaps86
The Summer of Love ♡ Benny Natalia G. ♠
☆SLOW UPDATES☆ In every girl's life, there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer is where it all began. Both sharing their love and passion for baseball and each othe...
James McAvoy Imagines by What_A_Life_Chanyeol
James McAvoy Imaginesby What_A_Life_Chanyeol
a bunch of imagines about the best actor and his characters on films and tv series.
True Love's Kiss - A Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir Fanfic by Anniartist39
True Love's Kiss - A Miraculous Anniartist39
He kissed her... and it wasn't just a peck like he thought it'd be... he really kissed her... the moment his lips touched hers, he felt drawn to her, all other thoughts...
The Sandlot Sisters by FreeEcho
The Sandlot Sistersby FreeEcho
Join Chloe Rodriguez, Harper Smalls, Emily Porter, and the other sisters of the original Sandlot boys. What if Benny Rodriguez, Scotty Small, Hamilton Porter, and the ot...
Humesha || stars and fireflies  by tomar744aarti
Humesha || stars and fireflies by tomar744aarti
Join the journey of aakruti and vivaan. Humesha. Can be read as a general fiction. You can imagine whoever you want to imagine.