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Denzel Washington Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Denzel Washington Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Denzel Washington and his characters' imagines. Enjoy!!
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Make My World Go Black by TMNT221BHobbit
Make My World Go Blackby Megatron
The Magnificent Seven was not yet whole until Sam Chisolm recalls saving a young woman's life way back, and how she could be helpful if she chose to accept the task. He...
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(666) THE OMEN. - DMX & DENZEL ☾
A DMX & DENZEL WASHINGTON STORY. -after growing tired of the land of the dead lucifer goes searching for opportunity. opportunity comes in the form of taking back lilith...
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The Nerd's Illicit Secret by chi_nue_2
The Nerd's Illicit Secretby Chinue Elijah Niela Juliana G...
*a revamped version of 'the nerds illegal secret'* For a long time she hid in the shadows, doing dirty work for the rich and powerful, not just for the money but for the...
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The Game by SvmmiiLee
The Gameby Sammii Brown
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The Monster Under My Bed by RaeTheCreator
The Monster Under My Bedby RealVisionary
After the return of her great ant Molly, Josie discovers a secret relative no one talks about. When she decides to take matters into her own hands, Josie finds that some...
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The Beauty Guru |MJ Fanfic by Offthewallbby
The Beauty Guru |MJ Fanficby 𝙝𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙮
Pop Sensation Michael Jackson is a snob. Makeup Artist Yaya Everette is a sweetheart. Two worlds collide and Two hearts connect.
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WE SHALL OVERCOME >> 60s by forevershenenah
WE SHALL OVERCOME >> 60sby bri 🌻
" I can't take this anymore. We gotta do something brother."
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Ordinary People (On hold)  by trulyyourzz
Ordinary People (On hold) by T
"If we weren't meant too be, then why did God allow us to meet?" ^^^ SEXUAL CONTENT!!!!! Book starting date: April 22,2016 Book publishing date: September 2...
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REVIEW - The Magnificent Seven by DontTrustMyReview
REVIEW - The Magnificent Sevenby Don't Trust My Movie Review
My review of the 2016 movie "The Magnificent Seven"!
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Making the Music (rewriting) by RosesViews
Making the Music (rewriting)by RosesViews
1 singer, 1 dancer, 1 rapper, 1 producer, 1 labeled thug, 1 outsider and a bunch of hopes and dreams ⚠️⚠️under construction⚠️⚠️
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His Assassin (Toniface)  by TxJbabess
His Assassin (Toniface) by TxJbabess
How can kill someone you grown so fond of , I was His Assassin Toni~ Aaliyah Janae (AJ) Denzel~Ron (Aaliyah's foster dad) Birdman~ Deandre (Aaliyah's brother) Tiffany~...
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The A-Z Of Creating Great Wattpad Fiction by Xisacharacter
The A-Z Of Creating Great X
26 top tips guaranteed to make you less sh!t at writing. Absorb these glorious, golden gobbets of goodness and you will be instantly transformed from unread nobody to No...
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As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber Love Story) *Discontinued* by MinnieJazzyBear
As Long As You Love Me (Justin Jasmine
Let's go back to the 1800s. Casey Anderson and her family are slaves to the Bieber Family. It's always been a struggle for them. Things are going to be even tougher now...
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Saving me (ON HOLD) by ZenxDaya
Saving me (ON HOLD)by ZenxDaya
Everything was fine until......
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Super President by ElSabioComico
Super Presidentby ElSabioComico
A president is the leader of a country. His role is to govern, but he is not like a king or an emperor, his powers are limited by The Constitution and the Parliament. De...
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Madness: The MAGNIFICENT SEVEN  by toriandfriends3
Madness: The MAGNIFICENT SEVEN by toriandfriends3
Emily Johnson was an assasin. The Seven needed assistance. She came with her team. "How are you so freaking good at this?" "Can I call you Em? I'm calli...
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SURPRISE🥀(90s clip) by lovelifeandbehappe
SURPRISE🥀(90s clip)by 90sClip
read, vote, and comment for more😎
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