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I'm a Mermaid, Not a Merman by IWannaBeAMergirl
I'm a Mermaid, Not a Mermanby I Wanna Be A Mergirl
Danny has always felt like a weird guy. Like he just didn't fit. He always felt like he was a geek who was interested in strange things. He'd never felt comfortable in h...
Secret || Chanlix by Lovely_leeknow
Secret || Chanlixby Lovely_leeknow
In which Felix has a secret; he was born in a girl's body. Trigger Warning - Transphobia, self-harm, mentions of eating disorders, etc.
8th Member! | BTS x Transgender  by okkayykk
8th Member! | BTS x Transgender by okkayykk
Ollie is your average 14 year old Korean American boy, but with a secret. He is actually transgender. Raised as a boy by his choice, later undergoing surgery etc, to bec...
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His and Her Confessions | Completed by SynDr0id
His and Her Confessions | Completedby Syn
His and Her Confessions is a heartwarming tale of two second-grade classmates who reunite unexpectedly in high school. After certain events involving his newly divorced...
The Geek Type [REBOOT] by LifeInANutshelll
The Geek Type [REBOOT]by bimbo
Hey y'all!! This is The Geek Type, ohshc x male reader, reboot! I do not consider Honey or Haruhi as love interests in this book! read a/n for more info! this book is di...
Mother by VictoriaTemple7
Motherby Victoria Temple
An 11-year-old boy is living a happy childhood. He had a loving mom and Dad. He has friends and is respected and liked at school. He loves playing football and helping h...
LGBTQ Memes by bellatwixx
LGBTQ Memesby milkfrøg
Just a book full of gay memes that I found in my gallery. Enjoy! • Also, just to make this clear: none of the images in here belong to me! I found them all on the intern...
Man Up || Trans!Kirishima x Bakugou by Heartless-Haru
Man Up || Trans!Kirishima x Bakugouby Do you want to die?
(The art isn't mine! If you could tell me who drew it, please dm me!) ⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ Eijirou Kirishima isn't your average male. He's transgender. His parents don...
Im a boy! (Trans Bakugou) by yumyumylemons
Im a boy! (Trans Bakugou)by Despactio
~Trans Bakugou~ Original art not by me I just edited it :P Yes there's shipping in this, don't like it? The door :)
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dandelies by pansexualwithnobrim
dandeliesby winnieisinsane
yes the title is a pun. !this is a tommyinnit angst! in this story he is trans (female to male) and he has an eating disorder (bulimia) this is my first and probably on...
This is family - Trans TommyInnit by ALiteralCori
This is family - Trans TommyInnitby Cori
Tara doesn't want to be a girl, does she? When Dream finds a chest full of binders what will happen? Tommy was meant to be the main character, why is Ranboo becoming it...
Shut up, you ARE valid! (Kageyama x Trans Male reader) by dildos_tho-
Shut up, you ARE valid! ( ♡♡♡
Y/n was born as Asahi's younger sister. But y/n doesn't feel right as a "girl". Y/n wants to check out the volleyball team with Asahi and meets the King of the...
Peter Parker Swings Out of the Closet by uhitsSJ
Peter Parker Swings Out of the Mateo
Featuring Trans!Peter and Bi!Peter, a lil au inspired by many other trans!peter au's :) (not my art on the cover, credit to owner)
Field trips and the art of stopping someone from comitting murder by wolfstarxxo
Field trips and the art of ₜₒ ₗₐₜₑ, ᵢ'ₘ ᵢₙ ₕₑₗₗ
Peter goes on a field trip to Stark Industries, secrets are revealed and people are surprised or The Avengers realises Peter is bullied and decides that a kid needs to b...
(Mostly) Trans/ND SBI oneshots by UnsurprisinglyFruity
(Mostly) Trans/ND SBI oneshotsby FairyFagotGodFather
Idk this is impulsive but Trans/ND dream smp gives me loads of comfort as well as SBI (SleeoyBoisInc) Cover art isn't mine! And I feel like I should mention that I'm in...
ian Gallagher xTRANSGENDER MALE!reader by gay_AF_satan
ian Gallagher xTRANSGENDER MALE! gay_AF_satan
this book is based off of an imagine I made called 'homeless shelter'its literally the ian and treor story but with y/n. y/n is very shy and has separation anxiety with...
you raise me up || harry potter by moopya
you raise me up || harry potterby ˗ˏˋ little my ˎˊ˗
In which Harry's first friend is Draco, and Snape doesn't know how to love Lily's child. What happens at Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions that changes everything H...
𝕊𝕖𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕤 |SBI + FTM!Reader| by EthanInn1t
𝕊𝕖𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕤 |SBI + FTM!Reader|by Ethan L
You are an Australian new up and coming streamer who is trans FtM but no one knows apart from your parents. Your streaming one day when the one and only TommyInnit dona...
"GO AWAY!" {trans Bakugo x kirishima AU} FINISHED by Itzyourgirlpat
"GO AWAY!" {trans Bakugo x 🌙Bσƙι💫
as soon as Bakugo came out to his parents as transgender, his father left. But sadly, his mother isn't much better. Bakugo's mom, (Mitsuki) hurts Bakugo. emotionally and...
He Was A She?! // Kageyama X Trans!Reader x Oikawa by gay_silence
He Was A She?! // Kageyama X Dylan
You had always known you were different. Always knew something was special. But what? Finally, in your last year of middle school, you figured it out. You were transgend...