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I Win Dad / Dreams daughter by milicent_21
I Win Dad / Dreams daughterby Milicent
Dream has a daughter? No one even knows! Ok, maybe Sapnap, he does live with them. Dream is 28 in this fic! Started: 2. July 2021 Ended:- If you do not agree with the s...
The Brothers | Sbi | Royalty | DreamSMP | by Hellopeople_123
The Brothers | Sbi | Royalty | Dre...by Hellopeople_123
This is just a royalty sbi story that I enjoyed writing- I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it hope you enjoy this is also my first story so feedback i...
Tommy's Twin ~ TommyInnit & Reader by Looxx07
Tommy's Twin ~ TommyInnit & Readerby Looxx
"You kinda look like Tommy." "I hear that a lot." "Oh. I get that. Are you family?" "Nope. Not that I'm that sad about it." "...
𝐀𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐛𝐨𝐲 by VividIris
𝐀𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐛𝐨𝐲by ➷
𝐈𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡, Tommyinnit and FunshineLive hint to the internet about their secret relationship Aristole and Tommy had always been a couple that most wished to be lik...
Unlikely Bonds Between Soldiers and Heroes  *AvengersxDSMP* by soulcat_cipher
Unlikely Bonds Between Soldiers an...by Persassy Jackson
After an extravagant escapade in the woods, Tommy finds a portal. When brought up, him and some friends adventure out to see it. When a goat headbutts Dream into it and...
Everything isn't always as it seems || Karl Jacobs angst || DISCONTINUED by Ellyora4nemo
Everything isn't always as it seem...by Ellyora
Trigger Warnings!! abuse suicidal thoughts self harm Eating disorder (if more triggering things come up I'll add it into the tws!) i made a few people in this AU sibling...
Wife Haver? More Like Husband Haver! by imdedinside101
Wife Haver? More Like Husband Have...by Meee hhhe
Tommy is sick and tired of being stuck the third wheel of tubbo and Ranboo so why not marry (platonically) Purpled instead. I suck at summaries. Rip.
Ordain by wilbursvlog
Ordainby wilbursvlog
17 year old Jordyn walker moves to Brighton, Shes not very happy about it, she went to the pier and sees a trampoline park, *fuck it* she thought and went inside. once t...
Best Friend || Tommy by I-writesometimes
Best Friend || Tommyby I-writesometimes
Aaron, the younger sister of Dream, starts streaming due to her brothers request. People give her a lot of hate because "she's only famous from her brother" bu...
Minor Inconvenience (Drista Content) Completed by Littlefufferfish
Minor Inconvenience (Drista Conten...by Littlefufferfish
Drista moves in with Dream and Sapnap, after a brutal fight with her parents. Dream tries his best to be a good brother, and help her through the rough patch. Each chap...
Smokey || drista au || by chatkindascaredlowke
Smokey || drista au ||by :]
Drista has Vasovagal syncope which causes her to pass out a lot. Drista also has severe autism Her brother, Dream, told her it would be good for her to get a service dog...
The World's Collide. ˖Krew X Dsmp Crossover by anglebonk
The World's Collide. ˖Krew X Dsmp...by angle .
'どこ':・ when a group of five lands wakes up not in their beds.. but in the middle of a forest, covering the past starting a new tale." ミ ━━━━・ Krew x Dsmp Crossover...
𝒴𝑜𝓊 𝒽𝒶𝒹 𝒶𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝓈𝒾𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓇? I Tommyinnit x reader by ShutUpPlease453
𝒴𝑜𝓊 𝒽𝒶𝒹 𝒶𝓃𝑜𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 𝓈𝒾�...by eden
Y/n is Dream's second sister and a streamer with 500k followers. When she accidentally enters Clay's room while he was streaming with his friends on the Smp, her life ch...
A False Reality // dreamnotfound by shortstack_8l
A False Reality // dreamnotfoundby -k
George wakes up in a dark forest, nothing but the clothes on his back. No more than few minutes later, somehow he manages to get caught by guards? Going from 2021 to the...
Skephalo smut-shots[!! Off Hiatus!!] by gothicdics
Skephalo smut-shots[!! Off Hiatus...by lgbtq+_disaster
:3 Only Daddy kink okay I might add another kink we'll see though :
A tale of two princes (beeduo) by star_butterfly322
A tale of two princes (beeduo)by star_butterfly322
This story is a royal beeduo au. Basically tubbo ranboo and Tommy are childhood friends but they are all royalty and Tubbo and ranboo end up liking eachother. Friendly r...
The Rhythm of Your Heart [Yan!DSMP x Reader] by ItsMe_Satan
The Rhythm of Your Heart [Yan!DSMP...by ItsMe_Satan
There has never been anyone in the world like you. Whether the way you are is purely coincidence, or the choices you've made are merely fate, you somehow find yourself...
MIDNIGHT; tommyinnit by moonlustr
MIDNIGHT; tommyinnitby 𓈒♡̷ val
┊͙〰️ ❛ hear my heart." he whispers into the gloom of darkness, instead. "this is how you make me feel. ❜ a friendship woven between intricate secrets that the...
Respawned by Calico_16
Respawnedby ChibiLyfe
"Phil! Let me go! I have to! Phil!" The girl called out as she got dragged out of her house. Chains around her hands. "Shut up!" The guard yelled as...
surprise, surprise. dream. ✓ by ali_lidis
surprise, surprise. dream. ✓by inactive.
i tried to tell him there's pain here and suffering too i tried to pray , but the angels said " 𝘄𝗲'𝗿𝗲 𝘁𝗼𝗼 𝗯𝘂𝘀𝘆 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂 " sur·prise /sə(r)ˈprīz...