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The Voiceless Hero by RandomBrute
The Voiceless Heroby RandomBrute
Izuku Midoriya had been able to talk, up until the age of 5 that is, just after he got his quirk. Being unable to communicate with most of the outside world, Midoriya be...
¿que me hiciste? by Flagrant52
¿que me hiciste?by flagrant52
esta es mi primera historia intentare que sea lo mejor posible. La historia va de izuku y jirou el como izuku y jirou se conocieron al principio se odiaban por un acont...
Look into my eyes  by Thedankcowboy
Look into my eyes by Thedankcowboy
What happens when Izuku Yagi finds out about his true heritage and that he comes from a long line of shinobi and that his father was one of the greatest shinobi to have...
Love Songs by ZephyrBlaze52
Love Songsby Serenity
Jirou Kyouka was confessed to by her favorite singer on the internet, but she has to find out who he is. With a series of hints given, will she be able to find him? Don'...
An Unlikely Connection (Jirou x Midoriya) by pearlshipper332
An Unlikely Connection (Jirou x Mi...by Hunter
What happens when Jirou is up late one night, and ends up catching Midoriya sneaking out. how does the relationship blossom between the two of them, and what kind of con...
His Heros/Lovers (Very Depressed Izuku X Obsessive/Clingy Harem) (Still Ongoing) by TheUnderMiner45
His Heros/Lovers (Very Depressed I...by Lorenzo Garcia
(A/n: Inspired by JasonNava7 and this story might be similar to my other story called "Pain Is an Old Friend" but there not yanderes there obsessive and clingy...
Singer Deku [COMPLETE] by KokushiBOI
Singer Deku [COMPLETE]by Creator of Moon Breathing
I just gave up on the title, its just basically like every singer deku story, with my own twist ok? Characters incluced: Class 1-A (Yes there are Midoriya twins), 1-B Th...
Run. by weebrian1
Run.by tadyk
Izuku decides to runaway from the U.A after the unfortunate death of his mother, Inko. When he arrives in Australia, he gains new interests related to heroism... and in...
The Symbol Of EVIL Deku by Akram2908
The Symbol Of EVIL Dekuby Akram2908
This is my first story so don't get your hopes high as for the rest of the story... JUST READ THE DAMN STORY!
Karma Deku by iliyan66
Karma Dekuby iliyan66
Read to find out more. I don't own the pictures in this book nor Naruto and Mha. Sorry on advance for my grammar mistakes, English isn't my main language😁🍪
Unknown Musician. by DestinyJiro
Unknown Musician.by DestinyJiro
Jiro was hanging out with the girls when she heard someone singing with her quirk doing a dare. After everyone was done, she was shock on who it was! (My Hero does not b...
Reviving? the past by Gygan_9835
Reviving? the pastby Darakgears
Prometheus has fallen and the multiverse has been saved, as the jump force now has disbanded and returned to their worlds. But a mistake has happened when Midoriya was s...
My Singing Prince by TheholyoneIbara2
My Singing Princeby TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku and Momo are secretly dating. They were arranged to get married by their parents, along with other girls.
The Shy Rockstar(awaiting re-write) by Cjethan21
The Shy Rockstar(awaiting re-write)by Schlonged
[1st place BNHA Wattys Izuku fanfics category] Izuku gives up becoming a hero and decides on becoming a musician. Little did he know that one of his loyal fans would sta...
The Pain You Gave Only Made Us Stronger. by TheUnderMiner45
The Pain You Gave Only Made Us Str...by Lorenzo Garcia
(Description By BreandanLoddan) What if all Izuku was lead to believe about the heroes he admired so much was a lie? What if all of his 'friends' were nothing but greedy...
Izuku of the Sky Flame by GeoZero808
Izuku of the Sky Flameby Geo
In a world where power is everything, how will a young Izuku fair? Will he rise up and take the challenge? Will he cower in fear? Who said quirks ment power? Find out i...
SPIDER DEKU by dekuistheman
SPIDER DEKUby dekuistheman
 izuku (deku) Secret Life X Division X Titanfall by Theshipfan
izuku (deku) Secret Life X Divisi...by Theshipfan
U. a was on a lockdown due to a virus that erased the existence of quirks all around the world and the only safe haven is america due to america being made up of quirkl...
Watch the Deku-verse by Unity_Flare
Watch the Deku-verseby Horuhe
Hey this is my first fan fiction soooo...you know there might be some spelling errors. It might take me some time to make some chapter, but I'll try to as fast as I can ...