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Sometimes fear is the best weapon by PrimeA1999
Sometimes fear is the best weaponby PrimeA1999
Fear... fear can be a powerful weapon in a world with powers but is it good for heroics, Izuku Midoriya didn't know if you even could become a hero with fear, but that w...
Izuku in Hogwarts by TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku in Hogwartsby TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku, now living a peaceful life in Japan ever since defeating All for One, A.K.A his father, at the beginning of his second year, and turning Shigaraki's path to good...
Singer Deku [COMPLETE] by ImmortalUmbra
Singer Deku [COMPLETE]by Caster of Avalon Le Fae
I just gave up on the title, its just basically like every singer deku story, with my own twist ok? Characters incluced: Class 1-A (Yes there are Midoriya twins), 1-B Th...
WHAT!? He can sing!? by Hiiiiiii876bye
WHAT!? He can sing!?by Zero
Izuku is heading to America to hangout with his Father who he hasnt seen in a long time. While he is gone Class 1-A finds his music and decide to listen. They will find...
the nine tailed hero (Izuku X Jirou) by itchigo809
the nine tailed hero (Izuku X Jiro...by Bat Juan
izuku's life wasn't what you call a happy life or happy at all he was born quirkless at 4 which his parents despised of him leaving him on the street which being token b...
An Unlikely Connection (Jirou x Midoriya) by pearlshipper332
An Unlikely Connection (Jirou x Mi...by Hunter
What happens when Jirou is up late one night, and ends up catching Midoriya sneaking out. how does the relationship blossom between the two of them, and what kind of con...
Love Songs by ZephyrBlaze52
Love Songsby Serenity
Jirou Kyouka was confessed to by her favorite singer on the internet, but she has to find out who he is. With a series of hints given, will she be able to find him? Don'...
BNHA only girls (Izukuxworldharem) by twistedn9ne
BNHA only girls (Izukuxworldharem)by twistedn9ne
I like to surprise so read to understand.
The Shy Rockstar(awaiting re-write) by Cjethan21
The Shy Rockstar(awaiting re-write)by CJ
[1st place BNHA Wattys Izuku fanfics category] Izuku gives up becoming a hero and decides on becoming a musician. Little did he know that one of his loyal fans would sta...
Unknown Musician. by DestinyJiro
Unknown Musician.by DestinyJiro
Jiro was hanging out with the girls when she heard someone singing with her quirk doing a dare. After everyone was done, she was shock on who it was! (My Hero does not b...
Delta Emerald (A Izuku Yagi Story) by SleepyUmbre
Delta Emerald (A Izuku Yagi Story)by ㄩ爪乃尺乇
Izuku Yagi abused and hurt from tormentors and family. He and his friends one day explore a abandoned Nintendo store in a forest. When they are there they find five Gree...
¡¿MY CHILD?! by liesix6
¡¿MY CHILD?!by Lily Sixter
Múltiples hijas de Izuku aparecen en el salón 1-A para asegurar su futuro, aunque tienen demasiada competencia! Saga MY TIME TRAVEL
hidden truth by bloodydrinker
hidden truthby bloodydrinker
izuku is into "emo" music and bakugo sees what he did to izuku jirouxizuku and i suck at intros and i realized i spelt jirou's name wrong till i started writin...
In this world 80% percent of the population have power called quirk but 20% of this world was born quirkless means they don't have power i was one of them a quirkless hu...
My Singing Prince by TheholyoneIbara2
My Singing Princeby TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku and Momo are secretly dating. They were arranged to get married by their parents, along with other girls.
Izuku, You lucky Bastard by TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku, You lucky Bastardby TheholyoneIbara2
Full of oneshots stories about Izuku with other girls.
Spiderman: Overload Rewritten by Glitch994
Spiderman: Overload Rewrittenby 『Glitch』
//In the process of a rewrite.// The world may have heroes that have the powers of a god, but sometimes... all it takes is a friendly neighborhood hero to do some good.
The Plus Ultra Wolf-Spider  by PegasusIzuku24
The Plus Ultra Wolf-Spider by Wolf-SpiderIzuku
The world isn't easy for those born with weak, villainous quirk, but it's worst for those born without a quirk like one Izuku Midoriya but with the aid of his family and...
The Cold Hero (I Give Up) by ValorPoet
The Cold Hero (I Give Up)by Changer Thief
WARNING : BITCHINKO AND ASSMIGHT I'm not the owner of bnha story description:Izuku Yagi was the most Kind kid there is but at the age of 4 , when him and his sister was...
Izuku's musical secret by Ash_Mist357
Izuku's musical secretby Ash_Mist 357
English is not my mother tongue, if there is a misspelling. sorry Noticing his partner's absence, he ends with a bang and a secret revealed. BNHA belongs to Kōhei Horiko...