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Kamigami No Asobi Boyfriend Scenarios by JinxCurseblood
Kamigami No Asobi Boyfriend Curseblood17
I had this idea to make this book for a looong while. You can imagine yourself how you met them. For those wondering, I also have a Utapri, Diabolik Lovers and Brothers...
  • takeru
  • apollon
  • thor
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The Connection (House Of Anubis) by orcuhid
The Connection (House Of Anubis)by 𝓡 .
"Too much mystery is merely an annoyance. Too much adventure is exhausting. And a little terror goes a long way." ***** Once Amelia Edwards moves back into An...
  • joymercer
  • throwback
  • ninamartin
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Male Betrayed God/Op Reader x Highschool Dxd by Zoroun
Male Betrayed God/Op Reader x Zorou
Rias and the rest of her peerage left you to die. They had no such reason to keep a "weak piece" even your girlfriend of the time Akeno left you. Saying "...
  • akeno
  • betrayed
  • anubis
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His Queen  by Randomgirlwithasmile
His Queen by Kat
She was his from the moment her pathetic mother begged for life... She was his from the hair on her head to the toes on her feet... She was his woman. His. Because he...
  • death
  • egyptian
  • love
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Love and Mysteries by Prettyflower6893
Love and Mysteriesby baekhyunboozled
A new human comes to join Yui, though this time round she's Egyptian... Teaching the gods about love what could be more delightful? However just when they thought that t...
  • kamigaminoasobi
  • fanfiction
  • asobi
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[discontinued] Anubis | Tokyo Ghoul X Reader by LostKilljoy_
[discontinued] Anubis | Tokyo Trashy
Anubis, the name people all over Tokyo are scared of. Anubis is a well-known ghoul who is a big problem with the CCG. No one, not even other ghouls, knows the true ident...
  • fanfiction
  • ghoul
  • tokyo
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Impossible; House of Anubis (FanFiction) by SarahRCubitt13
Impossible; House of Anubis ( Sarah R. Cubitt
HOUSE OF ANUBIS FANFICTION (Season 1) "Everything was once impossible until someone did it!" Strange things are happening in the old English boarding school C...
  • throwback
  • fanfiction
  • egypt
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Reincarnated by _caitlinemma
Reincarnatedby caitlin
All Kiara Collins wanted to do was enjoy her last summer break before the terrifying concept of university took over her life; three months of complete and utter unadult...
  • reincarnation
  • fantasy
  • reincarnated
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The God and his Queen ( Kamigami no Asobi Fanfic) by Hime_chan10
The God and his Queen ( Kamigami Morinozuka Hime
This story is a Thoth love story! Zeus, the Greek God of Lightning, thought it would be a good idea to make a school for Gods of different mythologies to learn about Hum...
  • tsukito
  • apollon
  • zeus
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One Woman's guide to surviving a Monster (#Wattys 2018) by Bleuple
One Woman's guide to surviving a Bleuple
Working third shift in a monster owned factory was the easy part, dealing with the humans outside of work was El's greatest challenge.
  • magic
  • violence
  • paranormal
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My Sweet Flower [Kamigami no Asobi Fanfic] by Hime_chan10
My Sweet Flower [Kamigami no Morinozuka Hime
Hades x Persephone Love Story. Persephone Chrysanthos is the Greek Goddess of Spring. Persephone is also the daughter of the Greek God of Thunder and Skies named Zeus a...
  • loki
  • anubis
  • tsukito
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Risk || House of Anubis || S1 by simplestella
Risk || House of Anubis || S1by ♡♡♡♡
♾ How much you wanna risk? I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts ♾ Emmaline James, although goes Emma, boards at the House of Anubis Everything seems...
  • sibuna
  • hoa
  • mystery
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House of Anubis (featuring little mix) EDITING by floralspark
House of Anubis (featuring S~P~A~R~K~L~E
This story is based on house of Anubis but it includes little mix . Little mix are NOT famous in this story at all . I'm not going to reveal much but there is definitely...
  • romance
  • patricia
  • jade
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Anubico Oneshots based on prompts by AgnesDue
Anubico Oneshots based on promptsby Agnes Due
Series of Anubico (Anubis x Nico) oneshots based on prompts.
  • anubisxnico
  • anubico
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
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Peddie One Shots by district_anubis
Peddie One Shotsby district_anubis
Just a bunch of Peddie one shots with the odd Jadekely one thrown in. Could find barely any HOA on this so I made my own.
  • alfie
  • nina
  • peddie
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The newbie love triangle (house of anubis fan fic) by BubbleGum567
The newbie love triangle (house BubbleGum567
so a new girl comes to town....she has a big secret which only her family knows.....after an accident she strts finding out more and more about who she is....but little...
  • nina
  • anubis
  • fabian
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As I Want You To Be. [A Fantasy Story] by riahjane
As I Want You To Be. [A Fantasy riahjane
One reincarnated soul. 5 different time periods. 8 supernatural beings.
  • vampire
  • blackfantasy
  • paranormal
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Inner Soul: A Sanubis Love Story by mysteriousskydiver
Inner Soul: A Sanubis Love Storyby Mysteriousskydiver💝
whats with all these nightmares...... Its being days since Sadie slept peacefully. All these reccuring dreams and that lady.......who is she???And...
  • love
  • kanechronicles
  • action
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Egyptian Gods by Dragon_owl
Egyptian Godsby Dragon
All begun with that dark creature one night. I couldn't even dream of what came next. A 'life' full of surprises challenges was waiting for me. I'm not a human, neither...
  • egyptian
  • egyptiangods
  • liebe
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Too Much the Same (Boyxboy) by Nico_is_the_stuff
Too Much the Same (Boyxboy)by Nico_is_the_stuff
  • anubis
  • leo
  • crossover
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