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System HeyHey(Completed) by Wahwah55
System HeyHey(Completed)by May Bel
All photos I use in this story are not mine. It's all from google. both unicode and zawgyi "mission တေလုပ်ကြမယ် let's go!!!" "အော်... ငါ့ရဲ့hostလေးယောက်ျာ...
Quick Transmigration: Seducing The Lord God by nanahlolo
Quick Transmigration: Seducing nanahlolo
(This time I will be more carefully with this story. I'm truly sorry.) Li Chang Bo ended up dying by a car crash on his way to meet a friend. He was a well known actor...
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Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-Brother by Qwinesty
Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
When Lu Ming's biological father and stepmother came looking for him, he didn't feel happy or excited. A long time ago, Lu Ming's father, Lu Yaohua, abandoned his wife a...
𝚂𝚢𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚖 𝚇  [Haikyuu x reader] by Starstarcheers
𝚂𝚢𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚖 𝚇 [Haikyuu x reader]by StarburstC
This is a story where Y/N dies by tripping over air. ... Once she thought that everything was over, she awakens only to find herself in another world and reincarnated in...
quick transmigration cannon fodder's records of counterattack(Book 4) by pinkbma
quick transmigration cannon pinkbma
this novel does not belong to me. the cover image isn't mine either, gotten from Google Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune she became a task-taker...
I Can Download by LIGHTDRAGON75
I Can Downloadby LIGHTDRAGON75
After waking up one day, Bruce Lite found himself possessing the body of an American Agent that enjoyed all kinds of benefits, he made tens of thousands of dollars a mon...
Daddyရဲ႕ ကေလးေလး ျဖစ္ခြင့္ေပးပါလား(Daddyရဲ့ ကလေးလေး ဖြစ်ခွင့်ပေးပါလား) by DaddyZ_is_mine
Daddyရဲ႕ ကေလးေလး ျဖစ္ခြင့္ေပးပါလား Lord Neko
Zawgyi/Unicode Started date: 25.oct.2020 End date: ???????? ေလာ့က်န္းေပ့ x ေလာ့႐ွန္ဟြာ
[Quick Wear] The villain always salivates at me by LuvKidosho
[Quick Wear] The villain always Luv Hildah
How to send warmth, mainly divided into three steps, hug, kiss, top high. ] The ignorant Ruan Tang strictly abides by the requirements of the system, and realizes the wh...
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ဆန်းဆန်းကြီး system by thethmue1005
ဆန်းဆန်းကြီး systemby Xiao Paing
ကိုယ့်ဘာသာ အေးဆေးသေပါရစေ ဂယ်ပဲ system က ဆိုပြီး ယောက်ျားပေးစားကြအုံးမယ် မသိတာခက်လို့
System I Want Revenge by GoddessOfBlack89
System I Want Revengeby Chieko Urimeshi
Rank #3 in Conflict- August 7 2019 Rank #2 in Conflict--August 12 2019 Rank #1 in Rebirth- August 19 2019 Rank #3 in System-- September 1 2019 ................. "...
[BL] Tamer of Another World by carl_sheen
[BL] Tamer of Another Worldby daweng
After so much hardwork and saving, Cole can finally buy the hot topic gaming helmet. He can finally play the world phenominal online game called The Magic World. However...
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Zombie King's Restaurant by aereader_
Zombie King's Restaurantby cnmtl
Xie Qinyin dressed as a zombie. When she first passed through, the hungry eyes of the zombie turned green, and they were crawling towards a pool of unknown carrion not f...
QT : Just For Your Love by BlackRose285
QT : Just For Your Loveby Black Rose
Li Mingze, a orphan came to Country B as a transfer student. He was originally a loner but fell in love with his desk mate and bestfriend Mu YiChen. but he never dare to...
ၾကာပန္းျဖဴေဖာ္ထုတ္ေရး system/ ကြာပန်းဖြူဖော်ထုတ်ရေး system(Completed) by MinHtet819
ၾကာပန္းျဖဴေဖာ္ထုတ္ေရး system/ ကြာပ Min Htet
Unicode and Zawgyi Starting - 5.5.2021 Ending -29.5.2021 တစ္စံုတစ္ရာ တိုက္ဆိုင္သြားရင္စားေရးသူရဲ့ အမွားပါ။ မေက်နပ္တာမ်ား႐ွိလာရင္စာေရးသူကို တိုက္႐ိုက္လာေရာက္ေျပာျကားႏုိင္...
The Return Of The Lord God [快穿之主神归来] by alrightnevermind
The Return Of The Lord God [快穿之主神归 nevermind
In his quest to reverse time and space to save his fallen kingdom, the fallen prince, Bai Lixin, was bound to a dimensional system and became the host to artificial inte...
Military Academy: Special Forces System by NoobGamers563
Military Academy: Special Forces Noob Gamers
When Zhao Rui was reborn in a parallel universe, he was rewarded with a Special Forces System. He decided to join the military academy without any hesitation when he rea...
ဝမ်ရိပေါ် က ငါ့အပိုင် (Transmigration) [Completed] by PaiLianHua
ဝမ်ရိပေါ် က ငါ့အပိုင် ( Pai Lian Hua
Author-Pai Lian Hua , NayYwon အထက်တန်းကျောင်းသားလေးဖြစ်တဲ့ ရှောင်ကျန့်တစ်ယောက် ဖတ်လတ်စ Novelထဲ ဝင်ရောက်သွားတဲ့အခါ...
Quick Transmigration: Being a Hot Author (BL) by 94watashi
Quick Transmigration: Being a 94watashi
To fulfill his dream, Dylan Lee signed a contract with World Management Bureau to travel to many worlds and accomplish the missions. Watch his way in gaining boyfr- ehem...
One Piece: Kingdom Building System by Ars_One
One Piece: Kingdom Building Systemby Ars One
The Fortis Kingdom was an empire that had just been founded in 1520 in the New World's ocean region. The Fortis Kingdom had a King who still had a very young age. Howeve...